Face of the Day


Otaki have new Labour candidate in Rob McCann,  Rob has a family, Jo and two boys.  Labour are clearly trying to shake of the bad luck that the previous Labour MP for Otaki brought to the place – yes, we’re talking about none other than Darren “Swiss Ball” Hughes.

Eddie Dickson, Chair of the Otaki Labour Electorate Committee, said: “I am delighted that Rob will once again be our candidate for Otaki. He has extensive community links and will be an excellent advocate for the region as MP for Otaki.

“We are gearing up to run a strong campaign in 2017 and planning is already well advanced.”

Rob McCann, Labour’s candidate for the Otaki electorate, said: “I am honoured to be Labour’s candidate for the 2017 election and I look forward to representing the people of the Otaki electorate.”

Labour General Secretary, Andrew Kirton, said: “Rob McCann joins our growing list of energetic and forward-looking candidates who will stand for Labour in 2017. Our focus is on winning next year and electing a strong, Labour-led government that will back the Kiwi Dream and help every New Zealander get ahead.”

But McCann also stood against Nathan Guy last time, and didn’t get too far.  The electorate’s memory of being, erm, embarrassed by Labour clearly is taking some time to fade away.


  • Herbert Charles

    Rob went straight from uni to working for Ruth Dyson under Labour, then since 2009 has been White Ribbon campaign manager, White Ribbon stops violence toward women by men (because only men are violent) so hes anti man too.
    Well done Labour looks like he ticked all the right boxes to be the best man for the job.
    Watch out National.