Reporter Gets Revenge on Heckler During Live Shot

We mock those reporters on TV that are doing the live-cross.  You know, they get asked to stand in a storm  while telling you not to go outside and stand in a storm.



But their job isn’t as easy as it looks. ¬†Especially during live broadcasts. ¬†

People who want their 5 seconds of fame will jump into the shot and act like idiots, loud cars will pass, planes fly overhead. ¬†It’s an environment they can’t control.

When you are live to hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of living rooms, you can’t really tell a video bomber to piss off. ¬†Here’s a clip of a reporter that coped with just such a situation really smoothly:

  • dotcom

    Hot and cool all at once.

  • Whafe

    The reporter deserves a clap, the video bomber may well have the clap