Condoms on Demand, new Durex iOS app in Dubai

Boing Boing reports that Durex has launched an iOS app to help surreptitiously deliver you a johnny in the event you get caught short.

Who knew there was such a demand for frangas in Dubai?


There are many layers of WTF in the apparent news that¬†Durex is launching an emergency condom delivery¬†service¬†application for Apple devices, and doing so only in the Muslim, culturally conservative, city-state/emirate of¬†Dubai. That’s right. Dubai. Here’s¬†a promo video:

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    I would have thought the burka would have done the trick. Allah says so.

  • williamabong

    Makes sense, if you’ve loaded up with Apple products you will be used to getting fucked on every corner.