Face of the Day

Anna Guy’s interview airs on 60 minutes tonight.

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  • Travis Poulson

    I wonder if this interview gives more of an insight into psycho Ewans mind, or just a fluff fest about her feelings, how she was betrayed, blah blah blah. If so, maybe she should just move on and get on with life.

    • Whafe

      Travis, am taking a punt it will be the latter

      • Travis Poulson

        I think I’ll wait it out for the NRL Final.

    • Hard1

      It might reveal just how close he was to Callum Boe ..

    • Lion_ess

      What’s she going to do Travis, spurt her guts out on tv that she thinks her husband is guilty – and sentence her kids to a life-time of shame. I don’t support your blah, blah, blah, comments here – watch the footy and let this one go.

      • Travis Poulson

        Don’t know, dont really care, hence why I didn’t watch it. What’s done is done, the justice system failed, time to move on. In all honesty I dont think the media would be milking this case as much if it wasnt for a couple of attractive women. I do feel sorry for her and the kids, but the best thing they can do to move on is get out of the bloody spotlight and get on with it.

        • Lion_ess

          Yup, I agree a couple of pretty women, but I did not see either of them milking this for their prettiness – that was our media. After all the spotlight, which was not their doing, I can understand why one would want to give their story and put it to bed, so to speak. Here’s my story, go away, leave us alone – that’s what I saw.

  • Gazzaw

    If she’s making some decent coin out of it then good on her, she’s got four kids to feed.

    • Backfromoutback

      4 of the devils spawn…that is the toughest ask of all!

      • Hard1

        That’s a bit much . Tone it down for the sake of the victims here .

      • Lion_ess

        Personally, I think you should back that comment out. The kids aren’t accountable for their fathers issues – attack the father if you must, but leave the kids alone.

        • fozzie

          What i have been trying to say all week -children should be at the centre of our concerns – they don’t ask to be born and are not responsible the the decisions of their parents. If we the tax payers have to help Anna and her children – then so be it .

          • Lion_ess

            Anna Guy is not asking for tax payer help. I understand where you are coming from, but am of the view that parents need to be accountable for the well-being of their children. This case has nothing to do with losers failing to feed their children. Don’t mix the two together.

    • BJ

      You mean we all have – thanks to Ewen MacDonald

  • Lion_ess

    What’s been dropped in her lap makes one’s own problems miniscule by comparison. I hope she is paid well for her story to help her on her way.

  • blazer

    only worry for mine was she thought Mcdonald had learned his lesson and would not be a danger when released….hello!!!

    • Lion_ess

      I thought she handled herself well – her first priority is to the well-being of her children – respect that.

      • GregM

        Absolutely agree.
        I cannot imagine the double hell she has been going through, losing her brother, and then her husband.
        I wish her and the children the very best.

      • blazer

        comprehension not your strong point obviously.