Friday nightCap

  • JEL51

    ” Oh, so plastic “

    • Kath Rutherford

      Sad is the only word I can describe these fake humans…Almost as bad as those “ladies” on “real housewives ” and No …I didn’t watch on the night , but after much discussion on the radio had to watch one…yes ONE episode to see what the fuss was all about….. Made me almost throw up. !!!

      • JEL51

        You are braver than me. I stopped smoking 7 yrs ago and television completely, less than two. I could still go back to smoking anytime but I feel so ‘cleansed’ with not having the tele monopolizing my thoughts, I am renewed. I may take a peek if passing at some stage just to see how bad the Housewives thing is, but it would be just a peek.