Oh look I’m making the news again, HoS only tells half the story

Before we get started on this article I need to post this portion of the directive from Judge Blackie of  1 October 2012.


I have to post this because Matthew Blomfield is vexatious and runs off to court at the drop of a hat. The reason I have not written about Blomfield for months despite building evidence against him flooding into my tipline is because Judge Blackie essentially forbade me speaking of him unless he was otherwise reported in “old” media.

This morning that happened. Therefore I am able to comment on him and since the story manufactured by Bevan Hurley is about the case I can talk about that too.

Unlike the Herald on Sunday I’ll tell the whole story not just the bits that suit Matthew Blomfield.

You may ask why I said ‘to suit Matthew Blomfield’…well because Bevan Hurley never spoke to me or even called me prior to publishing this story. He also didn’t disclose that he met Matthew Blomfield and sat having a coffee with him at the concession stand at the Manukau District Court on Monday for 20 minutes prior to the case being heard. He also didn’t disclose that he left with Matthew Blomfield as well and never spoke with me after court. We can be assured that Bevan Hurley wrote this story on behalf of Matthew Blomfield as he always does. I have email correspondence that proves that Matthew Blomfield and Bevan Hurley have worked on stories before. I will present that in my defence against Blomfield’s spurious claims of defamation.

Right now to fisk the article (No link because they don’t deserve one)

A blogger who broke the Len Brown sex scandal story has been ordered to reveal confidential sources after a judge ruled his site was not a “news medium”.

The landmark ruling was made in a defamation case against Cameron Slater, founder of the Whale Oil site, who is being sued by Auckland businessman Matthew Blomfield.  

Bevan Hurley makes it sound like it is recent, it is not. Judge Blackie made this ruling on 26 September 2013. In the interests of transparency, which the Herald on Sunday lacks, here is the text of his ruling.



The portion of the Evidence Act Judge Blackie stipulates is s68(5):

(5)In this section,—

informant means a person who gives information to a journalist in the normal course of the journalist’s work in the expectation that the information may be published in a news medium

journalist means a person who in the normal course of that person’s work may be given information by an informant in the expectation that the information may be published in a news medium

news medium means a medium for the dissemination to the public or a section of the public of news and observations on news

public interest in the disclosure of evidence includes, in a criminal proceeding, the defendant’s right to present an effective defence.

That’s it. And on this basis the judge ruled that Whale Oil Beef Hooked is not a “news medium”.

Bevan Hurley describes Matthew Blomfield as a “businessman”, when his current status would be better described as a “former bankrupt and still banned director”. After going personally bankrupt for over $3.5 million and collapsing numerous companies, he is no more a businessman than Rod Petrecivic.

In October, days after Brown was re-elected mayor of Auckland, Slater revealed the married father-of-three had a two-year affair with political wannabe Bevan Chuang.

Yes like a journalist breaking stories. There are many more as the numerous and regular reader know.

In a ruling made on September 26, Blackie said Slater’s blog was “not a news medium within the definition of … the Evidence Act.

“It is not a means for the dissemination to the public or a section of the public of news and observation on news”.

Blackie cited the Law Commission’s report News Media Meets ‘New Media’ which described blog sites as often “highly partisan” and “highly offensive and personally abusive”.

As discussed above there is no requirement for a news medium to be impartial or non-offensive in law. If this was the case the the Herald on Sunday and Campbell Live could easily be challenged on that basis as many, many people find them offensive.

The ruling could open the floodgates for others to sue the right-wing blogger for defamation to find out who has given him information.

Actually it is scarier than that. It actually opens the floodgates for anyone who writes or says anything in any format other than radio, television or many of the outdated newspapers in NZ. It affect Russell Brown, Martyn Bradbury, David Farrar or any other person writing online. People should be very worried about the implications of this ruling. Keith Ng should be worried…he may get summonsed to provide details of his hacker informants for the story he broke on Public Address. Any freelance journalist is now covered by this ruling by Judge Blackie.

At a hearing in the Manukau District Court last week, Slater said he intended to appeal against the decision, and was given 28 days to file proceedings with the High Court.

This was the hearing that Bevan Hurley doesn’t mention was because Matthew Blomfield tried to have me thrown in jail over Christmas for contempt of court. I won the case…Bevan Hurley forgot to mention that.

Not only that he failed to mention that Matthew Blomfield mentioned in court that he had interfered with court processes. I submitted an application for the leave of the court to appeal 2 days before his contempt proceeding was filed. Blomfield told the judge that he discussed that application with the court staff and they had decided it was best that they proceed with the contempt proceedings. I was never notified of anything regarding my application for leave to appeal and yet found myself in court on contempt charges.

Judge Phil Gittos ordered Slater to present the identity of his sources in the Blomfield defamation case to the court, to be sealed in a file pending the outcome of the appeal.

The defamation case arose from stories Slater wrote last year which Blomfield claimed were defamatory.

Slater told the court a source gave him a hard drive belonging to Blomfield, which he used to write much of the material.

Perhaps the only piece of Hurley’s article that was correct.

Blomfield said that by accessing Slater’s emails he would be able to determine whether they were written with malice, a key consideration in determining defamation.

And he argued Slater had “none of the checks and balances” of a news organisation.

“He sits at his computer and hits send.”

I wonder how stories are filed at The Herald on Sunday…plus in 30 odd years of using a computer i have never ever seen a “send” key on any of my computers. Quite apart from the fact that the evidence Act nor any other act requires checks and balances as a qualifier of what is a “news medium”. As for “checks and balances”…well has he ver heard of the law…I was convicted on 9 charges of breaching name suppression, and in Judge Harvey’s decision, which Judge Blackie ignored he said:

[45] … Many journalists and news commentators maintain blogs where they may expand upon stories that they have written or interact with others who wish to comment upon them.

… the blog facilitates a conversation between the journalist or reporter and other individuals.

Judge Harvey also went on to say in his judgement:

[129] … Mr.Thwaite has fastened upon report or account as being limited to traditional news media, presumably because in 1985 it was to the media that the provisions of s.140were addressed. Thus, according to Mr Thwaite, those words must be limited to the factual reporting of events that news media undertakes. However, in the age of mass communication and the internet, where everyone may be a publisher, that approach cannot be sustained.


[134] … Conceptually a blog is no different from any other form of mass media communication especially since it involves the internet which anyone who has an internet connection is able to access. It fulfils the concept of publishing and publication. It makes information available to a wider audience. That is why people blog.

Either Judge Blackie didn’t read Police v Slater or disagrees with Judge Harvey. Even though Judge Harvey convicted me he is actually better qualified and has made a better judgement that Judge Blackie. This will of course be explored in my Appeal to the High Court.

Blomfield applied to have Slater jailed for contempt of court for refusing to comply with the earlier order of Judge Blackie.

Judge Gittos said this would not be appropriate.

Yeah, he even said that they barely incarcerate people charged with serious assaults.

Slater said his resources had been “expired” fighting the charges, and he could no longer afford legal representation after spending tens of thousands of dollars on legal fees.

Yep, Blomfield has only pursued this action because he knew it was costing me money. I have had to dismiss my lawyer and act on my own behalf…Monday was my first win. The next win will be my appeal.

“There is little doubt that I am part of the media. I will strenuously defend my right to protect my sources.”

Got that…for anyone sending me information. I will not give you up.

Wellington media lawyer Steven Price said the thrust of the Law Commission’s report was that bloggers who were serving the functions of free speech and a free press should be treated as media and be entitled to media privileges.

“Still, it is concerned that the reporting be dispassionate and reliable. It can be argued that Whale Oil doesn’t measure up on that criterion.”

Steven Price is a respected lawyer, I think he let his personal feelings here cloud his judgement. There is nothing in the law that requires reporting to be dispassionate, good grief look every day at the manufactured and fitted up stories pushed by the Herald and Campbell Live. If Steven Price’s statement would hold true then every piece of news and investigative story would read like you were listening to Radio New Zealand or the BBC.

As far as being reliable you can hardly be more reliable than printing the plaintiff’s own emails as evidence, of which I have more than 15,000, which will all be submitted as evidence.

Here is one I submitted in court as evidence of Matthew Blomfield’s own words when asked to provide a bio for Celebrity Speakers

blomfield email


As readers expect from me I have told the full story, not the half baked manufactured ones that the Herald and Herald on Sunday prefers.

I would have thought with a story like the so-called journalist would have at least called. Given he was invited to court by the plaintiff and hasn’t provided full context he would run the risk of being called biased…in fact he may even cross the threshold that Steven Price suggests.

The next step is the High Court appeal. Where I will outline all the stories broken by me, present every edition of the newspaper I edited and every news story that resulted from my own braking os stories.

One thing that remains strange is why would a man who has laid a complaint with the Privacy Commissioner invite a journalist to court to report on matters that he wants private. Very strange behaviour if you ask me. Almost as strange as a reporter not calling the subject of his story for comment. And as strange as a man who wants things to remain private suing someone for defamation where their defence will be to present that which he seeks to remain private.

One thing is for sure, I will continue to out ratbags and hold dodgy businessmen to account, just as I hold dodgy ratbag politicians to account.

PLEASE NOTE:  Comments will be tightly moderated. Please keep comments on this post to the details of the story and the details of the post. Also to avoid moderation, since Matthew Blomfield considers any comments about him to be breach of the orders by Judge Blackie and will likely enter another contempt proceeding against me.

  • opusx

    So some crusty useless excuse for a Judge rules your site is not a news medium, yet here I am coming to the site everyday for news, From this site I may link to others. My main interest in Whale Oil is gathering news relating to politics, a subject for which I am very interested in, but not at the expense of a story over facts or balance. So even though the judge believes I should look elsewhere for my ‘news’,I am sorry but I will keep visiting Whale Oil.

    Our Court system: Pathetic, Outdated, Irrelevant.

    • http://www.whaleoil.co.nz/ Travis Poulson

      Court system/judges

      • opusx

        This is nothing more than the State telling us where we can get our news…and that my friend does not impress me one little bit.

    • cows4me

      “a judge rules your site not a news medium,” desperate times call for desperate measures.

      • Salacious T Crumb

        Just like our legal system is not a medium for justice.

        • http://www.whaleoil.co.nz/ Pete


    • GarethsPussy

      Whaleoil and Kiwiblog are my news sources. They may be partisan, but they are a lot more transparent about it.

      I’ll read the MSM, but it’s not the main meal. It’s a side-order.

      • Dave

        Gareth. “They may be Partisan” unlike the mainstream MSM, which is opinion thinly disguised as fact. At least here on WOBH you get the full opportunity to read the Post, then the comments and make your own mind up, and disagree if you feel that way. Try that with the MSM, impossible. The MSM Journo’s are mostly card carrying members of the ENGINEERING, Printing and MANUFACTURING union. They proudly manufacture or engineer stories to suit themselves, or their paid mentors views.

    • JohnRW

      Like the many many, I do not watch TV3 news or Campbell Live, do not read the Herald unless I want read something stupid, watch one News for 10 or 15 minutes of headlines, read WOBH for news breaking and developments, read other blog sites for expansion on the news items, check the Tax Payers Union news and that’s basically it. I would be happy to testify to this. If many others do it this way, WOBH and other blogs are becoming (if not already) the new media – the new main stream media. Other online activities are also taking us all down a new path – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc – which starts to make the original information Media obsolete. WOBH and all blogs should actually always be covered by the same Evidence Act as any other form of informational media should.

    • Other_Andy

      I read and watch the MSM ‘news’ for the headlines.
      However, the old News Media are often “highly partisan” and often inaccurate.
      I once emailed a NZH journalist who wrote a story which was factually wrong.
      His reply was: “Thanks for your feedback. You may be right, but I wrote it as I saw it (and still see it). ”
      So now I check the blogs to get the real story and the facts.

    • Col

      WO must be a news media site as I get all my up to date news here before it hits the paper or the TV, the only difference is I don’t need to write to the editor, to say what I want to say. The Judge has it wrong.

  • Monty

    WhaleOil has been a primary source of news, information and opinion since the inception of this blog. The news is reliable and honest, albeit with a right wing bias.

    I am more than happy to sign an affidavit that this and other blogs make up a comprehensive news source for me. To say otherwise is a fallacy. Prof of this is of course the number of news agencies who report (often without credit) stories that break first on WhaleOil.

    I would also like to suggest that other readers of the WhaleOil blog also submit an affidavit to Cam if that will help his case. Surely being NZs most popular blog bar none is evidence of this.

    • Salacious T Crumb

      I would also put a signature to it. How can Judge Blackie site the Law Commission report as a basis for his decision yet ignore precedent?

      • Phar Lap

        The reason is simple they are out of touch with the real world.They do make strange comments and rulings.They seem happy to get seven and a half dollars to one superannuation payments,and so much leave they cant keep up.They like all of perks of office,whether they are there are not.Question might be who are they responsinle to .Seems they cant be fired,even if their decisions are the biggest cockup since we were conned into Y2K.

  • toryboy

    Sounds like a typical NZ court –

    1. The better looking person wins
    2. The Judge makes it up as he goes along
    3. The Court staff think they are above the law and do whatever they want
    4. The worse looking person loses – and the Judge and Court staff ‘make it fit’
    5. Lying doesn’t matter (or attract penalty) for the better looking person

    • http://www.cadlow.co.nz spanishbride

      Ahem, my lover is gorgeous and the other dude is unkempt and looks smelly LOL

      • http://www.whaleoil.co.nz/ Pete

        I might have to remove this statement as defamatory.


        • toryboy

          I was speaking ‘generally’ –

          Let’s say someone was entirely innocent (and probably in the South Island at the time); they are brown skinned, baseball cap wearing, tattooed, a bit ‘rough’ and is accused by someone blond haired, blue eyed, white skinned, rich.

          Not only does the Brown fellow have absolutely no hope of winning, but their presence in the South Island will be dismissed as a carefully constructed false alibi.

          • http://www.whaleoil.co.nz/ Pete

            My reply was to SB, and a joke.

          • toryboy

            Oh sorry Pete, thought you meant me haha! (too early on a Sunday morning – need my second cup of coffee!)

      • Col

        Don’t get close to the other one he may have you in court for being a stalker.

  • Stephen

    “Still, it is concerned that the reporting be dispassionate and
    reliable. It can be argued that Whale Oil doesn’t measure up on that

    So, Price will be off to court taking with him the Herald, Stuff Tvnz, 3News et al.

    Rather short of thinking power I’d suggest.

    And of course you could always point to the Huffington Post, which started out as a blog and became the most famous blog/news site or aljazera.

    News is news and news has always invited comment. Indeed news/comment has created public Policy changes as far back as the early 1800’s when newspapers first became popular. Just reading about the effect newspapers and their commenters had on the likes of the Crimean War, changing the govt.’s response to that situation.

    Anyway the best defense to defamation is the truth. If what you have said is true and you have can prove it is (as you usually do) then lay it all out and send the scum bag to jail.

  • williamabong

    You obviously got there late Cam, had you been sooner you would have seen Matt in the dunny giving the judge a blowie.

    • http://www.whaleoil.co.nz/ Whaleoil

      Watch it.

      • williamabong

        Fair call, I apologize.

        • http://www.whaleoil.co.nz/ Pete

          Good move. My finger was hovering over the left click. Not at all amusing. This sort of stuff costs real money and stresses real lives.

  • Sym Gardiner

    Whaleoil is my ‘newspaper’ of choice. I check them in this order:
    Facebook general feed
    NZ Herald
    BBC – lower because of relevance to NZ
    CNN – lower because of relevance to NZ

    Time people realise that the the medium for information makes no difference nowadays.

    • Stephen

      Nerver go to TV websites for news.nor BBC nor Cnn unless linked to either KB, WO, Lindsay Mitchell or others.
      Stuff or sunlive and NZ herald.

      Happy to say I come here for my news balance not being a lefty and to tell Dear old Phil that’s the case.

    • Cowgirl

      Mine mostly reads:
      Facebook – general feed and Len Brown’s page (ha!)
      NZ Herald – if people are discussing it on Whaleoil
      TV3 – if people are discussing it on Whaleoil
      Any others that might crop up in discussion.

      • blokeintakapuna

        No wonder we first met in the General Debate section…

      • Lion_ess

        LenB’s FB page – funny . . .

  • cows4me

    They’re a hard crew. The old guard no longer command the high ground or the message and they are not happy, cry me a river. You have to be made an example of WO, God forbid the peasants get the notion the system can be challenged.

    • toryboy

      Yes I think you have hit the nail on the head – he is being made an example of; facts are irrelevant as the result has already been decided.

  • Matt Blomfield

    Firstly the email referred to in this post was a private email to Warren Powell previously of Hell Pizza. It was a Joke and was taken off the Hard Drive that Mr Slater stole from me.

    This case is still before the Courts so i don’t want to
    comment on specifics. However, I would make two points:

    The key issue argued today strikes at the very heart
    of our judicial system: the legitimacy and integrity of the judicial process
    itself. Whether defendant or plaintiff, civil or criminal, we have to recognise
    the authority of the Court to make orders, obtain pertinent and relevant information
    and make judgments using all relevant facts.

    This man has a history of flouting the rules that the rest
    of us abide by. He has dismissed
    previous contempt findings as being ‘slapped with a wet bus ticket’. Financial
    penalties are apparently willingly paid by others.

    Justice may be blind, but she is not to be trifled with –
    even when you are the somewhat troubled scion (skee-on) of a National Party

    This case is about one man’s right to sit in judgment
    upon another. And it is also, I dare say, about what qualifies as ‘journalism’. One man giggling over his keyboard in a smoke-filled
    room does not a journalist make. Even if a large number of people visit
    his site to have their own questionable opinions validated by his.

    That is afterall, why you visit a blog site. You identify in some way with the writer,
    not necessarily the content. This man is a product of the Internet. Before it
    he was nothing, and without it he is nothing. It has allowed him and countless
    others to attract followers who share their view of the world, no matter how
    warped. He is not the product of any school of journalism and nor is he the
    holder of any certificate, diploma or degree attesting to any course of study in
    journalism–which is why he lacks even a basic understanding of the legal and
    ethical framework that underpins the practice of journalism – and the duties of
    care that come with it.

    He doesn’t check facts. He doesn’t research, investigate, or
    otherwise seek balance. He has no regard for anyone’s rights except his own. He
    has no time for anyone whose views don’t accord with his own.

    He takes other peoples stories – whether news or otherwise –
    and comments on them. He gives us the benefit of his opinion. That’s

    And yet he comes into Court attempting to claim rights and
    privileges – and defences – that have been hard-fought and fearlessly guarded
    by generations of journalists and media organisations.

    I have researched defamation law. I have represented myself
    throughout these proceedings. I couldn’t afford a lawyer so i have had to do it
    myself. But I make no claim to be a lawyer.
    Mr Slater is no more a journalist than he is a brain surgeon.

    This man embarked on a systematic, planned and relentless
    campaign to destroy me, not just professionally but personally. He thought he could do this with impunity. He
    was wrong.

  • Connie Lingus

    Whaleoil is the first website I look at each day to get informed. It is therefore my preferred news site. From what I can see, whaleoil has a number of informants that give him tips and he is the first to break their stories. If I were to come accross some news that I felt worthy of distributing, I would do so by contacting the whaleoil tip line. There is no hesitation in me calling this a news site.

  • Monty

    Just thinking about the tip line. We all know it is a key part of the blog. information comes across the tip line because there are issues that people want out there, and the MSM are too wimpy or biased to act upon such tips.

    People provide information to the tip line essentially because they trust Cam.

    • Connie Lingus

      Back in the old European days and before print media we had a town cryer to deliver the news. People from the town would give him tips and he would deliver it (probably sometimes censored by the town mayor) I view whaleoil as our modern day town cryer

      • PhantomsDoc

        Lets see Len try to censor Cam…

    • http://www.cadlow.co.nz spanishbride

      I believe that is why they are trying to say that he is not Media. If he cannot guarantee confidentiality to his informants his Blog site can no longer function. This seems to me to be solely about destroying this site as revenge for the truth being told.

      • http://www.whaleoil.co.nz/ Pete

        Don’t panic Mr Mainwairing.

        They just don’t like it up ’em.

  • Chancey

    I appalled that this site is not found to reach the threshold of news medium in the evidence act

    Public interest is well served by shining the light on Mr Brown in particular, MSM should be ashamed of themselves, the best we ever see from them is “seconds” off the wire and 48 hours later

    stories that break here really are news

    • blokeintakapuna

      …and a 5 page repeat playing “catch up” is yet more proof…

    • Mr_Blobby

      Concur the Brown stain Whitewash was shameful. In what world would you call that news.

  • Tas

    Wow. Declaring NZ’s most widely-read blog to not be a “news medium” is a big precedent that threatens all “new media”. I hope it isn’t allowed to stand.

    The law commission report has no legal force. It seems odd to cite it so heavily. And, if anything, the report supports the assertion that this blog is a news medium. It says explicitly that “Cameron Slater broke a number of news stories which were subsequently carried in the mainstream media” so clearly the law commission thinks WhaleOil breaks news stories. It’s hard to argue that you can `break’ news stories on a publicly available website without being a “medium for the dissemination to the public or a section of the public of news”.

    • cows4me

      They sound like a dog chasing it’s tail Tas.

    • Cowgirl

      Agree totally

  • rrroberto

    Incredulous that the Judge does not think this blogsite, or any other blogsite for that matter is a news medium. A decoison which could cost quite a bit to overturn as I am sure it will be. Like when the Judges bail dangerous people against the advice of police, they are just not accountable. Who pays if this decision turns out to be a dud decision, certainly not the judge responsible. The requirement to be moderate means I refrain from making comment about whether the judge understands the changed mature of news medium. But please add me to the list of people who look at this blog for news.Although I hear news passively on the radio,and perhaps read a newpaper headline while at a coffee shop, I never ever purchase news print media, basically finding it unreliable

    • Mr_Blobby

      1. Ivory tower, out of touch with the real world.
      2. Don’t consider the so called news, news. Just a lot of b grade propaganda.Certainly don’t pay for it.

  • Jimmie


    If you need a little help to fight this can you post your bank details or other donation mechanism. I’ve got $20 I can send to you and I’m sure a few more of your army have to.

    • 4077th

      I have $100 for contribution to “overheads”.

      • cows4me

        Same here

        • Muffin

          Me too

          • cows4me

            Anyone know where to send a donation.

          • Tell us

            Cam start a account Called, “The Matt Bankrupt Loser Fighting Account”. Matt can assist you, he knows all about setting up many many accounts

          • HtD

            38-9010-0764240-01 See WO comment above.

        • Lux

          Me three ..

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            What’s your Avatar Lux, it’s not something kinky is it?

          • Lux

            A backward flip is not kinky ..

          • cows4me

            Sorry Lux, eyes a bit tied this morning.

          • Cowgirl

            It kind of looks like some sort of …apparatus, on first look :)

          • cows4me

            Yep that’s what I thought.

          • Lux

            hopefully, a kinky one .. lol

          • blokeintakapuna

            I like the way you think… Looking forward to,your next avatar.

          • kehua

            Wanna bet……..

        • Tiberius


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          And me

        • excuse me


        • Sponge

          Me too.

      • paddles83

        Same for us

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        Put me down for $20, just tell me how to pay?

        • Pissedoffyouth

          I’m in

          • Tell us

            I will put 100 in, plus

      • Blueballs

        Count me in…Balls deep

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        Count me in too.

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      • Dave

        I have long offered some $$$ to WOBH, and now above all other times Cam, it appears you are crossing a VITAL threshold for all kiwis, in fact far wider reaching than that. To me is seems, the rulings in this case are vital for WOBH, and in fact other blogs. WOBH and your good self should have the SAME treatment and protection of sources as so called journalists.

        Can you please consider starting a legal fund for some of the WOBH army to contribute to.

        You have not taken a cent previously, but there are a lot of followers who appear to be willing to contribute.

        Beware that the MSM have a vested interest in seeing yourself and bloggers held as second class citizens, having bloggers afforded the same rights and recognition would be the final nail in their creaky old coffin. Please consider – I’m good for $200.

    • Brian of Mt Wellington

      Ditto. Plus I wonder how many Judges read WOBH to get some news. I can’t believe they have stretched the relevant section so far as to not include these types of sites ESPECIALLY the MOST read one in the country.

      • Tom

        Well we know the prime minister plus most cabinet ministers visit…

    • Cowgirl

      I would like to contribute too.

    • pukakidon

      Me too

    • http://www.whaleoil.co.nz/ Whaleoil

      You guys can help if you go here and buy a bike for kids or grand kids. http://www.interworldfundraising.co.nz/bmx-bike.html

      or alternatively Kiwibank 38-9010-0764240-01

      • pukakidon

        Done, Money in there on Monday. Keep these bastards answerable Cam!!!

      • Fanny_Schmelar

        Ha, ha, going to appear on my bank account as Whale Fund Donation. Fully tax deductible. :}

        • http://www.cadlow.co.nz spanishbride

          Save the whale :)

          • 4077th

            Hopefully my donation keeps him afloat for a while. Tell him to keep up the valuable contribution he makes to the NZ media it is what improves my day, every day!

      • 4077th

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          Ditto that – I’m betting the bank account looks a bit healthier on Monday. Now go and sort the bastards out!

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        $50 coz I bought your tee shirts. I aslo stole the WOBH logo and had another 5 tee shirts made.

      • Blue Water Coastie

        Done. A clean hundie on it’s way. Hope it helps sort that shit out.

      • Sponge

        Done. (But Kiwibank?)

  • Eiselmann

    Other than the first ten-fifteen minutes of the nightly news (when I manage to watch it) this is my primary news source…otherwise the only time I specifically reference other news sources is when they are highlighted in this site via links.
    Hopefully one day the justice system in this country will catch up with the 21st century

    • Whanga_Cynic

      Have they made it to the 20th, then?

  • Lion_ess

    What happened to Matt Blomfield’s post – I hadn’t finished reading it? Was it moderated out, or did it disappear through the Discus malfunction?

    • http://www.whaleoil.co.nz/ Whaleoil

      It was removed in an attempt for settlement.

      • Lion_ess

        Fair call. Cam, I’m happy to contribute also to assist with what “defines news”. Good luck.

  • Dan

    Maybe this ruling will make bloggers or journalists think twice about printing factually unproven or defamatory statements about someone without checking their facts first though?

    I personally cannot see how a blog is not a news medium. In most cases it is the only one that is reliable in terms of independence.

    • PhantomsDoc

      I can only think of 2 times where Whale has withdrawn and apologised for an article where it wasn’t factually correct. He does one hell of a better job that the MSM when it comes to real investigative reporting here in NZ, but, can and does sometimes get it wrong.

      When he does get it wrong he mans up, admits it and withdraws the post. A lot more than you can say for some of the print media burying a 1 line retraction on page 19 a week later….

    • http://www.whaleoil.co.nz/ Whaleoil

      Printing someones own words is not defamatory.

      • tspoon

        Even if this site is not a ‘news medium’ why does that mean that the source must be revealed? I don’t fully understand that part.

        • http://www.whaleoil.co.nz/ Pete

          There exists special protection in law for the relationship between a journalist and a source, where the court can not be compelled to ask a journalist to reveal the source.

          Similar to doctors and lawyers having confidence protected by law.

          In a defamation case, where person A alleges defamation from person B, using information supplied by person C, unless B is a journalist, the courts can order B to reveal who C is. If B is a journalist, the courts do not have that power.

          • Mr_Blobby

            So unless you have been to Court to enforce your rights, the Courts will deem you not to be a journalist.

            Can I suggest a letter campaign from people stating that they consider Whale Oil a legitimate source of news.

      • suites

        Can be if published out of context.

        • http://www.whaleoil.co.nz/ Travis Poulson

          Cam didn’t take snippets from here and there. In order of full disclosure and transparency he put it out there, unedited, in entirety.

          Edit: As opposed to cherry picking and spin by other parties, like journalists.

          • ratmuncher

            Cherry picking is against their own code of conduct see jpeg.
            They are hypocrites.

          • Dave

            There it is in Black and White thanks RatMuncher.

            Journalists Code of Ethics……. “Drawn up by the ENGINEERING, printing and MANUFACTURING unions”.

            Not that any journalist would ever Engineer or Manufacture a story to suit their political affiliations or views of their mates who have them on a fat retainer paid in Euro’s or Deutsche Mark. “Tui”

          • Cowgirl

            The ‘scrupulous honesty’ bit might catch a few other news sites out

          • ratmuncher

            Yes whale oil was pilloried for NOT suppressing relevant facts on Brown.

          • Cowgirl

            Things have got truly bizarre lately

        • http://www.whaleoil.co.nz/ Whaleoil

          Which why they were published with full context so that there could be no mistaking.

    • LeftRightWrong

      Independence doesn’t mean unbiased.
      HOWEVER at least WO is very very clear with any biases he has and does post the full story, warts and all even if it is to his detriment.

    • Tell us

      is this Dan that is writing from Mt Eden Correctional Facility? Matt’s brother

      • http://www.whaleoil.co.nz/ Cam Slater

        No it isn’t, but please stick to the story above. Mr Blomfield is already threatening further legal action.

  • maninblack

    This is my only place i get my news- i am happy to stand up and say that in court if you like.

  • Salacious T Crumb

    If Blomfield is a bankrupt to the tune of $3.5 million, how is he funding his legal action?

    • http://www.whaleoil.co.nz/ Whaleoil

      A good question…he represents himself in court…but it is obvious from his filings that he has substantial legal resources at his disposal.

      What is more interesting is how a person just out of bankruptcy manages to drive the same Maserati he had before his bankruptcy.

      • Colville

        You would have to assume he has a very large biscuit tin burried under his lemon tree !

        • williamabong

          Or getting help from someone elses biscuit tin.

          • Dave

            I doubt anyone likes him that much, he has burnt many many people. But, a squirrel knows the dark cold winter is coming, and squirrels food, supplies and the odd Maserati away in tree trunks and a few other ownership structures.

            A squirrel is skilled in hibernating, but there is the difference between Blomfield and a Squirrel. A Squirrel hibernates and keeps their head low during winter, avoiding them becoming Fox Food! Beware of the Fox MJB

      • Patrick

        Probably NZ Herald financial backing – the end goal here is to curtail your activities, that is why Hurley is acting as an embedded journalist.

  • blokeintakapuna

    And on this basis the judge ruled that Whale Oil Beef Hooked is not a “news medium”.

    The Dudge should extract cranium from posterior and give themselves several wake up face palms.

    “Twitter” isn’t a “news medium” either, yet it was probably the main “news media” the entire Middle East Region used to over-throw decades corrupt dictatorships. Isn’t that news?

    Perhaps the Dudge could also give a opinion on their thoughts of having imbedded union representatives in the Press Council? What is Dudge Blackie’s thoughts on the media’s “self-regulating” industry body credibility and veracity with partisan financiers of one of our main political parties imbedded into the organisation?

    Cam and crew. Please know NZ stands behind you. Keep your heads held high, we LOVE your news and work. It’s the only news outlet in NZ that is credible.

    • Lux

      I totally agree !!!

  • Guest

    It’s the old boys network at work again. The stupid judge should be disbarred, he’s an idiot.

  • SJ00

    ‘news medium means a medium for the dissemination to the public or a section of the public of news and observations on news’

    OK I had to look up what dissemination meant, and basically it means The information is sent out and received, but no reply is given (source: wiki). ie having a comment system seems to point towards not being a news medium. Which could possibly mean (if this goes against Cam) that Campbell Live, Stuff, Herald Online, a newspapers Letters to the Editor section etc are all not news mediums as they offer the ability to reply back to the source. Campbell Live allows people to email comments on articles for stories on the same show. Stuff and Herald have the comment system sometimes turned on for certain articles. A newspaper allows you to write a letter about nearly anything in the paper (I think). Or am I way off base here?

    Whats the difference between a blog and ‘newspaper website’? News is whatever the owner decides to print or publish. Stuff can publish whatever they want, so can Cam. ‘Staff’ can do some polytech course and become a ‘journalist’, does that mean they are better than someone that writes articles without training? As Cam has pointed out, the Herald’s trained staff are hardly first class. I can’t see any difference between Stuff and WhaleOil in how they publish stories, other than, Stuff is crap compared to WO.

    When no one is reading newspapers anymore and they go bust, are they still a news medium? This judge has cocked things up big time.

    • http://www.whaleoil.co.nz/ Pete

      “The information is sent out and received, but no reply is given”

      Explain “Letters to the Editor” then, please? I’ve seen many replies to submitted opinions from the editor or original journos.

      • SJ00

        Exactly, whatever argument the judge has that a blog isn’t a news medium can then be applied to most other mediums I think. If the legal definition of a news medium is dissemination, then most others fail and as bad as it will be for Cam, its going to be alot worse for the ‘old news’.

    • Lion_ess

      I was thinking about that expression “If a tree falls in the forest, and noone is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” If a newspaper prints news that nobody reads, is it still news? If a blog publishes stories and breaking news items that are read by hundreds of thousands of people, is it news? It would be interesting to know the percentage of articles published in the MSM that are just feeds from other news sources? Is that news? If Cam were to republish one news item per day sourced from an overseas MSM, would the blog then be a newspaper? Just asking …

      • SJ00

        Good points, I reckon Cam could have a field day in court with this sort of stupid conclusion the judge has arrived at. Either the judgment gets overturned for the gates will be flung open.

  • Dave

    . To the Judge. Thanks for confirming the law is not always right, but it is the law. FYI Judge, the Herald is not to be trusted, i would trust WOBH over the lies and distortions in the Herald any day. Evidance Act……. Herald, i hope to stop laughing in a few days.

  • Aye up

    Whale oil, not a news site. What century is this stupid judge living in, he’s an idiot.

    • blokeintakapuna

      Yep… The Dudge should recuse himself from further cases by reason of Jurrasic rational and understanding of the realities of today.

  • BassilFawlty

    I have been coming here every day since WO broke the story on pants down brown (LBIAFC BTW), how anyone can say it’s not news is beyond me. I am sick of the manufactured shit that the “old media” dishes out and I will be stopping here for my news from now on.

  • ratmuncher

    This whole thing about blogs being sources of news is at the subject of a report: Law Commission Report 128 The News Media meets New media Rights Responsibilities and regulation in the digital age.
    To me they see agree with you. can be found at: http://www.lawcom.govt.nz/sites/default/files/publications/2013/03/nzlc_r128_new_media_web.pdf

    Conclusion of the Law Commission -sorry about the jpeg.

    Also definitions – “reliable – adjective
    consistently good in quality or performance; able to be trusted.”
    – sounds like whale oil.

    dispassionate- not influenced by strong emotion, and so able to be rational and impartial.

    Whale oil has consistently been rational and impartial with its reporting – the comment on that news may not have been, but that always has been the prerogative of editors and everyone knows where cameron stands.

    Personally I think it was in the judges too-hard basket and he has kicked upstairs. Unfortunately because this is all new stuff It may be kicked-up right to the supreme court

  • ratesarerevolting

    What an absurd ruling. Of course this is a news site as evidenced by the number of breaking news stories many of which have been covered in other new media and the owner/editor being called upon for comment on radio, TV and the print media.

    As such the journalists and editor at the site must be provided with the same privileges and protections as other news media organisations.

    ……. and I would take the same position if it was The Standard or The Daily Blog or kiwiblog….etc etc etc.

    Without this site we would never have known how much of an FC LB really was.

  • Colville

    Be good to see you win the appeal.
    Its not as tho there will be any print media outlets left in 20 years, this “Judge” just needs to wake up to the fact times are a changing.

  • Thatwentwell

    I like the way Matt Blomfield is a Businessman and not the failed bankrupt and the banned director he is.

    Mr Bevan Hurley of the Herald on Sunday, you comment about defamation and malice in your “article”, really Bevan, who are you writing about Cam Slater or yourself? Bevan you hide behind your sources more than anyone. Bevan you have written many stories feed to you by MB, be honest, admit it. Why won’t won’t you admit it, because your credibility would then be out in the open for everyone to see.

    Bevan you have printed many stories hand feed to you knowing the stories were MB following MB’s personal agenda, Bevan you really are a poor excuse of a journalist and I use that word, “journalist” is disgust when referring to you.

    Bevan you are even worse than MB

  • williamabong

    This site is topical and by and large factual, which is why many of us stop here for our fix of news that matters.
    On the rare occasions Cam has been given a bum steer the withdrawal and apology has been swift and concise, not something the Faifax organization or tv can lay claim to.
    There are people from all walks of life here under their various pseudonyms which lelps to keep the discussion by and large, honest and relevant, unlike the letters to the editor which is the domain of the serial moaner, or squalk back radio the home of the manic depressive,.
    Sure the site leans to the right, but others lean left and some lean forward or back, but Cam is not afraid to hold right leaning politicians feet to the fire, how many lefties will have a go at their own.
    This has the hallmarks of a personal vendetta and on the strength of the legal advice the other person seems to be getting it looks like others have chosrn to sink some muscle into helping to try and break Cam.
    The time has come for us to man up and put our money where our collective mouths are.
    Cam open an account where we can contribute to your defence, and I will pledge $100 with the offer of more should it be needed.

    • Dave

      William. What I like in particular, is the stories cam posts and his comments on them. I don’t agree 100% wit hall his posts, but sunlight and all….. If the wider audience disagree, or see it otherwise, they comment, and there is the feeling of the readers – post and the feelings of the audience.

      Unlike the MSM, who normally do not allow any comments, or if they do, select a narrow cross section of sycophants to make their “story” seem credible. They are a pathetic bunch of wankers.

    • http://www.whaleoil.co.nz/ Whaleoil

      Kiwibank 38-9010-0764240-01

      • CommonSense404

        Way to go WB. $200 in from me. This is f*****g outrageous. If Wo is not “news” then LBINAFC…..

        • ratesarerevolting

          and there’s no doubt that LB is AFC !

      • Tom

        Donated. Don’t let the fuckers grind you down

      • Chancey

        fight fight

      • Michelle

        donated while in town yesterday, keep up the fight

    • 1951

      tut,tut!! I’m neither ‘manic’ nor ‘depressive’ but love GOOD talkback as much as here for the varying opinion. My initial news source is Radio (zb) then it’s WO as follow-up. If I then need ‘footage’ I will head to Prime or International channels as I don’t consider our local channels as reliable, trustworthy or competent.

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  • Tell us

    I see you have more comments on this scum bag Matt Bankrupt than basically any article since Len, shows you what people think of Matt Bankrupt

  • Blueballs

    If it is required that all reporting be dispassionate, can i please bring a case against John Campbell for the Ken Ring ambush, and the JohnKey and Simon Bridges thrashings he recieved. If those interviews were considered dispassionate then my balls are not blue.

    • http://www.whaleoil.co.nz/ Pete

      I think there is nobody brave enough to confirm this, so we’ll take it as read

      • DennisHorne

        True, but I would worry about the blood supply (or air conditioning).

      • Blueballs

        The balls i refer to here are of the metaphorical variety, and blue in eager anticipation of the election outcome “excuse the pun” next year when they will unleash a host of i told you so pearl necklaces to all who have doubted my political ramblings.

    • http://www.whaleoil.co.nz/ Whaleoil

      And the ambush on Winston Peters and John Palino

      • Blueballs

        And the polar opposite kitten petting he provided to Len.

  • DennisHorne

    “Still, it is concerned that the reporting be dispassionate and reliable. It can be argued that Whale Oil doesn’t measure up on that criterion.”

    I don’t read that as Steven Price or the Law Commission making “dispassionate and reliable” a necessary condition to be labelled “media”. Have you asked Price?

    • http://www.whaleoil.co.nz/ Pete

      That may be choice cut that the Herald made from Price’s larger statement.

  • Lux

    The irony is, I never realised how full of bullshit some so called real news sites are, until I came here ..

    • Frenchie

      Totally agree with you. I’m also willing to donate to Cam.

      • Dave

        And that fact Lux and Frenchie, is why the MSM is in serious decline. Welcome to the unedited news.

  • OrphanIsland

    There are so many inconsistencies in these Judges outlook it’s really bizarre.

    If you had a readership of 1000 you’d likely be ignored, even laughed off.

    For a Judge to make ruling like this comparing you to MSM, and banning you from publication unless lead by the MSM, strikes me as the most biased ruling ever considered.

    Power too you Cameron, and may God help you in your endeavours, the NZ Judicial system is showing itself to be the most biased and corrupt public watchdog we’ve ever seen.

    Representing yourself is a very good Idea, and remember precedent counts in this country, the Local Library is your best friend 8-)

  • Abjv

    So under the present decision if not appealed successfully, the Herald is required to maintain their print edition. The moment they go online only, then there is nothing to distinguish their collection of articles with reader feedback from yours. I wonder how much loss from their print edition business the shareholdes are prepared to suffer before they too think the present ruling isn’t a good idea.

    • http://www.whaleoil.co.nz/ Pete

      Conversely… Whaleoil needs to produce a print edition to be afforded protection.

      How absurd.

      • http://www.cadlow.co.nz spanishbride

        hmmm how about I make one copy a day of the blog, print it on my printer, put it on a stand outside the mailbox and call it a daily local newspaper that I give away for free. Will that do the job?
        Alternatively perhaps to fund all our legal bills we should go after The Standard and any other Blogs that have said mean things about WO over the years since they will not be media either. ( I can hear The Standard and The Daily Blog as well as two pies in particular scrambling now to delete all of their hundreds of posts heheheh )

        • Dan

          Exactly my first thought too

        • http://www.whaleoil.co.nz/ Pete

          That sounds like a great idea!

          Can I have an electronic copy for me eReader please?

      • Dave

        Pete. In keeping with the times, register WOBH as a newspaper, and email every reader the headlines every day so they can read the news. Oh shit, you already do that, just like the Horrid, Stuff and every other so called news site. Guess you MUST BE a news site after all.

      • Blueballs

        On that same line of thinking.

        Because the bank makes me download and print my own bank statements now instead of mailing me an analogue copy, is it really a bank statement and can i claim that i no longer have a mortgage.

        If Whaleoil provided a downloadable copy of the daily activity for us to print would it then be considered a “news organisation”

    • Steve (North Shore)

      You have a computer and hopefuly a printer.
      So Print it if you gave trouble reading online. Take screenshots even

  • hunk4hire .

    Another idiot attempting to control and pigeon hole the internet. Sorry, judge….the genie is out of the bottle. You can’t put it back. “Traditional” news sites like the Herald, are dying. So is television news. These days, people get their news from all over the internet…..from blogs, from discussion forums, from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, via email….the list is endless. The internet has completely blurred the lines as to what is and what is not a “news medium”. The terms “blog” and “news medium” are not incompatible. Time to come into the 21st century and let go of your nostalgic attachment to the time when NZers’ access to “news media” was restricted to either Wilson and Horton’s morning paper or Dougal Stevenson on the country’s sole, government run television channel. That “news” model is as dead as a dodo.

    These days, anyone with a story to tell is a “news medium”. If I blog about what happened when I went to the supermarket yesterday, it’s news. Of interest to a limited number of readers, perhaps, but still news. The internet is teeming with information which is “news” to somebody, somewhere. Furthermore, there is absolutely NO requirement for a news outlet to be “dispassionate”. That’s a quaint Victorian notion which vanished over 100 years ago. NONE of the English daily newspapers, for instance, are dispassionate and that applies in spades to “The Sun”, “The Daily Mirror” and the late but not lamented “News of the World”. As for “reliable”, that’s a nebulous, vague, unquantifiable term, which has no bearing on one’s status as a “news medium”. How, exactly, does one confer this title? It’s an entirely subjective, hand-waving label. There is, in fact, a whole spectrum of news outlets on the web, which range from those which are meticulous in their checking of facts to those which publish gossip. That’s the nature of the internet. It’s alive, dynamic and constantly evolving.

    Neither the “Evidence Act” nor this judge can pigeon hole the large and ever growing variety of news outlets on the web. It’s a monster and way beyond their respective competencies.

    • blokeintakapuna

      Exactly! And isn’t “NEWS” an acronym of “North, East, West & South” ? Implying that “news” can indeed come from any angle?

      • http://www.whaleoil.co.nz/ Pete

        News is the communication of selected[1] information on current events which is presented by print, broadcast, Internet, or word of mouth to a third-party or mass audience.

        Before the invention of newspapers in the early 17th century, official government bulletins and edicts were circulated at times in some centralized empires.[3]

        The first documented use of an organized courier service for the diffusion of written documents is in Egypt, where Pharaohs used couriers for the diffusion of their decrees in the territory of the State (2400 BC).[4] This practice almost certainly has roots in the much older practice of oral messaging and may have been built on a pre-existing infrastructure.

        In Ancient Rome, Acta Diurna, or government announcement bulletins, were made public by Julius Caesar. They were carved in metal or stone and posted in public places.

        In China, early government-produced news sheets, called tipao, circulated among court officials during the late Han dynasty (second and third centuries AD). Between 713 and 734, the Kaiyuan Za Bao (“Bulletin of the Court”) of the Chinese Tang Dynasty published government news; it was handwritten on silk and read by government officials. In 1582 there was the first reference to privately published newssheets in Beijing, during the late Ming Dynasty.[5]

        In Early modern Europe, increased cross-border interaction created a rising need for information which was met by concise handwritten newssheets. In 1556, the government of Venice first published the monthly Notizie scritte, which cost one gazetta.[6]These avvisi were handwritten newsletters and used to convey political, military, and economic news quickly and efficiently to Italian cities (1500–1700)—sharing some characteristics of newspapers though usually not considered true newspapers.[7] Due to low literacy rates, news was at times disseminated by town criers.

        Relation aller Fürnemmen und gedenckwürdigen Historien, from 1605, is recognized as the world’s first newspaper.[8]

        The oldest news agency is the Agence France-Presse (AFP).[9] It was founded in 1835 by a Parisian translator and advertising agent, Charles-Louis Havas as Agence Havas.

        In modern times, printed news had to be phoned into a newsroom or brought there by a reporter, where it was typed and either transmitted over wire services or edited and manually set in type along with other news stories for a specific edition. Today, the term “breaking news” has become trite as commercial broadcasting United States cable news services that are available 24-hours a day use live satellite technology to bring current events into consumers’ homes as the event occurs. Events that used to take hours or days to become common knowledge in towns or in nations are fed instantaneously to consumers via radio,television, mobile phone, and the Internet.

        • blokeintakapuna

          Thanks Pete…

      • Lux

        Yes … That’s exactly where it comes from ..
        Cam you could base your case on that !!

  • Fanny_Schmelar

    This is a snow job Whale, the old ploy of keeping Cam busy fighting the BS charges tying up limited resources while the Mayor, Herald and Left run off on their merry way. Do they really think we are that stupid that we can’t see what they’re doing? Sound the Horn of Joruman, gather the clans, sound the charge, give it to them!!

  • rightoverlabour

    This is an assault on freedom of speech. We know what happened in Germany a few years ago when freedom of speech went by the way side.. I’ll be watching this with interest.

    • http://www.whaleoil.co.nz/ Pete

      Sheeeit…. did you trip Godwin Law or not… Hmmmm

      • rightoverlabour

        Not intentionally, Could use North Korea, Cambodia, China, South Africa.. any number of places that have had difficulty with the concept of freedom of speech. I wonder what Judith Collins thinks of this?

        • blokeintakapuna

          …or the Governor General?

  • Tell us

    Isn’t Bevan Hurley, Herald on Sunday Reporter the lead singer of some band and sings about a 50 ft penis and the day in the life of Bevan?

    here it is, even calls woman Bitches!


    oh yes it is called Money Money Money.

    Shows 2 things, he has a good imagination and 2, he has no grasp of reality

  • Dave

    Am getting a bit worried about the Heralds reporters and editors,
    Fisher appears to be attached to Dot Coms Dick, and;
    Bevan Hurley is attached to Matthew Blomfield,

    What Next ?? Perhaps they are so worried their little paper is going down the gurgler, and they are hedging their bets.

    • Tell us

      agreed, considering the HOS writes about Roast Busters while Bevan Hurley sings about Bitches and 50 ft penis’s shows their standards are applied through the same one eye as the article on Cam


  • kiwiinAus

    A couple of thoughts from someone who doesn’t really understand this stuff:
    1. MSM websites now feature what are essentially blogs about buiding houses, pets, babies etc. They obviously consider them news if they’re including them on their websites.
    2. To re-iterate a point a read below, what constitutes news when a large percentage of the articles are from other sources (often 2-3 days after other sources have published them).
    3. At what point are the Stuff and Hearld sites considered news sites vs infotainment sites (Lara Bingle’s cellulite was a feature on stuff, how to take a selfie by Kim Kardashian another article). I could read that stuff on E Online (and occassionally do) but I do not expect to see that shit on a news website. I want a balanced view of what is happening in NZ so as a kiwi overseas I can talk knowledgeably about my country to people who ask. As of this morning I can tell me that a cow tried to do a triathlon. Outstanding thanks Stuff.
    4. Does readership not constitute what people think is news?
    5. How come opinion pieces in papers are not considered blogs? They take a one-sided view of an issue and comment on it, and are generally very strong in their opinion.
    6. How come stuff and Herald don’t charge people to read their sites? If it was traditional news via hardcopy then we would be paying. Anything to do with charging advertisers so the news outlet has the ability to publish and not seem irrelevant.

    More than a couple of thoughts in the end and could keep going……

  • Orange

    Kinda reminds me of high school where one of the English teachers (in the early 80’s) insisted that Monty Python was not a valid and recognised form of humour and therefore could not be included in any of our (collective) work. She lost that argument, funnily enough.

  • LesleyNZ

    Matthew Blomfield – learn this off by heart – “Truth is the best memory”. The NZ Herald seem to taken a lot of pleasure publishing the story today. The “old” media must be feeling the “new” media competition.

  • Dick Brown

    I’m a bit late to the party and cannot spare the time to read all the comments,


    I hereby give you permission to use my posting history in court and will appear if need be.

    I am amazing in court.

    • Chancey

      when i first came here you were the down voted guy – what happened x :)

      • Dick Brown

        I made the mistake of posting here without sufficient lurking. I passed judgement on fellow oilers without due diligence and in a militant way that should have been put a lot more tactfully on my part.

        I came to understand and recognise this site’s balance and can identify with the honourable intentions of its primary author.

        I have also come to enjoy all the different points of view that the regular commentators put forward and have come to the realisation that most commentators here are very intelligent people who can write a coherent sentence and can engage in meaningful debate.

        TL;DR I got my shit together :)

        • Chancey

          you were the first to support me when i got the bash for having empathy for those less fortunate – that is all there is

          • Dick Brown

            Oh cool; more balance for the fires!

  • Lux

    Peter Calder came up with a fabulous idea in the KJA group on facebook ..

    Peter Calder Is it just me, or is this an epochal moment? I am no fan of Slater, but if his blog is not “a means for the dissemination to the public or a section of the public of news and observation on news”, I would like to know what it is. Do any legal beagles in this group have any comment? Is this one worth pursuing to the Supreme Court? A chance for a young lawyer prepared to work pro bono to make a mark?

  • rockape

    might get the neighbours kids out with buckets saying “SAVE THE WHALE’Should go down well in Nelson.

  • out2lunch

    Judge blackey. more like judge lackey. How are old farts like this still in the legal system?

  • Hollyfield

    I read the Herald online every morning. It takes me 5-10 minutes to read everything of interest to me.
    I read WOBH every day. I don’t agree with everything. Some things I’m not interested in and don’t read. But it still takes me at least an hour to read the bits I am interested in, and several visits throughout the day. Therefore I consider it my main source of news.
    There’s another VERY big difference between the Herald and WOBH for me. The Herald articles are often very one-sided, just reprinted press releases. I often have questions by the end of the article, and wish that the journalist had asked their subjects some questions, interviewed someone with another perspective, etc, or put just a little bit of thought and intelligence into their writing. I often feel let down and unsatisfied, and I cannot recall ever feeling like that after reading WOBH.
    Example from my 5 minute read of the Herald this morning: article supporting compulsory third-party car insurance. A woman said she had been hit by a driver with no insurance and who had no money, so the woman decided it wasn’t worth pursuing and just paid for the repairs of $500 herself. My immediate questions: was the “guilty” driver able to afford insurance? If she couldn’t afford to pay the $500 for one accident, how could she afford ongoing insurance premiums? Since I believe that most responsible and sensible people do have insurance, why did this woman not have insurance? If it was compulsory would she have had insurance, or just break the law? Since many uninsured drivers also have no WoF or registration, what would make them have insurance if it was compulsory? Wouldn’t they still have no insurance? The woman who was hit, why didn’t she just make an insurance claim and leave it to her insurance company to deal with? The other person having no insurance should have been irrelevant to her, unless she wasn’t telling the full story and makes a habit of “being hit”, there shouldn’t have been any problem with her insurance company paying for the repairs. Or maybe did she not have insurance, either? All these questions from just a few paragraphs at the bottom of the Herald’s article.

  • David

    I often read Stuff and the NZ Herald websites; then I come to Whale Oil and Kiwiblog for the real story and actual news. So where is the petition we can sign declaring that Whale Oil is a news medium and therefore should be protected by the laws as they apply to other news mediums. This is a joke. Also the MSM are extremely biased so even they do not pass that test and where does it say anywhere in law that they have to be unbiased especially when it is opinion. This is out dated thinking just like the pre-historic printed news medium!

  • Thatwentwell