Catholics still in denial and now just plain dreamin’

Finally, in the face of overwhelming evidence, the Catholic Church in Australia is finally fessing up to their appalling crimes against children. Some however like Cardinal Pell seem to be wanting to make excuses.

Cardinal George Pell says the Catholic Church’s history of child abuse stems from loose entry requirements for priests, past errors of judgement and inaction. 

Cardinal Pell, Australia’s most senior Catholic, also admitted the fear of scandal led to a cover-up in the church when he appeared at a Victorian parliamentary inquiry into child abuse on Monday..

It has stuff all to do with loose entry requirements, it is the stupid vow of celibacy.

No other church has as big a boy buggering problem as the Catholics, because they let their priests run one up their missus.

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  • Rebecca

    Actually on a per capita basis the Papists are no worse than other religions. They’re about the same as doctors, slightly less prevalent than other Christian denominations, and far less prevalent than in schools or in the home where Stepdads and boyfriends are responsible for most abuse. The real distinguishing feature amongst the Papists is the one that interests you: the boy buggering aspect, or if you’re into accuracy the boy fondling aspect. 80% of Catholic priest victims were male which is a complete contrast to abuse in the wider community where most victims are female. Most of the victims were adolescents and some were as old as 18 because of the different definition of childhood in the US. It’s unclear why these priests preyed on boys- it’s not true that access was different (you only need to look at the current patterns of abuse in schools to confirm this) so there seems to be a sexual preference involved. Perhaps the Whale Oil blog would like to recommend that homosexual priests are the cause of the problem meaning that “running one up the Missus” isn’t going to save the altar boys after all. Perhaps making it compulsory for priests to bugger each other would solve the issue? The other difference is that Catholic abuse these days is very widely reported- perhaps the best reported crime in the world. Perhaps this explains why complaints against priests are down- because the nasty pederasts who saw priesthood as an easy access to their victims, now are looking for easier routes (deliberate spelling.) It must be cringeworthy in the extreme for today’s Catholics to face this, to say nothing of all the victims, but ironically the result may be that today’s Catholic kids are the safest of anybody.

    • Mediaan

      Total rubbish. Try the facts. Read the books on priest sexuality by Sipe, a priest counsellor sanctioned by the RC church and one-time staff teacher at the Gregorian University in Rome. He has spent a research lifetime almost on this subject and is a faithful Catholic.

      Statistics from within the RC church say 6% of all priests are actively abusing children under 16. That is, worldwide. A third of those are doing it are choosing victims under 8 years.

      Almost none of these come to public attention. Thanks partly to dim complaisant church workers like you, out spreading propaganda.

      • Rebecca

        If your claims were true, not even the mighty Rebecca could prevent
        those of your ilk and of course WO himself from trumpeting it to the
        skies. What a coup that would be for you when mainstream media has held
        its spotlight relentlessly on the church for all this time hoping to
        find exactly what you describe, and missed it all! It’s as bad as those
        useless UN inspectors who couldn’t see the WMD right under their noses.
        But of course Rebecca was involved that time as well, hiding the WMD
        because I’m not just a church worker, I’m a Colonel in SAVAK. But there
        is good news: there are people out there who also have discovered that
        the Papists were responsible for killing Jesus Christ! So you’ll have no
        difficulty finding people eager to believe conspiracy theories about
        those awful Catholics.

        • Mediaan

          Don’t be absurd. That is clearly one study. I have three of his books, they are packed with many studies plus his own findings.

          What criminally slanted information, you give out. Take care. You could become an accessory, concealing wrong doing.

          • Rebecca

            LOL, the Mediaan Police may make me an accessory to crimes that happened overseas! Shaking in my booties. Absurd, you say? Indeed.
            If you have evidence of 6% of priests actively abusing kids under 16 worldwide, especially in NZ since that would be of particular interest, produce it. Because even in Australia where Catholics comprise 25% of some populations they’ve recorded just over 600 accusations over 30 years. Each of those accusations is a tragedy (inserted so wannabe sledgers don’t try to pretend I’m saying it’s OK to abuse) but that’s nowhere near 6%. IMHO you made that up or found it on a site that also has “proof” of alien abductions and that Catholics killed Jesus Christ so they could eat him. So go ahead, if you don’t like the figures I produced, counter them with a credible referenece. I’m assuming we agree that “proof” doesn’t mean delivering the nastiest sledging- anybody can sledge, true competence comes from assembling things called “facts” into a coherent argument without any need to sledge.

          • Mediaan

            Glad I got to you like that. Concealing and thus abetting the crime of an offender is in itself offending.

    • TomTom

      Child abuse is not ok. Get that into your head. Just because other people have done it does not excuse anyone else doing it. What you have just done is claimed “Oh well, kids are more likely to be sexually abused elsewhere so what the Church did is totes not bad.”

      What makes the Catholic Church worse in key respects is that they actively covered it up as a group, and in doing so further wrecked the lives and mental well being of many kids. Superiors actively encouraged pedophile priests by switching them through parishes and dioceses allowing them to get away with it over and over again. If a kid’s mum caught her boyfriend doing shit like that, I’m pretty sure that in most cases they’d be right of to the cops and getting them chucked into prison. Priests? Not so.
      Even more, the Church proclaims itself to be the paragon of morality when it’s filthy and corrupt.

      • Rebecca

        I was responding to a claim that no other church has a boy buggering problem as bad as the catholics, also to the suggestion that running one up the missus would prevent buggering of little boys. My understanding always had been that pederasty does not allow adult women to substitute for the desired target, but that might be a fact which isn’t as much fun as a straw (wo)man accusation. Meanwhile I agree that the Papist priests have a major problem, but again my understanding now is that Catholic schools have very strong community boards usually dominated by women. I think you’ll find that most women have a tolerance of child abuse that would last about a microsecond… except in the thousands of homes where mum’s partner is causing the majority of child abuse in New Zealand. Every day there are more reported cases by male partners than the Catholic church was accused of in the last 30 years. And no, that’s not an argument that it’s OK for Papists to abuse- it’s an observation that the spotlight is held so firmly on the Papists that the Brontosaurus in the room just keeps getting bigger and bigger. WO and people like you would do us all a favor to point out where the child abuse is happening in NZ to force mainstream media to stop prtending not to see it- but I guess that’s too much to ask when there are horrid Papists to be attacked.

        • TomTom

          Catholics schools are indeed no different, except probably they are of a higher quality. I went through the Catholic system and I’d prefer to put my kids through the Catholic schools if I remained in Dunedin, given all the rest of the schools round here. But we’re not talking about schools, we’re talking about churches and Sunday school. Priests are hardly ever involved at their primary schools.

          I’m not sure why you’re using the term “papist” – but it’s outdated and silly, it was used by the English to refer to secessionist Catholic Scots.

          And – the problem is that you’re making claims that child abuse by the Church isn’t “that bad” when it is. We don’t even know the full extent because the Church actively covers up, denies everything and refuse public access to their records regarding movements of priests (since an indicator of a likely pedophile priest is their having been moved parishes incredibly often.)

          • Rebecca

            I know mothers involved in Catholic church activities. Chance of priests molesting the kids? Zero. Of course this is in NZ where the outrage is mostly vicarious. Re Sunday School- we Protestants have that, but do Catholics? I do know they hold classes for kids who can’t afford or otherwise don’t go to Catholic schools, but those are mostly run by parents. The idea that pederast priests lurk in churches to accost unsupervized kids seems pretty stretched in 2013.
            Why do I call them Papists? As an overt slur, so as to fit in better around here.
            Give over on the “not that bad” nonsense. As I keep saying, every month in New Zealand there are as many abuses in NZ homes as there were complaints against priests in Australia over 30 years, and they’re holding an enquiry. Seems people are more interested in taking a dig at the papists across the ditch than confronting the huge shameful problem in our own back yards.

          • Mediaan

            The most reliable figures on it come from inside the church, see previous note on the work of Sipe.

            6% of all priests worldwide are actively sexually abusing children under 16, and a third of these are doing it on children younger than eight.

            Policy is nothing. The Catholic Church is known to lie glibly. They do it all the time.

            I haven’t heard of bulk dismissal of 6% of all priests worldwide yet.

          • Rebecca

            I haven’t heard you admit that you’ve stopped beating your wife either. By your logic, that means you must still be doing it. Shame on you- just because some holy books say that women benefit from a regular whopping doesn’t make it true in 2013. Womens’ Refuges are full of victims of people who think stuff like that. Get with the times buster or you’ll end up in jail.

          • Mediaan

            That would be, an indicator of only a likely “found out” catholic priest though.

            With the terror threats against the child’s family traumatising the small isolated child, the attacks against non-catholic children who have no way of identifying the offender, and the emotional attacks supplementing their offending by trying to destroy the victim’s credibility in the community before any accusation might be made, 95% of it never even comes to the surface.

          • Rebecca

            Don’t leave out the alien abductions: aliens are Catholic too. They suck brains out through straws in ears and return the husks to earth to wander the earth for the rest of their days traumatized and bewildered and unable to accuse the beastly priests of their dreadful crimes.

        • Mediaan

          Clever diversions, your speciality.

          Why do you keep confining it to schools?

          And if you insist on using “accusation” figures as the reliable ones, one day somebody is going to start disclosing more stuff about the crimes supporting the silence of other victims.

          Why are you putting effort into this, Mr Rebecca?

          • Rebecca

            I’m not confining it to schools, I’m trying to understand how 6% of priests are actively accessing kids as you claim. If not in schools, then where. I challenge you to name a credible location where priests or in fact any single male these days can access kids without supervision. You’re making it up.
            Re figures: you have to rely on measured figures rather than those invented by people who want to scold. Otherwise you end up with own goals like “all men are rapists” which ends up undermining efforts against rape. Just as ridiculous overstatements reduce the likelihood of the Papists sorting out their mess- it’s easy to refute bigoted claims and to divert (your word) attention onto it if dummies keep serving it up.
            Re Mr Rebecca- LOL, thanks for that Mullah Mediaan.

          • Mediaan

            You are such a slick liar and disinformationist I will not continue.

            What a human moral train-wreck you are, poor little Mr Rebecca. Who messed you up like that, I wonder.

          • Rebecca

            Can’t take the heat, huh! Sure likes to dish it out, though. As for who messed me up: it was the Catholics.

          • TomTom

            Lol probably the Church of England. In the 1800s. The way she keeps saying “papist.”

            But yes, there’s no point in arguing with someone who continually dismiss the suffering of some children by switching round to try and focus ALL attention on another group of children’s suffering when all those issues deserve our attention. And then comparing that abuse to “UFO abductions” which means she effectively saying that the whole issue is “fictional”

          • Rebecca

            I agree it’s appalling that some people dismiss the enormous problem with child abuse in New Zealand because they’re more interested in taking swipes at the papists in Australia, even asserting that people who don’t pile on can be put in jail. That sort of nonsense may be fictional, but the suffering of New Zealand kids is very real. It’s also an absolute disgrace… as are people who try to trivialize it by asserting that things that happen overseas are more important than the suffering inflicted on kids in NZ, or act as if the NZ problem is “fictional.”

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    I’m sure those sand-drenched prophet monkeys are far worse. Does anyone know of any studies into how the camel jockey mullahs treat children?