Why not to play nailgun roulette with a blonde TV host

  • Rodger T

    She would have been in more danger if it was a hammer.
    She almost shot herself just like I almost got picked for the All Blacks.

    • http://www.whaleoil.co.nz/ Pete

      Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh… people who haven’t used a nailgun don’t know! ;)

      • Rodger T

        Sorry,could`nt help meself.

    • Odd Ball

      You too?

  • Garbageman

    Must read full title all i seen was nail/blonde grrrr

  • wiltinpenis

    I knew a builder who accidentally nailed his hand to a joist.

    • Nige.

      i had to help a nurse at the hospital get a nail out of a mans hand who had nailed himself to a piece of off cut some how. he looked worried when i walked in to the emergency dept with a circular saw and a pair of boltcutters.

  • TreeCrusher

    Is it wrong that I was hopeing he was going to get shot in the hand?