Andrew has earned the weekend off

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Two Facebook posts by Andrew yesterday.  One collecting for the Cancer Society, and one explaining why the fortunes of the Cancer Society are close to his heart. 

Not many people know that I’m a cancer survivor and days like today, Daffodil Day, are really important to me.

I had prostate cancer when I was 43 – I know the feeling of being told you have cancer and the feeling of relief when you hear it’s gone.

That’s why I’m firmly committed to making sure our health system works for those with cancer – and for every New Zealander who gets sick.

Today, I’m wearing my Daffodil for my mother who had cancer 20 years ago. She’s now 93 and still going as strong as ever.

Pretty safe day again for Mr L.  Let’s see if he can negotiate next week.   It’s not safe things like interviewing students or having a chat in his office with a retired boxer that puts him at risk.

  • Rick H

    “Worked” needs to be changed to “Lasted”

    • Wheninrome

      Yes “worked” means you actually did something let alone possibly achieved something whilst working.
      Maybe “existed” could be a better word.

  • Keeping Stock

    I attended a luncheon with John Key yesterday – a turnout of around 200 people. By then he had already visited the Whanganui Regional Museum where a group of 100 school children took thousands of selfies with him. He then met with the group looking to put a roof on Whanganui’s cycling velodrome, a project which has the support of mayors and councils throughout the region. After lunch he visited our very successful inland port, and got to drive a 100 tonne container loader. Everywhere he went yesterday he was warmly received, and in fine form.

    Poor Mr Little can only dream of such popularity. Little wonder then that he is perpetually angry.

  • Caprice

    There seems to be an implication that because it is the weekend Andrew Little is somehow safe from messing up. I personally find it hard to believe that someone with such a propensity for putting his foot in his mouth is ever safe unless he is asleep.