Allahu Akbar


Suddenly all lone wolf religiously motivated Muslim terror inducing misguided people are now people with mental health problems.

A BRITISH backpacker living her “dream” has been stabbed to death when a Frenchman shouting “Allahu Akbar” went on a rampage at a hostel in Australia.

Mia Ayliffe-Chung, 21, who had been working as a bartender for the past six months, was knifed in a frenzied attack in front of 30 horrified witnesses.

A backpacker who did not wish to be named said he knew the alleged attacker.

He said: “He was a really calm guy, he was always happy. We’re all like a big family at Home Hill. It’s very hard not to know anyone’s business.

“One of the guys tried to prevent it from happening, Tom Jackson, he was stabbed in face 15 times from what I’ve been told.”

Allahu Akbar.


– Sun

  • Kopua Cowboy

    “Allahu akbar”, what does it mean? Oh it’s just some French cultural thing like Salut! or Gesundheit! are in other cultures. Nothing to see here, move along.

    Poor Mia. Rest in peace.

  • Media currently spinning this as he had an obsession with her. Yelling allahu ackbar clearly means nothing at all to do with Islam. Once again mental health and “the knife did it”

  • sandalwood789

    This just makes me want to scream in the face of every Muslim in the world – “Prove to me that your Koran comes from a god.”
    ( I’ll bet that they couldn’t do so. )
    I would then expose their ideology for the evil, murderous and hate-mongering cult that it is.

    • Jb2142

      I get a lot of flak from saying this, but…..ALL religion is evil. I stand by that statement.

      • duve

        But some is more evil than others…

    • exSME

      The Koran comes from Satan. Look at everything Islam is and tell me that ain’t true.

      • Zealandonian

        I’ve wondered the same thing! The irony is that they believe Satan is evil, and actually stone a wall in Mecca to denounce him. What a bunch of stupid brainwashed fools. They do his work.

        • exSME

          Allah is Satan. The God, Jesus and Satan of the Bible are not the same as those of the Koran – a cursory read will confirm that.
          So Islam is a counterfeit religion whose purpose is to confuse the naive and poorly informed on the way to taking over the world.
          Yeah I know that sounds freaky-deaky but look at Islam and consider how evil and devilishly cunning it is.

    • Sailor Sam

      The problem is that muslims will say the same thing about the bible – “prove that it comes from god”.And they would be right.
      All religions are counterfeit, christianity included.

      • Nige.

        That doesn’t matter. This isn’t about muslim v Christian

        It’s about a world wide war consisting of a group of people in a club who’ve be instructed to murder everyone else!

        Religion need not be involved at ALL!

  • Nermal

    So if I call for a ban on immigration of people with mental health problems, am I being racist?

    • sandalwood789

      No – you’re being a darned sight braver than our wimpy mob of politicians are.
      “There are none so blind as those who will not see.”

    • Wheninrome

      Make a saving in more ways than one, our sickness benefits being one area. Maybe you are onto something.

  • Logan

    What an awful situation, the problem with Islam (especially the more radical versions) is it gives its followers all the permission they need to kill if things don’t go their way, Bad day at work? Kill the infidels who exploit you, Unclear about your sexuality? Kill the gay infidels, Girl rejects you? Honour killing justified..

    This problem won’t go away while the west rejects any argument over what Islam actually teaches its followers.

  • The Goyim Know

    “When a Frenchman shouting Allahu Akbar..” Somebody needs to stop these French, How many people have to die at the hands of the French for us to recognise the global French threat?

    Typical looking French vigilant people.

    • Wolfman Jack

      Ah ha! the beauty of the perspective lie. Which way is the Frenchman running? History would show back to France or anywhere else where they could get angry and be safe

  • JEL51

    There is little we can say that will stop the anger rising. To lose a sweet wee thing like Mia from your family because a culture/ideology does not regard life in the same way we value it, is just madness.
    Those related to individuals who carry-out these heinous acts, particularly parents, brothers, sisters & irmans should be charged then found as guilty as the perpetrator and treated to the same punishment, if they have done nothing to prevent the action.
    If they can teach their sons to love Allah, then they can teach them to love others.
    If they have failed in that task then they should suffer the same outcome. They do not deserve in civilized communities like ours.

    • Jb2142

      I agree with you except for one thing – “if they can teach their sons to love Allah, then they can teach them to love others”….have you read the Koran? It won’t teach them that….that’s the issue

      • JEL51

        I read the Koran 43 years ago and have been reminded more recently of the ugliness of it with the help of Mark Stein & others. To learn to love and to respect others does not need religious instruction. That is the point I am charging the parents with, all parents, regardless of their faith.
        If Muslims want to remain living in modern Western Society and not end up being persecuted themselves, then they need to take control of their own situation, now, before it is too late.
        I would suggest they take down their mosques themselves and worship with-in the walls of heir own homes, if they do not want to suffer the backlash that will erupt with-in our society before too long, if their are anymore murders like this beautiful girl Mia.
        It is over to them.

  • Superman

    Australia now also has the tip-toe-around-everything-but-never-mention-Islam syndrome. Wake up guys or go under. Not down-under but deep down under, like six feet under.

    • The Goyim Know

      It’s called the Nirvana Fallacy, If a Muslim wasn’t going to do this, clearly a White Australian would have….

  • Duchess of Pork

    Big clue to help Police in the desperate search for a motive if they care to investigate further. A dog was also stabbed to death.

  • Tiger

    I am so glad that there is this forum to call out the disingenuous MSM.
    The title of the clickbait headline is “Frenchman charged….” then as you get to the news the headline of the story begins with “Man charged…” as if making him a Frenchman, named in the story as Smail Ayad somehow means that this is an unusual incident. That name suggests he is of Arab origin, but the MSM cannot bring themselves to find out or even suggest that. The point is that Mr Ayab would appear by his actions to host a very different set of values to western ones. Whether he was mentally ill or whatever, he felt justified in stabbing his target to death for whatever his reason, is courtesy of his beliefs. How do we know this, well there were plenty of witnesses who saw the incident and heard him shout “Alla Akbar”.
    Heard on ABC this morning, after the police statement, the announcer say ” and now we are crossing to the president of the Queensland Islamic Centre….” I turned off. It is becoming clear as daylight, something young Mia will never see again, that the MSM are in bed with Islam. The question is why?

    • jaundiced

      When I heard about the ‘Frenchman’ I was willing to bet his name would be Mohommed, but Smail Ayad is close enough.

      I suspect the general public will start to see the pattern soon.

  • Wheninrome

    Our gangs will start using the phrase allahu akbar give them even more opportunity to escape conviction.

  • XCIA

    The pandering continues unabated…….”City of Fremantle councillors have voted to scrap the port town’s popular Australia Day fireworks event from 2017 after deeming the celebration culturally insensitive. The decision to cancel the fireworks was passed, nine votes to two, during a council meeting on Wednesday night.” – Nine votes to two. Well, thats Freemantle stuffed then.

    • Nessie

      Incredible. Who could possibly find Australia Day offensive. Now if it was Waitangi Day I could almost sympathise.

      • Greg

        The local Aboriginals call Australia day “invasion day” Yep, we have the same crap over here.

        So now the freaky PC town of Fremantle have decided to have a culture day instead. Watch the tumble weed blow down high street in Fremantle.

    • Miss McGerkinshaw

      Why are they living in Australia if they don’t want to celebrate Australia and living there?

      • spanishbride

        In this case it is apparently the Aboriginals who are offended by Australia day rather than the Muslims for once.

        • Miss McGerkinshaw

          Opps, thanks for that clarification. Admit I diidn’t click on the article, just went on assumption.

        • taurangaruru

          Yes that is correct, aboriginals would prefer the day to be known as invasion day

  • Effluent

    The article linked below from the UK newspaper Asian image (Asian in the UK generally refers to people from the Indian Subcontinent, not China) is interesting in that it shows how at least some ‘Asians’ are not suffering from the same ‘mental health issues’ as many adherents of a certain ‘religion’.

    Not only does this reporter identify the problem of muslim violence honestly and comprehensively, but he says exactly the same thing about the solution to the problem that many of us have been saying for years, namely that the violence sanctioned by the koran must be condemned by Muslims, only to be condemned as racists for having the temerity to say it.

    Clearly, this paper employs some reporters who are not infected with the mental disease of PC, otherwise known as self delusion, since its articles also condemn other manifestations of behaviours sanctioned by the religion of peace, such as honour killings and assault on young people indulging in PDA.

  • Kiwi As

    Slowly but surely, the religion of peace keeps ticking unbelievers off.
    Will someone PLEASE tell me what it takes to have our elected representative grow the stones to turn this slaughter off completely ? My thoughts go back from 1939-1945, when a scourge had to be annihilated in the form of a world war. Do we repeat that exercise, and enjoy the spoils, and booty (oil) to allow us another 70 plus years of relative peace ?

    • waldopepper

      unfortunately, its what it will take.

  • Greg

    Mentle health?

  • Larry

    So calling him a “French” man isn’t racist. French are French whereas Muslims are African Asian Arab and every other race in the world.

    • Sailor Sam

      He has been named – Smail Ayad.
      Sounds like a typical French name.
      It seemingly proves that it is the children of refugees or migrants, born in their adopted country, who are being radicalised.
      Why you may ask.
      Simple, the parents bring their ideology with them and do not allow their children to adapt to western society, which makes their children outcasts in that society.
      That is the simple fact that our politicians don’t grasp ,or actually do but are afraid to say it.

  • contractor

    As Trump said “we’ve become so politically correct we don’t know what the hell we’re doing.” Never a truer statement.
    Western societies around the world are being undermined by this liberal progressive plague delivered by politicians. Same in godzone. Immigration and population growth is politicians’ simple fix for economic growth, never mind the social and environmental consequences.

  • Voice of Reason

    why is it always the pretty ones?

  • waldopepper

    i cant say anything that wont be censored. but the clock is ticking.

  • Bob Dazzler

    The politicians deliberately don’t see, they don’t want to see and to maybe have to be decisive, much easier to go with the touchy/feely rubbish that all are equal and all love you blah, blah.