Current cannabis laws perversely mean politicians are breaking OSH laws

Guest post

Yes, there’s man-made Cannabis-based medicine already available in NZ. However at $1000/month coupled with more hoops and rings to jump through than an Olympic gymnast just to be “approved” – by a non-medically trained politician – is just the sort of thing only politicians could dream up. Terminally / chronically ill individuals could have all the cost, angst, time, effort, criminal associations and worry eliminated – simply by growing their own medicine on their own property along with their parsley… like mankind throughout the World has done for Eons since time began.

If business owners & Company Directors are held responsible and liable for the wellbeing of staff and anyone on their property / premises under OSH laws, including for things like stress and bullying. Should politicians also be held accountable for the stress and angst their wilful hypocrisy inflicts on terminally and chronically ill people in their hour of most need, when politicians choose to leave laws in place that are tantamount to State-Sponsored bullying of terminally and chronically ill people – all for growing their own herbal medicine? Denying a preferred, organic medicine to a chronically or terminally ill person who could grow it themselves, must surely be considered, inadvertent State-sponsored bullying under OSH laws? Or more perversely, is it tantamount to the Government of the day assisting/sheltering organised crime with their income streams as politicians choose to maintain the status quo?

The public see/witness/experience this political hypocrisy and firstly lose all respect for politicians whose actions deliberately inflicts such bullying on the most vulnerable. Then secondly, they give them and those “laws” the big middle finger salute that goes against Eons of use by mankind of this God-given herbal medicine… and plain old common sense.

Outside the Beltway, everyday people are constantly perplexed at how politicians can create the environment for organised crime to flourish, because they choose to stop granny from growing her own medicine in her own garden. Then the polly’s wonder why they get so little respect by the public. Levels of respect similar to that of the lofty heights of a journalist or Editor at a shabby little tabloid… Go figure eh!

A pragmatic, practical political party that seriously looked at legalisation, would erode and completely eviscerate support from the Green Party, leaving Labour with an even bigger Green election anchor instead of the Green Life preserver they’d hoped and prayed for. Although, it would still make NZ 1st leader of the opposition – just quicker – with Winston 1st still Kingmaker though.

Since Labour and Little stole Winston’s dog-whistle, he should steal “Legalise it” from the Greens and make himself leader of the opposition sooner… and get himself a little lapdog in the process… as is the King’s prerogative.

Organic medicine will be the new Gold Rush this Century… and NZ could secure early-mover, Global advantages – all for want of visionary legislators to achieve all these benefits for NZ Inc.


– BlokeInTakapuna

  • MaryLou

    Despite not really wanting to legalise marijuana for every day use, and even being a bit slow to the party of the medicinal issue, I actually agree with this post. There are only 2 things I would add: 1 – too late for first mover status, the Israelis have already poured mass money and mass hours into research and are already coming up with some fantastic stuff.

    The second thing is, there is cannabis, and then there is.. well, cannabis. There are so many different varieties out there bow, engineered with specific effects in mind It is doubtful that your average home grower would have any idea what it is they’re growing in their vege patch, and what its specific qualities are. There are products that are quite specifically good for children in that they contain no THC but plenty of CBD.

    I hate to say it, but if we are to make use of this heaven-sent product, there does need to be some regulation. Too many charlatans around that will make use of peoples misery, and in that sense (because they’re probably doing that now) – it make sense to legalise. Potency in product is also a factor – how much do you take if you don’t know the grower and it hasn’t been tested? Granted an overdose seems unlikely, but there is always too much of a good thing.

    Yes – make the decisi0on to legalise, and get on with the research. We don’t have to start from scratch, there are many published studies worldwide we can review.

    • Andy

      Disagree about the variations you talk of. Basically a pumpkin grown in a patch is a pumpkin. It might taste a bit different but its DNA is the same. There really aren’t your average Joe Kiwis designing strains in laboratories. Am pretty sure they just grow grass.

      • MaryLou

        No, that’s what I mean. There are different varieties grown, but not by your average Joe. So the idea of growing it in your back garden is a bit of a misnomer.

  • biscuit barrel

    This thing about ‘approved by a non medically trained politician’ is misleading. Yes the final executive decision is by the minister but they would allways have the advice of the experts first.
    This OSH angle is typical of the complete nonsense pedaled by the drug advocates. lacks any sort of legal basis as well as being bonkers

  • Richard

    “Terminally / chronically ill individuals could have all the cost, angst,
    time, effort, criminal associations and worry eliminated”

    I only see one of these factors being partially eliminated & that is the criminal associations. I say partially, because gangs would still see this as an income stream, legal or not.

    Angst, time, effort, worry and a portion of the existing cost will remain, as all of these factors are involved in producing a quality product, at home, for personal use and that is just the raw product, let alone a lot of the specialty oils and other products, which are further inhanced/manipulated for use in the health industry.

    If Cannabis was to be legalised and you are not interested in producing your own product at home, then initially all of the cost would remain, as good quality product would demand a premium.

    A quality outdoor crop is relatively cheap to produce, though time is a major factor as the usual outdoor cycle is around six months.

    An indoor crop can be achieved much quicker, around 3 months if done right, because the growing cycle can be accelerated, due to the created environment, however, the initial set up fee can be quite expensive, depending on the scale of operations, not to mention the ongoing extra power costs.

    As any master tomato plant enthusiast will tell you, these beautys require a lot of love, effort, care and attention and the input of a lot of knowledge, which is mostly required through a lot of years of trial and error.

    Or you could just whack some seeds in the ground, hope for the best,
    hope your plants don’t turn into males and you don’t end up smoking seedy