Cost of living at the coal face

This is an advertisement from a national supermarket chain showing that with judicious buying, you can still feed your family without breaking the bank.



  • sandalwood789

    My suggestion for cheap meals –

    Breakfast – Choose from porridge, weet-bix or corn-flakes. Maybe even some muesli (say) twice a week. All cheap as.

    Lunch – Sandwiches made with wholemeal bread. Fillings – tomato, lettuce, a sprinkle of parmesan.

    Dinner – Choose from rice (boiled or stir-fried) or spuds. Boiled beans and cauliflower. Macaroni and tuna casserole is delicious and very filling – great with a sprinkle of parmesan.

    None of this stuff breaks the bank. It’s all cheap and delicious.

    You can do *lots* of different meals with pasta.

    • Brian_Smaller

      Boiled cauliflower? Blech! Try tossing cut up cauli in some spices and roasting them. Way nicer.

    • Wayne Peter McIndoe

      If you cook a small chicken roast on a sunday you get cold meat for lunch the next day for sandwiches – easy and cheap

  • Wheninrome

    $11.00 for a spatchcocked chicken at Nosh, quick to cook easy to serve 4 servings, much cheaper than KFC.
    For the hard up add lentils to your mince, extra protein and fibre and you cannot taste anything different, they take on the taste of the other ingredients, very cheap for a 400gm tin.

    • Michelle

      $11.00 for a spatchcocked chicken at Nosh, quick to cook easy to serve 4 servings, much cheaper than KFC.

      or use a sharp knife to spatchcock it yourself
      Pak n Save has been the place we have shopped for over 25 years and great way to feed a family and have money left over

      There are plenty of websites to look up recipes now days compared to when we had to be imaginative and plenty of canned lentils and other beans to fill out a meal
      There is no excuse for not shopping around to feed your family if you want to
      and that is the problem they are having kids to supply them with money for themselves not to raise great kids

      • Wheninrome

        And of course with smart phones (they all have them) you can get your groceries delivered to the door, you don’t need to get in the car and in the time it takes to get to the takeaway and back you can put a nourishing meal (at, at least half the cost) on the table for a family of 4.
        In some cases My Food Bag or a host of other companies, can be a good way to go, there is no waste as you buy just the no of onions, potatoes etc., you need rather than having to buy the large bag, or the extra greens that maybe don’t get eaten and sit in the fridge. The recipes come with the exact amount of ingredients you need plus the recipe and from what I have seen they are reasonably quick to prepare and interesting.

        • Michelle

          Yes but these whingers have no intention of lifting a finger to cook a meal or clean a house and look after their kids
          But they have all the gadgets and know the system inside out on how to more money for themselves using their kids

  • RobT

    Problem for so many is they fill the trundler with too many bags of chips, soft drink by the carton, lollies, biscuits, dozens of beer. Leaving them precious little for real food. Agreed, weetbix and porridge is a cheap breakfast, sandwiches are affordable for lunch, and cheap cuts of meat and veg don’t cost the earth for dinner. The other stuff mentioned earlier can still be affordable but not in copious quantities everyday. What’s wrong with the original way these were eaten in earlier years. Given as a treat….one glass of soft drink and a handful of chips. One or two lollies each not bag fulls scoffed in a few minutes. About time to re examine ways of life and moderate lifestyles.

  • notoutraged

    Does my head in when whingers moan about not being able to afford healthy food. For a start for your fruit and veg go to your local green grocer. At least half the price of supermarkets in my experience. There is no excuse unless politically you are trying to patronise everyone by insisting GST be removed from healthy food