All Black bug was live and meant for them


The listening device found hidden in a chair at the All Blacks team hotel in Sydney had a battery life of about three days and was still operational when discovered, according to an NZME report.

The new information – gleaned from a “well-placed Australian source” by NZME – suggests the All Blacks were the intended target of the device and narrows down the range of possible suspects.

The lifespan of the device’s batteries appears to discredit speculation that previous guests at the InterContinental Hotel in Double Bay could have been the targets, not the New Zealand side.

Australian Rugby Union chief executive Bill Pulver has categorically cleared the ARU from any involvement with the device and described its discovery the day before last weekend’s Bledisloe Cup opener as an “unnecessary distraction”.

He also revealed that New Zealand Rugby chief executive Steve Tew had shown him a picture of the bug at an annual board dinner on the Friday before the match in Sydney.

“Literally at about 10 o’clock that night Steve Tew showed me a photograph of this funny little device that looked like two batteries with a little wire, pretty innocuous,” Pulver said.

“I’ve never heard of any sports team sweeping rooms for listening devices so I was surprised by that revelation as well,” he said.

I’m not going to describe the All Blacks as paranoid, it’s up to them to run their team the way they want to but I can tell you we don’t sweep rooms. To think of listening devices in the world of rugby is not something we would expect and it’s not something I’ve ever heard of.

You’re not paranoid if someone is actually listening.

Heh, classic head games.  It won’t help the Aussies one bit.


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  • Aucky

    I doubt very much that the Aussie players or ARU officials would have sanctioned this which begs the question of who had the most to lose by another Aussie loss?

    • Boss Hogg

      The Aussie bookies are a rather dodgy lot. Not sure how they might benefit but they might have been trying to pick up some pointers.

  • Curly1952

    Surprised the left are being so quiet about someone spying on NZ citizens. I thought they would be outraged to quote their term. Imagine the furore if it was the SIS or GCSB doing the spying!!.
    Perhaps Labour and the Greens are the spies and are looking for clues as to how & why the AB’s can garner so much support

  • Keeping Stock

    I saw this on Twitter earlier today; gold!

  • XCIA

    I’m surprised that it did not self destruct when the battery was depleted – Amateurs! Mr Phelps would not be impressed.

  • rantykiwi

    Something about this whole saga stinks to high heaven – what possible reason was there for waiting 5 days before reporting the bug?

    • Michelle

      and then re hashing it again this weekend?

    • Jimmie

      Disinformation. Use that time to discuss how the All Balcks will revert to classic 10 man football or how much they are scared of the Aussie lineout – plenty of ways to use it.

      Steve Hansen is no dummy – probably took him back to his Policing days – using interception devices etc. to try and catch crooks.

      Kind of an electronic version of the underarm bowling if you ask me on behalf of whoever planted it.

  • WBC

    Good to see Bill Pulver categorically cleared himself. I’m no sure if that’s how it is supposed to work though.

    I wonder if our media are trying to locate the spy so they can publish the conversations they recorded. After all, they just happily published stolen video and images of Air New Zealand staff being human so they have shown once again that they have no qualms with illegal content (as if that was doubted after the Dirty Politics debacle).

    Oh how they they would howl if a video of one of their own was stolen and published.