The Pakeha Party: For a limited time only [EXCLUSIVE]

A week ago I introduced you to the idea that the Pakeha Party is a marketing scam. ¬†You got to see the email exchange between David Ruck, the Pakeha Party marketing guy, and what he thought was a potential “buyer” of the Party. ¬†A cool $100,000 was being asked for.

The blog ran a poll and at the time and 56% of you decided on the strength of what you had seen about the The Pakeha Party  back then, it was most likely a personal initiative by David Ruck to make money, and not a genuine political movement.

Here is convicted criminal David Ruck‘s latest attempt to get money from anyone that ¬†hasn’t given up on the The Dream of a NZ where there is no Treaty of Waitangi:


I don’t know why the Pakeha Party web developer / facebook admin / project manager / sales manager / marketing manager David Ruck refers to himself as “we”, but you’ll be happy to know that “we” is now offering a limited-time-only chance to become a fully fledged party member by paying $3 into his bank account.

Mind you, according to Pete George, “we” may include Ruck’s girlfriend:



Pakeha Party marketing, sales, web, etc, etc man David Ruck wasn’t too happy with my expose of his plans of course, although in his never-say-die bounce-back-like-a-rubber-ball marketing mode he tried to frame it as ‘all publicity is good publicity’.

But I know he was not happy to lose a $100,000 sale, because the person who he thought he was selling the “Party” to, Paul Harris, has been subject to ongoing personal harassment via TXT messages over a number of days. ¬†Here are some choice picks between David and Paul. ¬†(“John” in these messages refer to John Ansell)






This is David Ruck’s idea of how to start a genuine political movement.

The email trail I covered in the first post was originally posted to a TradeMe discussion. ¬†As a result, there have been suggestions by David Ruck it was altered. ¬†So here is the pertinent one, as written, including the¬†obvious, act now, this offer can’t be beaten¬†emphasis employed by genuine party leaders online marketing scammers.



In the mean time, being a Party Leader is sitting quite well with David Ruck



Yes, now that you paid, he can afford to run an opinion “pole”

Here’s a free one to see if your opinion of The Pakeha Party has changed over the last week.

After a week of additional Pakeha Party coverage, I now believe that

  • The Pakeha Party is a money making scam (85%, 151 Votes)
  • I'm not sure. I'm going to watch this develop (10%, 18 Votes)
  • The Pakeha Party is a genuine political movement (5%, 8 Votes)

Total Voters: 177

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  • Jimmie

    Oh crap. Can you unvote me WO? What a fool I clicked the geniune political movement tab by mistake. (Half asleep by the fire)

    “Does a Len Brown face palm”

  • thor42

    Looks very “scammy”.

    Off-topic – a pretty big shake down here in Wgtn (and a few aftershocks). Stuff says 6.8 but Geonet now has it at 6.5.

    I guessed it at about bang on 6.0 when it happened (underestimated – doh). Definitely much bigger than all other recent quakes here – the ol’ house was fair rattling and shaking around like buggery. Power was cut for30 min or so – back on now.

    • Jimmie

      Felt it up here just south of Te Awamutu. Felt like a smooth rolling shake

      • LabTested

        Felt it in Auckland. But I am on the 3rd floor of an CBD apartment building.

    • Mr_V4

      A few cracks looks to have opened up in Wellington, the citizens are throwing in the politicians before they have a chance to close up. Winston first.

  • cows4me

    David should try rebranding, “The Loser Party”.

    • P1LL

      nah , Mana has that trademarked already :p