Andrew Little has a near miss, manages to clock up six

cockup 6 13

Andrew had one Tweet yesterday: 


He appeared in-“studio” with Willie Jackson (word is a condition of appearance was the absence of Martyn Martin Bradbury) with Winston on the phone.

Don’t look it up.  I wasted my life looking for something to use, and the whole thing was a snooze fest.  On the good side, for Andrew, he played it safe.   Willie’s questions were tough, but then he never pushed Little beyond that, just letting him get away with prepared responses.   By Willie’s standards, a very tame interview.  Nice enough for Len Brown to come in an confess his sins in fact.

Andrew did politicise someone’s death on Facebook


Reports of Andrew floundering during a radio interview were considered to be sufficient for the counter to go back to zero, but since it appears to have gone unnoticed by the media at large, we’re going to have to let him get away with it.

A ballsup needs to damage Labour in some way.  If he’s not getting any exposure, then that’s one of the ways he can set a new record.  Sorry, but them’s the rules.

  • Isherman

    Nevermind. It’s a matter of when, not if he says something stupid that qualifies. He knows it, and we know it.

  • Boondecker

    Little has dodged a reset of the board with the call for a second Waitangi Day in the form of a commemoration Land Wars day in lieu of all the provincial celebration days. Only ZB appeared to briefly push it yesterday, so we can safely assume it was the regurgitated story from Stuff that they must have quickly run past him again. No surprise no one else picked up on it, it was a dumb call. Angry must be grateful too somewhat if he bothered to listen to the feedback.

  • Mrs_R

    I would take points off Andrew for not even taking the time to proof read his (politically motivated) tribute to Jeff Paterson. A little respect please Andrew. Jeff Paterson fought for a ‘life-saving’ melanoma drug – it’s not ‘live-saving’. Details matter when you are trying to score points using the memories and actions of others.

  • Wheninrome

    I remember the wonderful 12th man series, “you can’t dribble down legside and expect to get away with it in first class cricket” or similar words. This scoreboard reminds me of that for some reason.

  • Keeping Stock

    Actually, Little’s tribute to Jeff Paterson (which I am sure was genuine) is a reminder of the dinner Little had with drug company executives, after which Labour mysteriously went into full retard mode promising free Keytruda to everyone.

  • Keyser Soze

    We are being waaaay too generous with this count. If any given day does not include any comments attributable to Little then he shouldn’t ‘score’ that day. Also the reset needs to go back to zero the day following his muck up. Rules be rules.

  • Geordie

    The photo in his tweet should be enough to set the counter back to zero, every photo of him released up to the election should be of him smiling, these types of photos make him look a lot older than 51.

  • Sailor Sam

    If McCarten was responsible for the shamozzles engulfing the Labour party since the last election, just as he supposedly was for the Alliance party before that, then it does not bode well for those Labour candidates standing in Auckland electorates.
    David Shearer better watch out for some white-anting to come.

  • kayaker

    I’m very disturbed by Andrew’s tweet. It’s sick. It’s borderline. In his trademark underhanded manner – through insinuation – he could be viewed as blaming National for Jeff’s passing. It is also in the face for Jeff’s family who will be grieving.

  • Doug

    Reset it to zero, he misspelled the phrase ‘fund the drug made by the guys that brought my dinner’
    If a politician from another party did this they would be hauled over the coals, even if the dinner was before the creation of the drug