A rare political alignment, only seen once every three years

photo: whaleoil.co.nz

photo: whaleoil.co.nz

An independent mayor coincidentally has exactly the same policies as the Labour Party.  Is endorsed by the Labour Party.  And is working closely together with the Labour Party.

Auckland mayoral candidate Phil Goff says he wants new measures to discourage land-banking, such as tighter time limits on development approvals and consents.

Unveiling his housing policy at an event in West Auckland today, he said he would urge the government to ban foreign investors from buying existing homes.

It came as the average house price in Auckland was set to smash through the $1 million mark next month.

He also pledged to push for more social and affordable housing.

Mr Goff said he wanted to give the building industry more confidence about making a long-term commitment to house-construction in the city.

Much of the policy was in support of plans already underway in Auckland, such as increased housing density in the just-completed Unitary Plan, and an overhaul of the consenting system.

The left-leaning City Vision ticket, which includes both the Labour and Green parties and is endorsing candidates for council seats, formally announced its backing of Mr Goff at the event.

Mr Goff has chosen to run as an Independent and is not using Labour Party colours in the election.

City Vision spokesperson and councillor Cathy Casey said Mr Goff was the only candidate with the vision, skill and experience to lead the city.


Like finding a 5 leaf clover.

Housing crisis, affordable housing, anti-land banking… it’s like the Labour party is running his campaign.  but it can’t be.  He’s independent.

(Why do they even bother?)



  • Why doesn’t he highlight his leadership credentials and remind voters of his stint as Prime Minister of New Zealand?

  • A dishonest as the day is long.

  • oldmanNZ

    Discouraged land banking? How, why?

    Im selling 1200sqm of land plus a house.
    He want to discourage people from buying it.
    Because its a big piece of land, then who will buy it.
    If i keep it… Im land banking.

    What should i do, give it away?

    • Sally

      Yes, I want Goff to explain as Mayor of Auckland how he is going to stop land banking and homelessness. He wants my vote, I want an explanation on how he is going to achieve this.
      As for building more home, what is his plan to speed up consents, and building infrastructure.

      • ex-JAFA

        If it’s up to central government, does that mean Goof thinks it doesn’t matter who’s mayor? So why vote for him?

  • Seriously?

    Reminds me a bit of Trump’s slogans: “Make america great again”, don’t let in any Muslims until “…we sort it out”. All well and good Mr Goff, but how? It seems that everything he actually proposes is a central government thing.

    What about something useful, and something you can actually do. Say, no Council consenting fees for resource consent or building consent applications that seek to increase the number of household units (whether by way of subdivision or intensification).

    • Rick H

      Goff has actually come out and stated that he will be unable to do anything for Auckland, so after he gets the comfy seat, he WILL be making deals with “National Government” to fix it, due to the alleged fact that 2/3 of the country’s population growth is in AKL.
      Sounds like he’s not even going to “have a crack” at sorting Auckland.
      It’s just another trough for him to snaffle even more than he is already from his current trough.
      For a man who hasn’t really ever done anything in his life, he sure gets it rather easily, no opposition at this stage.

      • Seriously?

        Maybe Crone will adopt my idea. It seems very doable, is something within their power to do, and may actually help.

  • peterwn

    There is another reason for Phil Goff to be an ‘independent’ apart from the toxic nature of the Labour Party. If he stands for Labour he has to take his running instructions from Labour and in particular has to abide by caucus decisions of Labour councillors as Justin Leister has acknowledged in Wellington (he and Labour council candidates there use yellow signs with a small red Labour logo).

  • Rebecca

    At least Vic puts her credentials out in the open

  • Kapow!

    It makes me want to move to Timaru. I hear that they have great candidate down there.

  • Anthony

    I’d like to know more about the road tolls that his transport policy says are going to pay for trams.

  • Ruahine

    Show us the money Phill.