I imagine McDonalds paid some clown a fortune for social media engagement

There are a whole bunch of clowns out there that charge an absolute fortune for advice on “social media engagement …mainly to corporates but there are some who do it for political parties.

This is the sort of thing they deliver up:



I think they wan people to say “Happy” but more than a few have chosen “Fatty” or “Farty” or “Manly”, then there is “Fanny”, and “Satay” and “Gaaay” and “Salty”.

The only positive ones are “Tasty” and “Happy”.

Oh dear…I hope they paid the social media consultant…winning #NOT #SMOG

  • hifuncblonde

    I took one look at that and read “hairy” for some reason. Freudian? Perhaps because the last story I read was about a pair of ginormous balls.

  • http://keepingstock.blogspot.com/ Keeping Stock

    Gassy, Fairy, Tardy, Wally; the possibilities are limitless!

    • http://keepingstock.blogspot.com/ Keeping Stock

      Whoops; I forgot Manky

  • Mediaan

    Well commented. Too many witless people making a living as an “expert”.

  • Mr_V4

    And yet all the (facebook) posters will still trundle off to McDonalds.

    • http://keepingstock.blogspot.com/ Keeping Stock

      Not this poster; hate the stuff!

  • Tiberius

    “Party” also works

  • Patrick

    NAPPY – you will need one after eating that stuff

  • Phil

    MASTY… Gotta love that special sauce

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay