Today’s Trivia





Announcer Michael Buffer makes USD5m per fight to say “Let’s get ready to rumble”. (source)


In 1950 President Truman signed an order to transfer and use 9 nuclear weapons against Chinese and Korean targets. Happily he never transmitted the order. (source)


When Louis Reard introduced the bikini in France in 1946 no models were willing to wear such a revealing outfit. He had to hire a stripper to model it. (source)


Hewlett and Packard held a coin toss to decide whose name would go first when they set up the company. Packard won the toss and chose to put Hewlett’s name first. (source)


Kim Jong-Un may be the ‘Supreme Leader’ but Kim Il-Sung remains President of the Republic of Korea, more than 19 years after his death. (source)

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  • Doug

    These trivia posts should also be cited “courtesy of Reddit” because that is obviously where they’re coming from.