Easter trading bill passes

Easter Sunday trading bill passes its final reading – 62 votes to 59.

It’s a stupid bill, giving every council the choice to make up their own rules.

Nobody is happy now.


  • Seriously?

    Central government do this a bit, and it always seems to bite us in the behind. They pass off politically unpalatable decisions onto councils. Think fluoridation, licencing hours, dog control, building certification… all of that could be central government.

    At least most Councils are influenced by local business people, so maybe we’ll get a sensible outcome – Easter trading is fine. Fingers crossed (but in a non-religious manner).

  • sheppy

    Letting individual councils decide should ensure tourists are even more confused than before – you really couldn’t make this up

  • Alan Beresford B’Stard

    News Flash! According to the Herald David Tua has come out against the bill. This is sensational stuff, if Tua doesn’t like it it must be bad.

    • F T Bear

      O for Easter

  • Keyser Soze

    Totally agree. This bill is idiotic. Most councils can’t tie their own shoes, what makes anyone think they can regulate the minefield that is Sunday trading? Another lost opportunity for JK to show some leadership.

  • John

    I hope our council support Easter opening as it would be great for business in our area but I am really confused about John Key, he is a radical in some areas, finanancailly conservative in some areas and then sells assets to pay for low quality welfare and spending.

    It seems he wishes to expunge all our European heritage. He wants to get rid of the flag, Easter and Queens birthday. I just wish John Key would stop colonial us with his anti English European radicalism.

    My views are over much of the political spectrum, as are his, but when I am conservative he is radical or wishy washy. When I am liberal he is for the status quo.

    • Andrew Gibson

      Also, I think this was not a conscience vote on what is a fairly controversial issue? Key is all over the place because he is trying to please everyone to get re-elected. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s pushing me into considering a vote for something other than National next time.

  • cows4me

    Gees I hope the STDC ( we call it the Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic ) , South Taranaki District Council for those that don’t know give us poor hard working farmers the day off.

    • Superman

      Yes if businesses must be closed why not include hospitals, fire fighting, farming, police, communications, emergency services, etc. too.

      • Larry

        You missed dairies, service stations, pharmacies, restaurants, tourist shops and book stores in bus depots. Not to mention public transport, taxis and airlines.

  • Cadwallader

    I actually don’t care. When the delights of a long weekend come into range I generally fill up the house with booze, food, reading material etc.. then stay at home away from everything except WO. If there are problems for tourists I remain unconvinced. For generations Queenstown shops have been open on holidays and their staff take it as a part of the job. The argument that a shop-owner ought be able to open whenever and for how long as they choose is fair enough but we’re only toying with 2.5 days out of 365.

    • Superman

      Absolutely agree with you. Easter has significance for me but I don’t expect everything to come to a standstill. If businesses want to stay open that’s their choice as long as they don’t expect workers to come to work on days that have religious significance to them. Most businesses will roster workers for whom it doesn’t matter what day it is. I guess for most workers it makes no difference one way or the other. Also as you say long weekends are a good time to stay at home and enjoy the time off and family while avoiding the madness of the roads and tourist spots.

  • XCIA

    Remember when West Auckland was perpetually “dry” and the best you could do out that way was some vino el collapso from a local vinyard. Then in the 70’s they introduced a couple of licencing trusts and gave them the monopoly to sell alcohol. It got me to thinking if the same logic was applied to groceries, we would probably only be able to shop at one of two chains.

  • Monty’smate

    Every time our Christian traditions are pushed a step backwards it is not a brave move towards some wonderful new atheistic, humanistic society. Rather it is creating fallow ground for the inevitable creation of a Muslim Caliphate. Sweden here we come!

  • zotaccore

    The sooner ALL religions are outlawed the better place the world would be. They’ve collectively caused more death and strife than anything else in history. Wetting pants over a Sunday is beyond the ridiculous, humanity has learnt nothing about the history of religion, and very likely won’t learn anything.

    • Mark

      Yeah, like these religious nut jobs… oh wait