Helen Clark: No more Mrs Nice Guy

It seems she’s going to go fight The Man.  Do a bit of leftie Trumping even.

Helen Clark tweeted [] “La lucha continua” – or “the struggle continues”. It’s her way of saying that, although the latest UN general secretary polling might have gone against her once again, she’s staying in the race to fight on.

Clark’s choice of political phrasing is interesting. The phrase “La lucha continua” was popularised by Che Guevara and is normally used as an anti-Establishment rallying slogan. It’s well-used by leftist activists in the developing world, particularly in an anti-imperialist context. So is her choice of words a throwaway use of political language or a sign that Clark’s UN campaign is shifting leftwards?

It won’t have been an accident.  It is meant to be a flag that is noticed.   But will it make a difference?

Helen Clark has long been accused of being an Establishment politician. Her time in New Zealand politics and government was more characterised by moderate centrism and managerial leadership than by any sense of revolutionary activism. Indeed, her only strong record of turning things upside down was when as a younger Cabinet minister she went along with Roger Douglas in his neoliberal reforms.

But we’re seeing a more radical Helen Clark at the moment – or at least one presenting herself as such. Even early in the campaign, Clark was keen to distance herself from her more mainstream background. When questioned in New York about her being the “establishment candidate” for secretary-general, she responded like this: “I have never been an establishment candidate for anything…. I have come from the outside of everything I have done from a rural background to urban settings; as a woman breaking into a man’s world which was politics in my country; as a woman becoming the first elected prime minister” […]

Clark is searching for a way forward in her UN campaign, and it might be that her best chance is to gain the backing of developing and non-Western countries. This could help her become the “compromise candidate” who ends up winning if the current front-runners are vetoed by countries from the Permanent Five on the Security Council. At the moment Clark is seen more as a Western candidate, with relatively good relations with the Western capitals. Therefore she may need to now position herself as a more anti-Establishment outsider in order to stay in the race.

New Zealand will be better off is she manages to land that job at the UN.  The last thing we want is that stroppy woman with time on her hands back here sorting the Labour party out.

But it is not looking good.  Helen is essentially counting on the gold, silver and bronze medal winners all testing positive for doping.   Like Bernie Sanders, twice removed.


– NZ Herald

  • Don O’Brien

    When was this tweeted?

  • Jman

    I don’t think she has a hope in hell of getting the job now. She received 8 discourage votes – more than the 6 encourage votes she received. That sounds pretty significant to me.

    • papagaya

      I also don’t think there’s any way in hell she’ll be coming back here to help the Labour party. She’s had a taste of the high life, and has enough contacts in the UN now to segue into some cushy new position in NYC. Plus she can live her personal life away from prying Kiwi eyes, if you get my drift.

      • Wheninrome

        With toilets available for all and sundry together with they, nothing is a problem today.

    • Karma

      I’m sure the US correspondent talking to Mark Sainsbury on Paul Henry yesterday morning said that she could still have a chance as Russia can veto the USA’s choice and vice versa.

    • XCIA

      Auntie H is like a dog with a bone – if she sees merit in something, she never gives up.

      • Wolfman Jack

        More like “if she sees money in something…”

  • zotaccore

    Seriously, she should just drop out, return to NZ (or stay in the US) and just retire, go hiking and mountain climbing with H2 and live out the rest of her life non-politically.

  • Huia

    I was shocked to see the “No more Mrs Nice Guy” headline.
    I simply have no recall of her ever being a Mrs Nice Guy at any stage of her career.
    Take the rejection gracefully Helen and retire.
    We all know you want to be the top dog, but it aint gonna happen love, so retire with your head held high.

  • Chris Fleming

    Two words for Helen on her UN campaign, ” Hasta la vista”

  • Boondecker

    This reminds me that dog that chases parked cars story. I don’t see the old girl getting anywhere. In the end the US will veto her posterior right outta there quick as you can say “Wanna anti-American lifetime leftie in control of the UN?”.

    She’s toast and the MSM keep embarrassingly (for them) pimping her chances.

  • Bob Dazzler

    Do they need a female socialist as the top administrator, hell no.

  • Wolfman Jack

    There must be strong black magic from some of her opponents. After all she is the wicked witch of the west. May need some more eye of newt

  • Bob Dazzler

    Surprised she has not mounted her broom stick and just zoomed straight to the top.

  • Frank N Further

    At least Helen is showing her true colours before the election. Any chance of Goofy doing that?

  • JamesP

    Apropos of nothing, Che hated homosexuals.

  • Phenandra

    “MIss” (not Mrs, she never used that) Clark has always been a hard-line leftist ideologue, albeit one prepared to moderate her personal presentation for expediency.

    However for someone who has certainly read Guevarra’s works and life to quote him approvingly, is unacceptable in a civilized context. The purges he conducted, ending with immediate death for the unfortunate victims, were ruthless and arbitrary. He was a mass murderer – something even more repugnant than usual in a man who had taken the Hippocratic oath.

  • Jimmie

    The struggle continues……….when I read this it sent a shudder up my spine.

    Reminds me of another leader who aspired to being the leader of the world.

    He wrote a book about it – called it ‘My Struggle’ or in German, Mein Kamf.

  • Graeme

    Why wouldn’t she keep hanging on? She lives for power and has nothing else in her life. This campaign isn’t costing her a dime. We are all paying thanks to her new text-buddy, John Key. It is about time political parasites and multi-millionaires like Clark had to dip into their own pockets for their own power trips. NZ will get nothing if she, by some miracle, wins the job. She nearly ruined the country, emptied the treasury, and led us into recession. Her crowning glory was to lead the Labour party to a landslide loss and leave it bereft of any talent ever since. However, she has other options. Venezuela is looking for a new socialist leader to continue its collapse into total poverty.

  • andrewo

    She should set H2 on them! That’ll sort it out

  • Bruce Rayner

    Red Helen as American polititians aptly named her back in the late ’80’s