2016 Reality contradicts 40 year old legislation

Guest post

The bizarre outcome of not being able to grow your own medicine when chronically or terminally ill because of out-of-step laws made in 1975, is absolutely farcical. Especially when juxtaposed against the social carnage and hypocrisy of alcohol and tobacco laws. For the chronically ill person, this feels like a deliberately inflicted, malicious “road block” by the Government-of-the-day to returned health for the person suffering. A deliberate blockage cruelly left in the way by successive law makers. Don’t believe me? …just listen to the pleas from Martin Crowe & Helen Kelly & anyone else with a life threatening terminal or chronic illness, who are forced into “criminal behaviour” to secure a medicinal herb they could otherwise grow in their garden with their parsley.

Not to mention all the risks and angst created today in 2016 as a result of those 40-year-old laws – that forces the sufferer into either becoming a criminal for growing an organic herb, or forces them/their supporters to turn to the costly, illegal, and often dangerous black market for the medicinal herb.

The insult to today’s 2016 common sense, heaped upon the loss of dignity one has to go through trying to avoid nasty black market criminals …and the police …and the resulting judiciary – during the lowest possible health ebb in someone’s life – is tantamount to deliberate, needless and cruel suffering – deliberately inflicted by successive law makers each day they choose the status quo to remain.

1975 Cannabis Laws are completely out of step with the reality of 2016. 40 years ago humans didn’t even have internet… not even clunky dial-up to do research. Life, society, knowledge and everyday circumstances for the World and NZ Inc have changed so much since. Back then, citizens had to rely on newspapers and union bulletins for their “facts” – Yet today, Peter Dunne can access all kinds of evidence & research from YouTube and Google as to the positive effects and benefits from medicinal cannabis.

2016 Kiwi pragmatism should trump flawed 1975 ideology imported from the USA – especially since their original prohibition ideology is now largely over-turned… and in the process, has created a rapidly growing US$20Bn market by 2020. That’s a lot of growing tax revenue right there!
Otherwise perfectly law-abiding citizens should not be made a criminal for growing another type of herb with their parsley and oregano. Surely the Police and Courts could be better utilised, instead of trying to maintain an ideological fight long since lost to the reality of the benefits cannabis brings today for pain sufferers around the World.

The government stopped trying to police and judge who could love who and who could marry who policing bedrooms and households. With a new Century, it’s about time the government now got out of people’s vege gardens and got on with more pressing issues. At the same time, restoring a modicum of dignity to the terminally and chronically ill who choose an organic alternative to the man-made medicines that often have horrific side-effects…. Often requiring more man-made medicines to combat the side-effects of the 1st man-made medicine.

Where are our pragmatic legislators that want to create multiple benefits for NZ?

Otherwise perfectly law-abiding citizens should not be made a criminal for growing another type of herb with their parsley and oregano. Surely the Police and Courts and funds those functions require could be better utilised for NZ Inc?


– BlokeInTakapuna

  • Andy111A

    I had cancer earlier this year with a 50/50 chance of survival. I tried everything to get hold of some weed to help with the pain and relaxation. Instead I had to take painkillers that have made my liver in real bad shape.
    I asked lots of contacts for help even getting put in touch with a dealer without finding anything. I then tried to buy seeds online from several suppliers but never received them.
    Then I tried to get some of my specialists to get my access to Sativex but they all were to scared to put their reputations on the line.
    All I wanted was to use a herb to replace the pain killers that were wrecking my liver and maybe cut my chemo and radio treatments short

  • Jimmie

    No offence to the guest poster but is he/she saying the main reason why Cannabis should be legalised is because the Internet says that it is ok?

    I get that in a few limited situations Cannabis could be used as a means of alleviating pain – especially in the terminally ill however it is quite a step saying the peace of a few is outweighed by the many negative side effects of Cannabis use.

    • Kevin

      When used responsibly cannabis has no negative side effects, at least not enough to warrant it being made illegal. Most cannabis users are responsible temperate users and that certainly would include medical cannabis users.

  • Rick H

    And “Dunne” still allows “Chemical Highs” to be sold.
    Which is very risky for him, due to the huge conflict of interest as his son is one of the sellers.
    What’s with that?