Andrew Little made a start, now let’s hope he can play himself in

cockup 2 13

No appearance in parliament, no Tweets, one Facebook post and no press releases.  It’s the only way to make sure Andrew Little clocks up another day.  If he gets through today as well, with the weekend wind in his sails, he can theoretically start a fresh week on five!

Oh, the Facebook post?   A safe one, very late in the afternoon, from his office, basking in the glory of someone else.


O for Oh let’s hope he stays in his office today.


  • Wayne Hodge

    No chance unless he is gagged physically.

  • Wheninrome

    We will have to wait to see whether he can carry his bat, a big burden rests on his shoulders, David Tua wont be there today.

  • oldmanNZ

    “attack on easter”?
    Chosen words to imply government is destroying easter.

    No, they just let the council to decide. A bit different.

    Example, Queenstown is exempted from non trading but others not.

    So it would be the council who changes it, and who vote for the council?

    • Keeping Stock

      According to Sue Moroney, National was “getting rid of Easter Sunday” yesterday OMNZ.

      Has Labour not yet learned, after eight years in the wilderness of opposition, that hyperbole, porkies and abuse isn’t getting cut-through with voters?

      • Eiselmann

        Wonder how many of those Labour MP’s, so desperate to protect a Christian Holiday, are pro Muslim immigration, refuse to say ‘Amen’ when the speaker says the prayer, or swear on the bible when becoming MP’s and consider themselves atheist.

        I personally would have preferred this to be a conscience vote , however if Labour are going to attack Easter Sunday trading because (in part) its an important day for Christians, then its a little rich being a defender of Christianity today and rubbish it the other 364 days of the year.

      • F T Bear

        Getting kicked out might not have been the only first , it was probably her first productive day in parliament as well

      • Mick Ie

        Is Matamata open on Easter Sunday, being so close to Hobbiton and all…

    • Wayne Hodge

      Easter will still exist, but councils will be able to decide on trading issues. Those who wish can respect the religious significance should they wish. Others can act as they wish. After all NZ is a secular state, not a theocratic one. It is wrong that the views of a few should be visited on the majority.

  • Keeping Stock

    OK – so Little was in his office in Parliament yesterday afternoon, but absent from the Debating Chamber. Is that because no one out in the provinces actually wants to meet with him?

    On the contrary, John Key will be in Whanganui today, following up from Steven Joyce and Nathan Guy’s visit two weeks ago to launch the Manawatu-Whanganui Economic Action Plan. He will be meeting lots of locals today, and we’re very pleased with the investment his government is making in the wider Manawatu-Whanganui region, especially their partnership to turn a decaying port area into a thriving marine services and boat-building precinct. As I type this, Q-West Boatbuilders are making great progress on two new ferries for Fullers, for the Waiheke Island runs; creating jobs and prosperity for a town that needs it.

    • Ruahine

      Just want to make a comment about Q-West boats. Great catamarans, trvel on them a lot to both Waiheke and Pine Harbour. Good News that the old Waiheke boats are to be replaced.
      My real point is that this is the first time that I have read anything about new boats for Fullers. Nothing in the ‘Paul Henry tabloid’. This blog is a great source of relevant news.
      Now back to The Auckland Housewives.

  • Cadwallader

    Two in the photo, which one is punch drunk?

  • Valid Point

    Surely the key ring holder on his belt is a minus?

  • Wheninrome

    A “Helen” lightbulb just came on in my head, Andy could go out pressing the flesh and kissing babies, surely that would work. No need to actually speak, just nod the head al la the nodding dogs in the backs of cars of old. It might work better than chasing every car that comes along.

    • niggly

      That’s a great idea! But I suppose the only thing holding him back from doing that is that he has an “angry” persona to uphold, which could come undone (no longer the “tough guy” staunch Labour leader – which could be perceived in the union movement as a sign of weakness and thus not worthy of support)!

      Oh, plus the potential of an impending PR disaster if a baby smacked his nose (as they do) … I fear Angry could lose the plot in a red-rage and shout out expletives! Imagine that! Perhaps no wonder his minders think it’s best to hide him somewhere out of public sight!

      • Wheninrome

        I suppose all that is left is to apologise, perhaps the PR are working on that.

    • Joe Burns

      If angry did that the babies (mothers/carers) could lay a complaint of assault.

  • Hard1

    Tua has a history of being used by marginally slightly smarter men and here he is being used again.
    Labour is very aware that the PI community is slipping away like the Maori community.

    • Keeping Stock

      Indeed Hard1 – we should never forget David’s infamous Celebrity Wheel of Fortune moment, when he asked for an “O for Awesome”

      And if Mr Littlle keeps going at his current rate of decline, he could yet be the first Labour Party leader to be at 0% in the Preferred PM stakes.

  • Andrew Gibson

    Maybe he’s learned that he just needs to be in the contest and use the old slogan from years ago “time for a change”. Let’s face it, the left wing block is only a margin of error away from taking over.

  • shykiwibloke

    Matt may have sent him to the naughty corner.

  • Larry

    Easter Sunday is not a holiday in employment law. It is a day that certain sections of the the business community are prohibited from trading. But not in all parts of the country.