ISIS step up the outrage by using child executioners


An Isis propaganda video released on Friday has shown five children participating in an execution attempt on kneeling captives.

One of the five boys has been determined to be from Britain.

The other executioners, who are all of similar ages, are Egyptian, Kurdish, Tunisian and Uzbek, according to captions of the video shot in Syria’s Raqqa province.

The nine-minute video shows the shooting of prisoners identified as “atheist Kurds”.

At least 12 child killers have appeared in Isis propaganda videos. One British boy, Isa Dare, the young son of jihadi bride Grace “Khadijah” Dare from London, appeared in a video in January saying that jihadists will “kill the kuffar” (unbelievers).

This is clearly something orchestrated to up the ante, because throwing people off buildings, burning or beheading them no longer makes the front page.

What is worrying is where they go after this.  Better not speculate.


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  • sandalwood789

    I don’t think this will make any difference. The West really isn’t serious about fighting ISIS or Islam as a whole.
    Maybe a leader or two will mouth a few soundbites about being “outraged” but that’s about as much effect as this will have. Every leader in the West is pro-Islam, including Key. None of them know (or believe) that this stuff is pure core Islam, exactly as Mohammad would have wanted.

  • Odd Ball

    Shades of desperation, much like the Nazi’s sending 9 year olds into battle towards the end.

  • Meanwhile we teach our kids tolerance and multiculturalism, while taking away playgrounds that someone may hurt themselves on and give participation awards for turning up

  • XCIA

    They have been training them up from the get-go. If this young fellow is still alive, he will be an old hand by now.

  • Genevieve

    ISIS refer to these child executioners as ‘Cubs of the caliphate’ but I think we all know that they’re not going to progress to Boy Scouts or Girl Guides from here. A more apt name would be the Spawn of Satan. Images such as these make me realise that we are wasting our sympathy on these children when they get caught up in attacks on ISIS.

  • Samantha Bruce

    Wow. The amount of people who claim that Islam as a religion is somehow the problem, rather than the actual ‘terrorists’ committing these crimes just completely blows me away. People outside of the Islamic faith have become so consumed with fear and hatred because of rants, misinformation and straight out lies being spread by their own countries and governments, that they have become mindless advocates and soldiers fighting against a supposed enemy that they actually know nothing about. People like that, people like some of you, who make claims such as “this stuff (indicating violence I suppose) is pure core Islam” are making such misinformed, unfair and just plain wrong statements against so many innocent people. So not only are you spreading biased, inexcusable, and unjustifiable lies and propaganda that slander so many people not at fault for your perceived injustices, you continuously take the focus and blame off of those who actually deserve it, therefore perpetuating the bigotry and hatred that have been fueling this endless war.

    It is absolutely ridiculous, untrue and unfair to ever blame the religion of Islam for terrorism or the vicious and violent state of affairs the world is currently in. Governments and politicians around the world continue to perpetuate these lies, even in the face of blatant evidence and knowledge that completely shows how wrong they are. When individuals partake, you only show just how naive and discriminatory you are as an individual. It would benefit the individual, their nation and humanity as a whole if people would simply educate themselves on said topic before one tries to speak against something that they actually know nothing about. You have a crucial responsibility to avoid bias, disregard harmful emotions and search for the truth before you open your mouth and spout off comments and remarks that could cause conflict and hostility among your fellow humans. If you are not willing to challenge personal opinions and public bias in an effort to be objective then keep to yourself and do not involve yourself in public discussions on things in which you are too apathetic to actually figure out for yourself. You help no one if all you do is repeat the misconceptions that are already being spread.

    To say that Islam is a violent religion filled with radical religious zealots or made up of terrorists that continually and purposely seek to harm anyone who is different than them, is to ignore so many facts that are easily discovered if only one tried. Just a few to think about (with source links):

    —When anyone states that the Quran advocates for violence or the killing of non-believers they are choosing to snip out small lines from the text and disregard the passage before or after, therefore removing the context to advance their own false arguments:
    —“The entire Quran, taken as a complete text, gives a message of hope, faith, and peace with that is to be found through faith in God, and justice among fellow human beings.” “The Quran repeatedly urges forgiveness and restraint, and warns believers not to “transgress” or become “oppressors”.”
    —“Islam never tolerates unprovoked aggression from its own side; Muslims are commanded in the Quran not to begin hostilities, embark on any act of aggression, violate the rights of others, or harm the innocent. Even hurting or destroying animals or trees is forbidden. War is waged only to defend the religious community against oppression and persecution.”
    ——As a whole, Islam has over 1 million followers spread across six continents on this Earth, so why do people so easily ignore the overwhelming majority of Muslims who are living their lives and actively practicing their faith without harming a single person?
    —In the Quran, Christians are often referred to as among the “People of the Book,” i.e. people who have received and believed in previous revelation from God’s prophets. There are verses that highlight the commonalities between Christians and Muslims. “Surely those who believe, and those who are Jews, and the Christians, and the Sabians — whoever believes in God and the Last Day and does good, they shall have their reward from their Lord. And there will be no fear for them, nor shall they grieve” (2:62, 5:69, and many other verses).”

    (It would be impossible for me to spell everything out here, it would take a while, be too long, and it’s always better for people to investigate for themselves. And please don’t just take everything I say here without checking for yourself, your more likely to accept evidence when you can see for yourself. I highly encourage people to use the following resources I’ve found and to find your own by conducting quality research. This would entail finding arguments, articles and passages that involve actual verses from the Quran placed in context, analyzed and explained, remembering how easy it is to lose the true meaning when things are translated. Read from or even better, talk to actual Muslims who practice the faith, and look at multiple different sources to help get a more complete understanding. Do not rely on mainstream ‘news’ sources like the New York Times, Huffington Post, or any television ‘news’ outlets as these are very heavily biased and influenced by the six major groups who own over 90% of mainstream outlets.)

    **( )**
    -Explains the Quran supposed verses that say to kill infidels

    -Long list of Muslim groups and individuals who openly denounce terrorism in the name of Islam

    -Access to pdf. of actual open letter by Muslim scholars denouncing the Islamic State, terrorism, and the use of Islam for violence.
    -Summarizes and explains the 24 main points located within the letter

    -Compares the violence in the Quran and the Bible

    -Examines terrorism and suggests the roots and reasons behind terrorism and mass violence in general. Hint: it’s not any religion.

    -Different sources investigating what groups have carried out what proportion of terrorist attacks on US soil. Hint: It’s definitely not Muslim groups.

    As for the above article regarding these child executioners, these children have been completely brainwashed and conditioned by a group of people who claim to be followers of the Islamic faith when what they truly are is a group of violent, unemotional terrorists hell bent on spreading chaos. These children are just as much of a victim of these radical people as anyone else would be, albeit in a different way. They are born into a place of anger, greed, ignorance and hatred and are conditioned to ignore any human emotions they may ever feel. Yes, they are committing atrocious crimes, at the order of adults who would kill them if they didn’t comply. They have grown up in war torn areas consumed with hatred and violence, much of which comes from Western countries such as the ones you and I are from. Western countries and most of their citizens try to act like such innocent victims who could possibly do no wrong, when in reality so many shameful atrocities have been committeed in what we fool ourselves into thinking is justified, but is nothing more than spiteful and vicious attacks of revenge. What could you possibly expect from these children when they have been taught nothing but hate from their own families, have been victimized by violent armies of outsiders and forgotten by civilians around the world. Most of you guys, along with so many others in this world, insist on fighting violence with more violence and refuse to see how useless, dangerous and pathetic that way of thinking truly is. You become ruled by your emotions to the point where logic and any attempt at understanding flies out the window. Fighting fire with fire will only make us all burn. At some point, one side must stop, think and realize that responding in such a way, time and time again, is obviously not accomplishing any sense of peace, but rather increasing the body count. When those who claim to be the virtuous and noble ones, yet rather than using empathy, compassion and forgiveness to spread understanding and peace they insist on using bombs, bullets and brutality to spread hostility and chaos, they become indistinguishable from the enemies they claim to be opposed to. As a member of humanity, it is each and every individual’s responsibility to stop this cycle of terror, hatred and violence before the damage becomes irreversible.

    • Duchess of Pork

      Welcome to Whale Oil Samantha. I see you came late to this post and as Whale Oil has a comprehensive posting list every day you may have missed the majority of the blog’s readership with you advice above. I am always scrambling to catch up with the diversity of topics and comments so am generally a couple of days behind.

      Your post is longer than the average WO comment and you have covered a range of points but I’ll confine myself to historical matters. You are familiar of course with Islamic history so perhaps you have an explanation for the Hindu Kush and/or the Armenian genocide? Afghanistan was once a Buddhist country. Tell me how that changed and why. Was is a peaceful takeover? Do you think the Persian Zoroastrians decided overnight Islam was such a lovely religion they would try it as an alternative? How did the West enforce the all Moslem Handschar SS division to organise the roundup and transport of Blakan Jews and Roma to their final destination? Was it at gunpoint? Have you read of the shameful atrocities the Handschar committed? Should they be excoriated for that the way we Westeners must be for our excursions into the Middle East? Do you similarly chastise Hindu currently warring with Moslems in India and the Chinese quelling their Uighur? I believe the West has stayed well away from those skirmishes. They actually don’t have a lot of involvement with the Philippines and Indonesian disturbances these days either. What possible reason could Moslems have for fighting non-westerners do you think? I’ve always found Thai and Filipino quite peaceful people myself. And the Japanese do not allow Moslem immigration. The small Moslem population they do have is subject to extreme surveillance from mosques through to businesses. Some might call that racist and bigoted. Do you?

      Have you seen and listened to Dr Bill Warner’s videos and lectures Samantha? Have you watched his dynamic database of 1400 years of Moslem excursions into Western Europe and the eastward jihads. There’s some stories there that will have you weeping but you must have some explanation for these which I don’t despite my many years devoted to the study of Islam. Please can we exchange our knowledge? You can tell me more about peaceful Islam and I can teach you the origin of that quaint habit non-Muslim Indian women have of throwing themselves onto their husband’s funeral pyre. It’s not pretty I can tell you but I can assure you it is true.

      Bombs bullets and brutality that spread hostility and chaos are terrible of course. But so are scimitars, whips and fire; weapons which can and have created just as much carnage and chaos for the approximately 270 million non-muslims who have died over the past 1400 years for the glory of Islam. The tears of jihad it is said.

      But here at Whale Oil we like to debate so it’s good to have some new views to talk over. Please stick with us, perhaps visit some older posts and get a feel for the length of and appropriateness of comment. We’re a diverse community, some like yourself have quite a measure of knowledge of the Qur’an, Sunnah and Hadith. And when we fall down we have Abdullah who also advises us. I’m sure he will welcome a fellow traveller.