Australians battle ” racist ” Muslim housing estate



Islam is not a race but the Australian developers of this estate are only targeting South Asian migrants so it is accurate to describe the housing estate as racist.  I would also describe it as apartheid and segregation. It is being built around a purpose built Mosque so it is clearly meant to attract South Asian migrants who are Muslim.

A Rally for Australia  has been organised against the segregated Muslim-only estate for this Sunday, August 28th at Hannah Watts Park on High st in Melton, Victoria.

It is not acceptable for developers to target people based on their race and religion. Australia and New Zealand are multicultural societies. We have a history of opposing  segregation and apartheid.

By deliberately encouraging a segregated community the developers are encouraging Muslim South Asian migrants to avoid integration with the local Australian population. The families that move to this housing estate will never assimilate into the Australian culture as they been encouraged to set themselves apart.

Developers of a new housing estate in suburban Melbourne are only targeting Islamic families in what has been described as one of Australia’s biggest faith-based developments.

There are also plans to build a mosque at the centre of the neighbourhood…

The new suburban housing estate called Iqra Village at Melton South in Melbourne’s west will be…marketed towards Islamic South Asian migrants

The vacant block of land is just a few kilometres from where Reclaim Australia protesters staged a violent rally last year over Islamic migration.

If you look carefully at the photo below  you will  be able to work out why the peaceful protest became violent. It was because of the  social justice warriors that formed the counter protest.

The vacant block of land is just a few kilometres from where Reclaim Australia protesters (pictured) staged a violent rally last year over Islamic migration

  • exSME

    While I intensely dislike the idea of this development, at first blush I don’t see why the developer shouldn’t have the freedom to provide whatever facilities he wishes and sell to whomever he wishes. How is it different from say a low-cost apartment development or a gated community? I know these might not be sold on an explicitly racial basis but the practical result is often the same.

    Just trying to care for the level playing field here!

    • Seriously?

      In a NZ context it is not all that different to Destiny Church’s plans, which included a school and all I think. Maybe even Glorivale or the way the exclusive brethren gather in the same neighborhoods. Or perhaps Ireland with their Catholic and Protestant neighborhoods and schools.

      Don’t get me wrong, it’s terrible idea, but it is not a new one.

    • spanishbride

      I guess the test will be whether or not the developers will sell to an Australian Jewish family or an Australian Christian family. If he won’t, you will have your answer. Illegal discrimination.

  • Brian Anderson

    This has some historic precedence – at least in Europe. When I was at uni,, Liverpool had a Chinatown district was was nearly exclusively Chinese.
    They also had a Jewish district but this may have been not so much discrimination as the fact devout Jews wouldn’t use transport on the Sabbath so clustered within walking distance of the synagogue.
    ‘Liverpool 8’, where I lodged, was rapidly becoming 100% West Indian as they moved into the district to be with their own nationals and live a very un-English lifestyle.
    Many European cities had ‘ghetto’ areas where less desirable groups were dominant either by choice or for their own safety..
    I’m not sure any of this was a bad thing.

    • PersonOfColor:WHITE

      So why come from South Asia in the first place?

      • Ghost

        Because the welfare payments are far higher, ie actually exist in the west, and they are not required to contribute to society.

        • OneTrack

          High five.

    • Raibert

      Yep, the British did this in China by building cantonments and making it unlawful to fratinize with the locals. Didn’t turn out well for them…

  • cows4me

    I wonder what the reaction would be if an Aussie developer tried the same trick in SE Asia. An Australian only estate, a pub, a church, BBQ’s with pork spare ribs, swimming pools for swimming and not washing black out curtains. How stupid are the Aussies, the Islamic track record is well established. These people want no part of Australia except to control it. If they love the Islamic way so much why didn’t they stay in their crap holes , the Aussies should tell them to naff off.

    • I’d like to see an Aussie developer try to do that in Australia.

    • WBC

      To be fair, that happens in most Islamic countries where westerners work. It’s a bit different as they are primarily contractors who are there for a few years but there is no attempt or desire to integrate.

      • cows4me

        Yes but that’s the point, they are only there for a few years and don’t intend to integrate. What’s the point of settling in a new country if you have no wish to integrate or have anything to do with the dominant culture.

        • WBC

          Yep, I agree, and our culture is an example of the best that has so far been achieved, we forget how lucky we are, as you can quickly learn by working as a westerner in an Islamic nation…

          It is worth noting though as it represents some facts that we shouldn’t try to avoid, one of which is that it is natural for people to stay together in ethnic and racial groups, this is simply an ancient product of our evolution. We can’t blame those coming here for doing this very thing though we should be discouraging it for sure and encouraging exposure to all the good that our society and culture provides.

      • Jb2142

        I have been one of those contractors, more than happy to integrate, but dare you not or else….that’s the reality

        • WBC

          But were you really more then happy to integrate? I’ve also been there and I know there were plenty of parts of the local custom I would never wish to integrate with. But there are plenty of opportunities to work with and in the local culture in many of those regions, we often make excuses and choose not to. Much likely immigrants to our nations.

          Don’t get me wrong, I have no desire to see those who do not wish to share the values that make our countries successful fair and desirable living in little enclaves of their own culture (generally failed or at least oppressive cultures at that), I just bring this up as being cognisant of these things as it aids good discussion.

      • KatB

        I guess those westerners have no desire to take the place over either or expect to tell the locals what to wear or how to prepare their food. I guess it could be tolerable if these “Asians” stuck to their enclaves and lived peacefully but I think think they have other plans.

        • WBC

          A good guess but interestingly it’s not quite true. The rich Arabian nations for instance are turning a blind eye to more and more western ways as they seek to not offend we westerners when we’re there.

          It is easy these days to buy pork in strictly “no admittance to Muslim” areas of supermarkets and to drink alcohol in bars that are also off limits to local Muslims and all women of non European decent. Western women are asked to dress modestly but do not need to cover up at beaches or in pools and can generally happily wear whatever they wish except in religious areas etc (oh, and don’t try to find alcohol during Ramadan…).

          I’m not saying we should be happy about it in our culture, after all ours is probably the most fair and just culture anywhere and those I speak of above are desperately and cruelly unfair and unjust. But let’s not close our eyes to the broader world lest we sound like the other side of the green party/occupy ranters…

          • spanishbride

            The only reason those nations tolerate westerners and make a few safe spaces for them is for financial reasons. They want their money or skills and know that they have to provide some of the freedom that they are used to in order to get what they want from them. In the West it is the other way around. We get very little out of the deal and most are a drain on our countries welfare and a challenge to our democracy.

        • spanishbride

          Yes and the western enclaves do not become so violent and dangerous that the Islamic police refuse to even go into them. I also wager that they are safe for local Muslims to walk through without being abused, threatened or raped.

  • Bob Dazzler

    Welcome to the ISIS ghetto!

  • Alan Beresford B’Stard

    I wouldn’t think this is particularly helpful for intergration but I don’t see a major problem with it, in Sydney they have whole suburbs more or less catering for certain minorities, so it kinda happens anyway.

  • shykiwibloke

    If things continue to escalate across the western world the way they have in Europe – would you wish to live in a place that could become a focal point for revenge nutters? If I were a peace loving Muslim I would be staying as far away as I could right now.

    • Raibert

      Totally agree. I think the backlash to the behaviour of the Muslims both refugees and Daesh will be monumental, just taking some time to gather momentum.

      • I really hope it is. At the moment the only supposed backlash has been mean looks. Hopefully it’s enough to stir up the supposed peaceful but silent majority into actually doing something

  • Jb2142

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again…all religion is evil

  • Andrew Gibson

    Except; what about existing religious conclaves like monasteries, cult-like communities and even maraes? At least with everyone in the same place, it’s all a bit more transparent.

    • Warren

      How many lone wolfs have come out of monasteris, places like Glorivale and marares recently hell bent on murdering westerners.

  • contractor

    So who is to blame for these breakdowns in integration and acceptance? Yep, same around the world – politicians throwing together too many people from foreign cultures bringing vastly different values and habits .

  • Cerberus

    Its wrong of the developers to target muslim families, but the fact of the matter is that they are simply pre-empting the inevitable, which is that the immigrants will create muslim-only areas themselves by making life untenable for the existing residents through abusive and antisocial behaviours. You only have to look at England for the proof, with whole areas of London, Birmingham, Bradford and a host of others no-go areas for non-muslims.