Is this man mad, or brilliant? Watch, then discuss

  • JEL51

    Short answer, No he is not mad. I agree with his opinion as to raising the level of respect for these animals but I don’t like the haunting way he is going about it.
    If it wasn’t for the crowd hysteria, I would have waited longer before pulling the trigger that day, if that job fell to me. Animals instinctively recognize the young of other species and naturally protect them if it isn’t their natural food source. I think the action Harambe took was one of rescue, just not the way you & I would go about it. If in the natural setting with danger being from either snake or predator, the way you or I would attempt to rescue, would have us all dead. He responded in the only manner he knew, with speed & strength.

    • LesleyNZ

      But you were not there. Those who looked after and cared for and loved Harambe were there and knew his behaviour and knew the little boy could die at any moment.

      • JEL51

        True, and they have to follow procedures in such incidences. I have to agree with the chap Martin in that we have to step back and evaluate the lives of such creatures better than has been done up to now.
        Once upon a time not all that long ago, man considered every other being was well down the ladder of evolution, with the inability to empathize as a key indicator of that.
        Well, I saw that thinking destroyed way back as a kid,when one of the house cows died during the winter cold. All six other cows followed as her body was carried on the tray out of the gate and up the road. The young cows turned back after a time but the older two who had shared their whole lives with her went the whole half mile before the tractor turned-off into the other end of the farm. That was a display like many more I have witnessed over the years.
        Agree, with all the noise from the eye witnesses at the zoo, one could not predict how Harambe would react as clearly he was alarmed by the hysteria. The whole sad episode could have been avoided if there had been a tad more attention given to the child.

  • Kapow!


  • Red_NZ

    thats either high level trolling or proof theres a problem with how kids are taught in schools in the states

  • LesleyNZ

    Quite mad I think but he is a brilliant master of deception. Did you see him give the Catholic “sign of the cross” for Harambe? Mad. He thinks the guerillas are his cousins. Mad. He thinks he is Harambe. Yes he is mad.

  • bristol

    We wouldn’t even be discussing this if animals were not kept captive in Zoos for the entertainment of people. However, I do see a role for controlled/secure game parks for conservation and endangered species.

  • Davo42

    Mad – he fails to understand the difference between killing in cold blood and defending a small childs life from a clear and present danger. Possibly suffering from guilt due to his previous role and sees himself as having to right his wrongs to clear his conscience instead of celebrating how many human lives have been saved by the medicines that have been developed. This one has flown into the Cuckoo’s nest.