Comment of the Day – on ethical investments

Darren writes

The simple fact is the technological advancements we take for granted today, the Internet for example, would not exist if not for the superior technology advancements in the setting of war.

Jet engines/aircraft, satellites, drones, radar and other advances in modern warfare technology are a direct result of the need to have an advantage over the enemy.

We forget that the things we take for granted daily would not exist if not for the necessity of having a technological advantage over the tyrannical enemies of our predecessors if not our current adversaries in what I believe is a new cold war.

  • peterwn

    It is fund managers’ and their investors’ business if particular funds decide to become ‘ethical’. But the ‘ethical investment’ people want all funds and Government investing to be ‘ethical’. Petroleum exploration is also ‘unethical’, never mind that the proponents use petroleum products.

  • Quinton Hogg

    Lockheed Martin is I think one of the “unethical investments” Does that mean the airforce can’t fly the Hercules built by the same company?
    Interestingly I have a family connection with LM, slight mind you, in that my mothers Uncles made their way to the US in the great depression founding an aviation company in the Baltimore region which was absorbed by the company during the 50’s.

    • ex-JAFA

      Is our own Rakon an unethical company? It’s a leader in GPS systems, which may or may not be used in guided missiles and smart bombs. As someone (possibly even Mr Slater himself) commented on this topic a day or two ago, these supposedly unethical companies mainly make stuff that are decidedly ethical. Military or “anti-environmental” stuff is but a fraction of what they do.

  • Second time around

    If there was no demand or government contracts for these weapons, the shares would be worthless. Kiwisaver funds are an easy target, but really, will the world be a more peaceful place if the share price in Lockheed Martin and Honeywell reduces by a few cents?

  • Frank N Further

    Both Boeing and Airbus have large military divisions. Lets see them boycott those as they head off to their next overseas talkfest. The only unethical investments I want to avoid are the likes of any number of investment companies that rip the investor off while the directors etc sail/fly off into the sunset

  • Mike

    I just want a good return on my investment, so long as it’s not illegal the fund managers should do whatever they can to achieve that result.