Nate Silver on Daily Show

Nate Silver has released his new book, and appeared on the Daily Show. Interesting to see the personality behind the blog.

The Daily Show
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  • 2ndAmendment

    Well very interesting – claiming to be unskewed, claiming Obama is in the lead when Gallup, Rasmussen & give Romney a 5-7 point advantage, with a clean sweep of the marginal states.

    • Whaleoil

      If you believe Gallup polls you are going to be very disappointed in 3 weeks time.

    • MEg

      Again I say to you, get some facts. Looking at a very wide range of polls, and going state by state, Obama is on his way to a second term.

      I suspect when this comes to pass, rather than face up to your failure, you will go to ground and we wont see you for a while.

      Not that that’s a bad thing.

  • Lindsay Addie

    Silver’s predictions for the last UK general election weren’t very accurate. All polls must be treated carefully as should guys like Silver.

  • 2ndAmendment

    Turns out he’s a lying communist cunt in the bag for Osama -