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Mitch82 commented on sunday general debate 

I’m pissing myself laughing here..¬†¬†gave David [Farrar] a pie, like he needs it:…

Their ‘People of Influence and Effect’ (PIE) Awards 2013.

Teletubby commented on what will morgans big mouth cost him?

‚Äé”Being rich clearly does not give you skills transferable to areas outside your domain of competence” – Sam Morgan on Twitter 26/9/2012. Pay attention Daddy!

Lion_ess commented on Hand in what remains of your man card Farrar

By my reckoning there were no remnants of man-card left after his wearing the lavender blouse with bell sleeves and gathered front, worn for parking-fail photograph.










In Vino Veritas commented on will labours affordable housing look like this?

Yeah, sort of ironic that the people who the Herald line up as “struggling to buy a house” and who say “the government should do something”, are those that won’t have a bar of these shit boxes.
I guess there might be one saving grace, some of the long term state house tenants might be able to afford a place in the city. But then, why trade a three bed place with a back yard for the kids for a two bed shoe box apartment?