BREAKING: Dirty Politics lynch pin and most hated man in New Zealand Cameron Slater’s rubbish bin taken


The wheelie bin is gone.  Including its contents.

The other ones from the neighbours are all there.  Still full.

This could just be one of life’s random moments.  And then again, it might not.  He is, after all, Cameron Slater.

What did they get?

Household rubbish.

If it is not a prank and it has a serious objective, it is unlikely to be politically motivated.  Cam’s been on a sabbatical and hardly in the middle of anything important right now.

If this this is one of his legal adversaries hoping for an inside scoop, they will be similarly enchanted with the content of the bin.

Without putting too fine a point on it, it contained food wrappers and female bathroom waste.

Inquiries are being made.  Neighbours approached for CCTV footage.

We’ll report back when we know more.


  • Sally

    Well that takes ‘dirty’ politics to a whole new level. Hope they have a good pair of gloves.

    • Kiwi Sapper

      Frankly, I hope that they have not. :>)

  • Michelle

    Well some of today’s journalist are scraping the bottom of the bin daily

  • Seriously?

    Sabbatical… bin missing… reminds me of a joke (no insulation intended). It might not come across well in writing but I’ll give it a go.

    A man noticed his neighbour, who he hadn’t seen for a week or two, had failed to put out his wheelie bin again this week, so popped next door and knocked. When his neighbour answered the door he said “Hey bro, haven’t see ya for a while. Wheres ya bin?”. His neighbour replied “Bin in Aussie mate”. Our kind hero said, “Nah bro, wheres ya whellie bin”. They neighbor replied, “Whellie bin in prison”.

    • murrayirwin

      The version I heard was “wheelie bin with wife’s sister.”

  • Carl

    It would be easier for your family to all be on facebook so the media can just get stories from there rather than having to steal your bin.

  • Seriously?

    or perhaps more nobly “cleanest armor”

  • Seriously?

    or in the context of the impending article on the local body candidate that went where they should not “romancers tale”

  • F T Bear

    Perhaps it’s an opportunity for the future,
    A couple of well placed planted articles would show the investigative bin man up for all to see.

  • Curly1952

    Perhaps Labour and the Greens are looking for tips, no pun intended, for their election manifesto – a bin full of rubbish with no connecting threads which should sit comfortably alongside the current rubbish they are putting out there.

  • Tracy

    Really – someone stole your wheelie bin?!?!?! Do they seriously think the Slaters are daft enough to put anything that could be useful in there to them – I am sure Whaleoil staff have somewhat more robust ways of disposing of paperwork, notes, etc that contain anything even remotely important. It sounds like something out of a bad comedy spy movie.

  • shykiwibloke

    Ours was stolen just a few weeks ago (Coatesville) – perhaps ours was the practice run for the crack team preparing to get Cam’s?
    Seriously though, have heard of others going too. Perhaps they are useful for drugs production or something.
    Edit – fix some typos.