More Herald Bombs

Not even typing English now, or even Engrish…just Engish:
Engish not so good...

What started as an attempt to highlight the occasional fun error eventually turned into a torrent of examples, sometimes multiples per day, of the NZ Herald staff having no pride in their work. ¬†Instead of hammering you with all of them, we’re just going to pick some of them in a single post each week. ¬†Just to let you know nothing’s changed.

If you spot any, feel free to send them in.

Village idiot


only 156 km out taupodeath

That is a bridge in Hamilton, not in Taupo.  The Taupo Control Gates are 1 km past where Lake Taupo actually flows into the Waikato river, so the photo is only a 155 km off.


What?  No Fish?gggg

Oh look!  Whangarei Flick is back!  This time off to a Wanganui fire.  Good on him.