Banal tweet of the Day


  • cows4me

    Is Claire having a bad hair day, I know the full moon has passed.

    • Cadwallader

      Maybe JK is chewing his way through those 500 cows he and his RICH mates have acquired from farms near Ashburton? Don’t tell the msm they’ll broadcast this as gospel.

    • Sally

      Claire is having right old time today. As for bad hair, John and Chris might.

  • Big_Al

    And what point, if any, is this tweet from Claire Trevett. Is john Key not allowed to eat a meal in peace. Typical of MSM staff’s childish behaviour.

  • Nige.

    What’s next? PM wears blue undies?

  • At least he can do charm.

  • Tiger

    PM is partaking in the fine fare one of his voters sells for a living. A perfectly normal thing for an approachable PM to do. Unlike the other side who would not appreciate how hard it is to run an SME.

  • A Goldie

    I had to visit Wellington late last week and was fortunate enough to have a frien d take me to Bella Italia. Great hospitality, wonderful food and a great range of deli foods for sale.
    An excellent example of successful immigrants blending the best of their culture with kiwi lifestyle.
    No wonder our PM wanted to visit there.

  • Boondecker

    Nothing like a fine Italian prosciutto. I trust it was tasty, JK. Good on him being able to portray he’s relatively normal enough to comfortably sit down for some fine aged sliced meats or wash his son’s car. God forbid if he ever tries to have another cup of tea in public again though.

    That reminds me – isn’t there a library pic that WO used regularly of Little Angry slurping on a bowl of corn flakes? I always thought the flakes part was so appropriate for a Labour leader.

  • John

    I am half way through watching the movie Godfather, I was very impressed how they dealt with the press.