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Meet “Foxy Lady”

Sensational photographs have captured the iconic all-British Sea Vixen, the last airworthy model left in existence, soaring above the Devon coastline.

The twin-boom, twin-turbo jet fighter flew during the height of the Cold War off Royal Navy aircraft carriers, but now there is only one left for use in displays.

Spectacular pictures of the ‘Foxy Lady’ were shot in a project organised by Navy Wings – a heritage arm of the Royal British Navy, and supported by the Fly Navy Heritage Trust.

Commander Simon Hargreaves OBE RNR took the jet-fighter to the sky, a specimen at the pinnacle of Britain’s military aviation during the 60s and 70s.



Daily Mail

  • Effluent

    These had gone from the RN some years before joined, but many of my instructors had flown in them as observers, and remembered them with mixed feelings, since the observer sat in a coal hole below the pilot, and had no ejector seat.
    I also remember them for the brilliant displays that they used to put on at Biggin Hill every year, before fixed wing aviation was scrapped by the (then Labour) government, courtesy of Dennis Healey. The sound of the cold war jets was something else, even when heard from six miles away, where I lived.
    Lovely to read that there is one in the air again.

  • Damon Mudgway

    Man, that’s just so awesome.