Cactus Kate schools David Fisher in the realities of doing favours


Here is the delicious conundrum for Fisher.  Either he is taking money from Dotcom, in which case Fisher beating up on people for receiving money for influence is hypocrisy at the highest level, or David Fisher is fluffing the German’s sausage for free, in which case he’s the only one not getting paid here.

For Dotcom to own NZ Herald’s feral reporter like this is a great spectacle.  Fisher is now forced to take the most ridiculous positions to stay consistent with all the spin he’s put out for Dotcon.  I wonder if Dotcon is paying well enough not to be thrown under the bus?  Because a student of Fisher’s work would know that he uses people.  First he gets close to them, works “with” them, gets in a position of having some level of trust. And when that proposition runs dry, he uses that privileged knowledge to throw his “friend” under the bus.

Ask Martyn Bradbury.  A month ago Fisher and Bradbury were best pals, and now Bradbury has blocked Fisher from his Twitter feed refusing to have anything to do with him.

Entertaining, if it wasn’t so useful as to the man’s MO.

Kim Dotcom better keep the bills paid, for Fisher will skin him and feed him to the dogs as soon as he ceases to be of any use.

As Cactus says:  “Nothing for nothing”

  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    “And when that proposition runs dry, he uses that privileged knowledge to throw his “friend” under the bus.”

    Sounds like another Journalist aye Andrea? Love to know how many emails passing between Dunne and Andrea now?

  • Patrick

    Pretty obvious – the Kraut is either rewarding Herr Fischer with money or time around the pool perving at the bodacious tatas that DotCon surrounds himself with. Maybe Fischer is a little like Dunne – the little head is the decision maker.

  • pukakidon

    Birds of a feather flock together. I am not surprised by the way these pricks use each other for their own ends. This is the green and Liarbour party members Modus Operandi

  • Mediaan

    Do not understand why you are all snapping at Fisher.

    Journalists cultivate contacts (like Dotcom), they especially cultivate headline-suited big contacts (like Dotcom), and sometimes they even grease big contacts (like Dotcom). No big deal, nothing at all strange here.

    Maybe the issue is, how much does Fisher get paid by the NZ Herald? Probably not much, if it is like most NZ journalist salaries.

    You want classier, more independent journalism? Then pay more.

    Which of course the newspapers stopped doing a couple of decades ago, thinking they were oh-so financially smart. Instead of a quality journo structure, they opted for sales-conscious financial managers. They paid big money to fairground barkers with slick “bottom line” talk, and sacrificed the salary scales that would have kept older more experienced journalists around. The new ht finanacial guys took on more junior reporters and letthe old talent leave.

    Now, with dwindling readership and eroding credibility, they are paying the price.