Dirty Politics hits Auckland mayoral candidate


The image of the Auckland businessman’s billboard was shared [] on social media by Chinese lawyer and Labour MP Raymond Huo, who questioned the slogan.

“Is this real?” Huo tweeted, with the translation: “Not afraid of divine opponents but a mayor like a pig. Choose wisely … ”

Huo said a person had sent the photo to him on Chinese messaging service WeChat, but he was unsure of where it came from.

A more precise translation was offered as

Not afraid of a god-like opponent, most afraid of choosing a pig-like mayor. Make a smart choice; vote mayor, vote John Palino.

But it turns out the whole thing is a political hit on Palino 

Palino disagreed with both versions of the translation, and asked the Herald to send him photos of the billboards so he could confirm what they said.

He later said the sign in question was “not out anywhere” and he questioned how Raymond had obtained a picture of it.

“I am doing signs with funny slogans. In the Chinese community this can be considered funny and not offensive. But it’s not one that I would use. I have always been respectful of all other candidates.”

Nobody had seen the ‘sign’, but a Labour MP was the first to bring it to the world’s attention.



– NZ Herald

  • Pathetic and totally predictable.

  • shykiwibloke

    Can we count that as an Angry balls-up-by-proxy?

  • XCIA

    Goff and Labour were hardly going to lift themselves out of the sewer in their quest for the prize that is control of Auckland City. I’m just surprised we haven’t heard reports of Goff running around spitting on the posters.

  • Jimmie

    Looking at the picture it appears the writing in red appears fuzzy around the edges.

    I suspect someone (SJW) has been overactive with their photoshop and Mr Huo has ( at best) been the fooled by this.

    Edied to say: has anyone googled the image?

  • Mick Ie

    This is disappointing and clearly shows the sheer desperation and the lowest levels of which they are prepared to operate to get their candidates into controlling positions of authority.

    • Aucky

      That’s why it is vital that the right gets to control the Council to hold Goff in check.

  • Peter

    I own a company operating in the commercial graphics field, so I know quite a bit about artwork, signage and editing images. This image is not genuine, so yes, it’s a hit on Palino for sure.

    • biscuit barrel

      [Palino] said the sign in question was “not out anywhere”

      Thats a strange way to say ‘I dont have any billboards with that wording’ but he does say ““I am doing signs with funny slogans.”

      • Damon Mudgway

        I would say this sign does exist, but has not been put up yet. Maybe the printer took a photo of it and shared it with his local candidate of choice?

        • Isherman

          If he is using signs with slogans for the Chinese community, in Chinese, and employing Chinese-ism’s that that community ‘gets’ or is familiar with, its reasonable to suggest that he has other qualified people drafting the ideas. In that case, its also likely that plenty of sample ones or test mock-ups with all sorts of things being said have been made, that are not used or even destined to be. Point being, anyway you look at it, it’s a hit job.

        • MaryLou

          Yes, it looks like it is in a warehouse, or factory by the photo…

          • Crowgirl

            Probably has been mocked up as a joke by the printers and shared around. Palino should have a word with his signage people.

          • Kiwi As

            Made in China of course !!!

        • Christopher Coulter

          then the sign writer should be put out of business

  • biscuit barrel

    In my experience putting street signs up that are entirely a different language destined for a minority group but seen by all is doomed to fail. ACT tried it a few years back when they had 6 or so MPs, they ended up with one.
    Yes try a single line which repeats your main message in the target language but not like the above where there’s farm animal references.
    naturally in Chinese media you can be expected to be all in Chinese, or Indian
    Where the indian ads ?

  • Boondecker

    If anything, this has backfired a little on the hit jobbers as it raises the profile of the politician in question. You see it being done with both crooked Hillary and narcissistic Trump with each claiming the other is in cahoots with the KKK. People will pay more attention to Palino now as a result and Chinese language speakers may appreciate the joke and give him the tic.

    For what it’s worth, I’m still voting for John Palino, as I did last election. I think Phil Goff is just more Len Brown if not worse, and thanks only to the informative and enlightening articles from WO related to Vic Crone, she is definitely not of the candidate for me.