Daily Roundup















  • Gravedodger

    Is that baby giving itself the bash related to the current leader of the Labour party, genetic traits and all

  • Jafarma

    Head transplants have been successfully performed on dogs and monkeys [Labour Party leaders] by surgeons [unions], although all the animals were unable to move [the polls] and died shortly afterwards.

  • Korau

    The car meme has been around for years ( http://www.whitepeoplestolemycar.info/ ) (thanks Google) but has had a recent resurgence.
    These things have a natural cycle.

  • JEL51

    Crikey, get Sue Bradford down to the Ice, can’t put kids in the rightful place by grabbing them by the scruff of the neck like that!!

  • peterwn

    In a ‘Far Side’ cartoon a neurosurgeon advised the patient not to think too hard as his replacement brain was only a ‘temporary’ (presumably as in a temporary tooth filling).