Damn it Andy, you only lasted one day

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We all know Labour are crim loving and anti-Police.   Just how much exactly became clear when Andrew Little shared his opinion about the Police not doing a good job.



So, however much we would have liked to see the scoreboard flick over to “2”, we’re starting all over again today.  It should really be zero, but, let’s spot him a day to be sporting.

Today is another busy day for Andrew with another Question Time to navigate, including the pre- and post press conferences.  So the odds are not too good we’ll get to “2”.

If he can survive today however, he should be able to coast out the rest of the week, take the weekend bonus, and look half capable by next week and well on his way to beating the current record of 13 (which seems impossibly high!)


  • Keeping Stock

    There will be no QT for Little today Teknonym. Both Little and Key are usually absent from the House on a Thursday.

    But yes; he made a grave error slagging off Juddith Collins’ beloved Police, and he will pay for that error in spades.

  • Sally

    Maybe Little should talk to some of his constituents about committing domestic violence and how to prevent it instead of running down the police who are left to pick up the pieces at the bottom of the cliff.

    • Herb

      He would first have to have constituents. Domestics are the most dangerous part of policing. If he ever got sent to one I doubt he would have the courage to get out of the car. The man is not qualified to comment on the work of those who go into harms way every day – except to just say thank you!

      • Michelle

        The police should throw him in the back seat of a patrol car for a weekend so he can see what it is like in the real world, then he “might” change his view of their work
        Throw in the judges as well to open their eyes to the filth the police have to deal with daily

  • Aucky

    I would like to see us run a parallel watch on Andy’s swearing in the House. Barely a QT session passes without his use of invective and it’s generally directed at JK which I guess is a sign of his inadequacy when it comes to facing up to the PM. Sure, it’s low level stuff such as ‘bloody’ or ‘crap’ but it’s just not acceptable in a Parliamentary environment. I’m just waiting on the f*** word to be uttered when he gets really riled up.

    • Keeping Stock

      I’ve noticed that tendancy too Aucky. My Dear Departed Mother always taught me that swearing simply showed you had an inadequate vocabulary. I’m surprised the Speaker didn’t pull Little up on this one on Tuesday, which as you say is low-level, but ought not be encouraged in the House. Little’s potty mouth is forever recorded in Hansard though:

      Andrew Little: In light of statements by Treasury, the Reserve Bank, the Auckland chamber of commerce, the ANZ—and now the 85 percent of Aucklanders who say there is a housing crisis—will he now admit that his plan is a comprehensive failure and that it is time to just build some bloody houses?

      Rt Hon JOHN KEY: I think that the member is incorrectly quoting those agencies.

      Such language may be accepted in smoke-filled union halls, but Parliament should maintain a higher standard.

    • Hard1

      Andy has intermittent explosive disorder, a chronic disorder that can continue for years. The severity of outbursts may decrease with age. Treatment involves medications and psychotherapy to help him control his aggressive impulses.
      Some basic questions Andy can ask his doctor include:

      Why am I having these angry outbursts?
      Do I need any tests? Do these tests require any special preparation?
      Is this condition temporary or long lasting?
      What treatments are available, and which do you recommend?
      Are there any side effects from treatment?
      Are there any alternatives to the primary approach that you’re suggesting?
      Is there a generic alternative to the medicine you’re prescribing?
      How long does therapy take to work?
      Do you have any printed material I can have? What websites do you recommend?

      What a gift this guy is. He cares little for the commonfolk. All he can do is vehemently criticise everything and everyone.

    • zotaccore

      It’s noticeable that when he does swear, particular at John Key, Key disregards that form of attacking and responds in a way that makes Little look even more stupid. It’s the proper tactic to take – don’t lower yourself to the level of the attacker. Little, of course, being a union thug knows no other way.

  • Wheninrome

    The start of Judith s tweet “to help A little” this is not new type of assistance page for struggling politicians, I hope. The labour party probably secretly hope so.

  • Bob Dazzler

    Hes a Labour loser just flailing around hoping being loud and angry will be confused by the masses as being strong/focused/action man stuff. A complete loser.

  • shykiwibloke

    Can we have a survey each time the counter is reset so we can place our bets as to how long before the next reset? Be interesting to see how accurate the consensus is.
    The fun would be low risk as we would upset only about 7% of all voters.

  • Shalice

    Under the Labour government with probably more handouts and god knows what else I’m sure he will figure out a way of how to have a policeman sitting in every house. Not. The police can’t prevent crime, Andy. And they’re great here. Maybe look at the justice system – they keep letting people off with a bit of a hug.
    In reality, Labour loves criminals more and will keep letting them go while still blaming the police for crime levels if Labour ever get into power.

  • Liz Pennell

    Police do a wonderful job most of the time. We should all be very grateful to them for the terrible situations they have to attend. I wonder how well Andrew would do faced with the same situations… perish the thought

  • Hard1

    Questions for Angry Andy…
    How often do you have explosive episodes?
    What triggers your outbursts?
    Have you injured or verbally abused others?
    Have you damaged property when angry?
    Have you ever tried to hurt yourself?
    Have your outbursts negatively affected your family or work life?
    Does anything seem to make these episodes occur more often?
    Is there anything that helps calm you down?
    Has anyone else in your family ever been diagnosed with a mental illness?
    Have you ever had a head injury?

    Serious questions, not taking the mickey here. This man should be a civilized, decisive, witty yet cutting, to the point and above all quality leader with a charismatic personality. He is none of these and appears to manifest a serious recognized mental disorder.

    • Tom

      Probably got a head injury banging it on a brick wall! I do sincerely think he has an anger management problem.

  • Des

    Before it gets lost in the mists of time, I think it important to remember the ONLY reason he got to 13 days was through enforced exile. It certainly wasn’t because he said sane things for almost 2 weeks.

  • niggly

    I’m not sure the following would count as a reset but I heard Andrew Little on the radio this morning complaining that National needs to do something about “land banking” and was bemoaning they haven’t.

    But I thought hang on a moment, whether we like it or not, land banking has been occurring for decades (and never-mind that Labour has never done anything about it previously when in Govt), Andrew Little and thus Labour didn’t appear to state their position about what they would do about land banking if they ever became the next Govt.

    So Andrew, please state Labour’s position (eg would Labour ban land banking?) otherwise else don’t even bother complaining about what the Govt is or isn’t doing because you sound like a fool!

    • kayaker

      We know an overseas buyer family who bought and land banked a sizeable rundown farm when Labour was last in power. We stay there a couple of times a year. They’ve done an amazing job investing in and restoring the land, including Eco restoration where native flora and fauna now flourish in a practically pest-free environment. I call it a fat, healthy farm – the stock are all in superb condition. It’s well managed. While there’ll be a good return for the family, this farm is productively contributing to the NZ economy. And providing jobs. I guess Angry isn’t capable of thinking that far.

  • Big_Al

    Domestic violence often starts with angry outbursts, very similar to what Angry often resorts to. His behaviour, as an example, does nothing helpful to address the domestic violence problem that we have. It certainly is’nt the Police that cause it but they are the ones that have to pick up the pieces. They do a good job of this but unfortunately don’t get the backing of the courts that they should.