Shearer’s Greatest Hits

TVNZ’s Close Up put together a montage of Labour Leader David Shearer’s greatest hits last night – but they couldn’t find any.

You will have seen most of these clips on this blog already, but it’s good to see them in one place.

The clip is brutal.

  • stinkeye

    “I would like to thank whoever invented the word um, and um…. thats it”

  • Lion_ess

    Ha ha – Shearer shearing a sheep, Shearer being shorn (haircut), clearly he doesn’t know when to tell the cameras to fuck off. Playing on a surname that has connotations to a stupid animal is unlikely to increase the perception that he’s good leadership material.

  • Whafe

    Oh, he must be gifted, last week he was useless as tits on a bull, needs to go, can’t lead Liabour to an election win in 2014………….. And now, he is the man, he is the one, he is worthy…
    What a joke, a crock of shit…. Liabour supporters, leftard media coots are shallower than a dry puddle…

  • Hagues

    Ha that was an awesome clip!