Even a Labor PM worried about the looney left

Even Bob Hawke, a Labor PM worried about the hard left…David Shearer should consider this:

A previously unpublished study reveals former Prime Minister Bob Hawke was concerned that granting self-government in the ACT could result in the election of a left-leaning Labor Government.

His view is canvassed in the report by Michael Brown, senior private secretary to then Territories Minister Gordon Scholes.

“The Prime Minister’s view of self-government was, in Scholes’ opinion, strongly coloured by his view of the ACT branch of the Labor Party,” Mr Brown wrote in a sub-thesis for the ANU.¬†

“Notwithstanding the commitment in the party platform, Hawke found it difficult to get enthused over an idea that had significant budgetary impact, particularly if the likely result was a left-leaning Labor Government in the ACT.

Bob Hawke at one time held a beer sculling record and he still has it: