Mustafa Sabanli, meet Streisand. Streisand, meet Mustafa Sabanli.

A Tauranga Hospital doctor drives drunk, flees from police, crashes the car and tries to be cute when he turns up to court like this:

Credit: Joel Ford

Credit: Joel Ford

Dr Mustafa Sabanli needs to do a lot of maturing.  Obviously not yet willing to take responsibility for his own actions, he thought he could get around having his face plastered all over the local Tauranga newspaper.

Had he not bothered with the mask, I, and you, and  most other people wouldn’t have known who Dr Mustafa Sabanli is.  And yet, with the power of the Internet, and the Streisand Effect, not only is he an immature idiot who can’t take responsibility for his own actions, he’s also busted:

Mustafa Sabanli - Guilty of feeling police and drunk driving

Mustafa Sabanli – Guilty of fleeing police, failing to remain stopped, dangerous and drunk driving

A Tauranga Hospital doctor caught driving drunk after fleeing police and crashing into a building left court yesterday wearing a Guy Fawkes’ mask to avoid being photographed.

Dr Mustafa Sabanli, 30, pleaded guilty to driving with an excess breath alcohol, driving in a dangerous manner, failing to stop for police, and failing to remain stopped.

He appeared in Tauranga District Court yesterday and was bailed pending sentence on August 5.

The Bay of Plenty Times attempted to seek comment from him as he left Tauranga courthouse via the back steps but Sabanli quickly removed the mask from a bag and placed it over his face.

Mustafa Sabanli may have qualified as a doctor, but he has a long way to go to qualify as a decent human being.

  • si_rangi

    What a tosser

  • AnonymousJuan

    Dr Mustafa Sabanli is a poor role model. I do not like the way Mustafa Sabanli is trying to hide from his record. Dr Mustafa Sabanli should be held accountable. Mustafa Sabanli should be apologetic and contrite. Instead we see Dr Mustafa Sabanli treat the matter like a joke.

  • cows4me

    Yeah the mask wasn’t to bright, like a red rag to a bull when it comes to the media. He should have just shut up and taken his medicine but I guess at thirty he still has a bit of learning to do. I think a lot turning up to court do themselves a disservice when they try to buck the system, it just pisses off the beck and they tend to remember faces.

  • GazzW

    The sentencing on 5 Aug should be interesting. TV cameras this time?

  • peterwn

    He cannot have done much emergency or orphopaedic work or he he would not have put himself in that position, or at least he would have blown the machine and quietly accepted 6 months disqualification – he can afford taxis or could use a bike.

  • Col

    If he was coming to see me, I think I would ask DR Noddy Norman, as at least Noddy looks like a doctor?

  • Sleazy balzac

    Whoever wrote this is one snooty, indignant bitch. The doctor is also a douche, but it is difficult to see the text when the story was written so high up on that horse.

    • Wulgus

      Pot calling the kettle black, I see. You bitch.

  • Thomas Peedle

    leave the guy alone, he is a person like everyone else. I am sure you dont shit roses

    • Wulgus

      He drove drunk and refused to take responsibility for his actions. He should be publicly shamed you moron.