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No, no… I think it’s iPad time again










  • What is the opposite of muffin top? Because that first image is it

    • Michelle

      Buffin bottom?

    • 1dafool

      Isn’t it just a dodgy/clever seat design? I suppose with four legs he’s gonna be able to down a few brews..

  • Johnno

    I enjoyed the best friends video, especially since I have a son with achondroplasia (dwarfism). He has a great circle of friends and they assist him as in the video. He is now in his early 20’s, but the poor kid has some serious self esteem issues because of his short stature and finds it hard to find a girlfriend who is accepting of his condition.

    The problem has become quite serious of late as friends get married, etc and he cannot see a future for himself. My wife and I have arranged counselling to help him, but I wonder if any of the WO family might have suggestions for assistance.

    Fortunately an understanding employer has taken him on and he has a good job. He is a nice looking kid and keeps very well groomed and no tattoos or stuff. He will enjoy a beer with his mates, but drinks responsibly and does not use drugs.

    I will show him the video with the little guy obviously happy and smiling and accepting of his condition.

    • Damon Mudgway

      The best thing anyone can have is self esteem, no matter their place in life. I guess it would be easy to say to your son that in the big scheme his appearance means nout. Finding a partner can not only be a problem for someone of different than your average appearance, it can also be a huge problem for those that are thought of as normal. I guess all I can say is, if your son is a good guy, sooner or later he will find someone to settle down with. And some of the best relationships happen when you least expect it.

      Besides…Peter Dinklage is known as one of the sexiest men alive. And quite frankly, from a male point of view, Peter is da boss!

      • Johnno

        You’re absolutely right, Damon, thanks for your kind words. We keep reminding him of that as well.

      • Odd Ball

        An early movie starring Peter deals with the difficulty of been short. ( The station agent)

    • Duchess of Pork

      Has LPNZ been of help? I see they have annual conferences where members meet and socialise and no doubt talk over the unique challenges they face both as a group and individually. Their Facebook page seems to indicate there is different events around the country. Would his friends consider going along to one or two with him? Or perhaps you could contact one of the LPNZ members and talk over the situation with them. I’m sure there must be other people in New Zealand looking to meet someone special and they may have some means of introduction. Are there friendship or dating websites dedicated to people with achondroplasia that he could join?
      Those are a couple of things that spring to mind but you may have already tried those channels. I’ll talk with people I know to see if they have any suggestions I can pass on to you.

      • Johnno

        Thank you for your response and much appreciated. We joined the LPNZ immediately when his condition was diagnosed and we do attend their conferences, which are usually held on Labour weekend somewhere in NZ. Their conferences are usually quite good with interesting speakers and lots of fun activities. But it is only a very small group.
        We have not suggested or tried dating websites at this stage and we have some concerns how he would handle rejections because of his short stature. However, we have discussed professional help through thedatingagency.co.nz, which is a paid service and who take a more personal approach and try to find suitable matches.
        Thank you for your kind assistance.

        • Duchess of Pork

          I wonder if you would you get a greater response from readers if you posted your original request on the morning or evening chat forum. I do not look at the Daily Roundup every day and others may do likewise. I have noticed much empathy is extended to those that reveal their battles with depression on the evening backchat. I realise it is practical suggestions you require but maybe you would receive some there.

          There is a LittlePeople.com dating site. Overseas based of course but they may have NZ members. Does he have the financial means to attend an overseas conference where numbers may be larger? An Australian one may not be too expensive. I imagine all the men and maybe a good number of women have suffered the pain of rejection because of short stature. Are there not forums both on and offline where this is discussed and mitigation strategies offered?

          • Johnno

            Thank you for your suggestions, Duchess, and you are correct that if the comment was posted on the evening char forum it might have generated a greater response. However, I commented in response to the “Friends” video clip on the Daily Roundup, which showed the short guy and the tall guy assisting each other.

            Thank you for posting about the LittlePeople.com website and we will check it out. He has been working for a few years now and saving his money and is intending to attend the Little People conference in Australia maybe next year. He would also like to visit relatives in Europe in the foreseeable future.

  • Kevin

    To be fair to Disney they only threaten to sue to prevent a precedent being set.

  • Wolfman Jack

    Is that not a shot of Robbo and his stay at home?