Greenpeace takes on Miller, Rangi and Albert

Executive director Bunny McDiarmid must have been boiling with excitement last week with news that Greenpeace would once more be allowed to apply for charitable status.

Greenpeace had been all bitter and twisted that the Charities Commission and High Court deemed them political activists and as a result, they lost their charitable status.

Makes you wonder if their profit targets will be met once their legal fees are tallied up and accounted for. Especially on the back of a terrible last year when they posted a record 69% drop in full year profit.

But greedy Greenpeace want their mythical 60,000 supporters’ money to be tax-free. Maybe that’s to help pay a hippy $70,000/pa for a “fundraising role”, as well as allowing them to funnel cash offshore to the parent company to follow the $1.9 million they sent over in 2011.

The case they will make to Roger Miller, Caren Rangi and Kirikaiahi Albert at the Charities Board must involve actor Christopher Lloyd and a DeLorean, going by Bunny’s remark that “the group was delighted the Court of Appeal recognised that promoting peace and nuclear disarmament was for the public benefit.”

How very 80s. Despite bumbling Don Brash being the only one to openly question the nuke-free policy in the last 25 years, most New Zealanders are fairly on board with being nuclear free. Maybe Miller, Rangi and Albert will be convinced at Greenpeace lightning-fast brand changes.

Maybe that’s why their anti-business messaging on their website has mysteriously vanished. Replacing it is some plug for the 2013 new Rainbow Warrior visit.

No more boycotting of Fonterra, Sealord, Cottonsoft, Shell et al . . . we’re going back to the future. Nuclear free and all that.

Greenpeace’s problem is that its own name is something between an anachronism and a wholesale contradiction of its purpose.

There’s nothing peace-promoting about a corporate organization that endlessly demands boycotts of companies and the items they put on supermarket shelves.

Those products are often made by New Zealanders and they’d like to hang on to their jobs. People tend to be quite peaceful when they have a steady income.

  • Richard McGrath

    What a load of bollocks the whole “nuclear-free” charade is. Hospitals have had nuclear medicine departments for decades with bone scintigraphy and, more recently, PET scanning available. Don’t buy into the “nuclear-free” propaganda – if it wasn’t for nukes, medical care would be frozen in early 20th century technology and patients would be far worse off as a result.

    • St_Hubbins

      I agree, Richard. Nuclear energy would be fine by me.

  • Vlad

    These people are as devious and manipulative as scientologists

  • Phar Lap

    Seems it is time for some new legislation over ruling the judge, who is out of step with the real world.Greenpeace and the judge sound as if they have been doing a Rip Van Winkle. Most judges live in the twilight world of fantasy.To think that a judge can be outsmarted by a person named Bunny,beggars belief.Greenthieves would be a better name for that eco terrorist outfit.

  • Andy

    I recommend Patrick Moore’s book “Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout” which describes his disenfranchisement with the organization he helped to found.

    the fact is that the modern NGO business is run by people in suits that have no interest in the environment and have a lot of interest in extracting money out of the productive economy using guilt-based marketing campaigns

    These people are parasites

  • Petal

    To be eligible as a Greenpeace activist, you first have to become a top HRV and Kirbee sales person.

  • Rodney

    Non-profit doesn’t mean an organisation can’t have income, or even make a profit for that matter. Non-profit means that no individual within the organisation can take a share of the income in the same way as, for example, shareholders of a company do. Salaries are fine, but a share of the income by way of dividends or similar is one determinative factor and cannot happen. The issue with the Charities Commission is in fact different from this point, so you’ve got that wrong as well, but the point remains, which is that your understanding of what constitutes “not-for-profit” is a completely and utterly ignorant one. Your woefully inadequate analysis reflects an ignorance that beggars belief.

    • Maybe you really are this dumb.

      The issue isn’t that they forward money on to the Greenpeace mothership.

      The issue is they lost their tax free charity status because they aren’t a charity as much as they are political activists (which is not allowed under the charities act).

      Because they were deemed to be political activists they lost their tax free status and so people couldn’t claim back their donations to them. This meant that people stopped making donations.

      Greenpeace is now going to try and convince the commission that they aren’t political activists. Which is why they’re trying to hide all the political statements attacking New Zealand businesses that litter their website and instead plugging the visit of the eco-terrorist ship, The Rainbow Warrior.

      That is the story.

    • Vlad

      The issues with the Charities Commission were that (a) they were and are a political organisation and (b) that they engaged in illegal activities. Difficult to argue with either of these findings.

  • cows4me

    They’re going to need to be more then tax free to get out of the shit they are in in Taranaki. Shell are going the dropkicks for $700,000 for their occupation of their drilling ship. Judge has ordered Shell to itemise their accounts and present a full invoice, oh fucking joy. Them oil boys know how to spend money, let’s hope judge takes no prisoners.

  • GeorgeRomero

    Forgot to mention that the nuclear free NZ movement was ultimatley a cause devised by the NZ communists seething underground to promote anti Americanisim , paid for by the Russian and American commies who were very active in Hawaii during the late 60’s and all of the 70’s.The dumass kiwi colonialists fell for it hook , line and sickle.
    But agree ,Greenpease is a commie outfit.

  • LR

    Greenpeace want your money to pay for the fine that the useless Lucy Lawless racked up for climbing up on the drill ship. ? $700,000.00. Useless shits.