Kid’s costume of his sports idol wins competition and Social Media outrage

Australian mum paints son in blackface for school costume competition - and wins 76 The mum's photo of her son in blackface sparked outrage. FACEBOOK The mum's photo of her son in blackface sparked outrage. An Australian mother who painted her son's skin black for a school costume competition has caused outrage for a moment she described as a "parenting win". The photo, which was posted on the Facebook wall of mummy-blogger Constance Hall, has prompted widespread condemnation online. In her original post, the mother said her son's school was running a Book Week competition, where kids were required to dress as their favourite book character. AFL player Nic Naitanui hasn't weighed in on the drama. DANIEL CARSON/AFL MEDIA


AFL player Nic Naitanui is the boy in question’s idol and he has said nothing about the outrage that has been fanned predictably by white social justice warriors who have taken offence on his behalf.

The point of a costume is for it to be recognisable. When you are an incredibly pale skinned little white boy if you want to look like your hero Nic Naitanui you need a wig and you need to change your skin colour. Racism is about making fun of someone or thinking less of them because of the colour of their skin. Dressing to emulate someone you admire can never be racism.

The mum's photo of her son in blackface sparked outrage.

The mum’s photo of her son in blackface sparked outrage.

Even if  at some point the boy’s hero decided to take offence  that would not change the boy’s intention.  I admire the mother for not telling her son that he couldn’t emulate the man he admired  for fear that some white mothers somewhere might get their politically correct knickers in a twist.

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  • Damon Mudgway

    Wow, that AFL player has a black face. Who ever would have thought. SJW’s must just trawl the Internet looking for something to be outraged about. The whitey with the most posts wins.


  • Cadwallader

    You can safely disregard the thoughts of anyone who writes “should of” instead of “should’ve.” Besides that this story is idiotic feel good, holier than thou rubbish. The kid has an idol who is black… what? Imagine the screams if his idol was Donald Trump or worse John Key!!!!

  • Kevin

    And if his face had been left white they’d be calling the mother racist for not “acknowledging” Naitanui is black. You just can’t win with these idiots.

    To the mother and anybody else who finds themselves in this kind of situation: Never, ever, apologise to these fools. If you feel the need to reply then reply with something short, witty, and in your face. Ridicule is your best weapon.

  • John

    SJWs are just internet bullies in drag.

    It happens in real life as well. One minute we are being told to embrace Maori culture, if one uses it in art, the artist is told they can not use even when the “Maori art” is appropriated Celtic art.

  • oldmanNZ

    So, a man who dresses as a women, or vice versa, is a sexist.

    Why do people post things on social media to public, only know there will be someone who will take offense.

    I stop using it as some of my customers are muslim, women, black, white, indian, chinese, koreans, European.

    Im bound to offend someone.

  • The Accountant

    So, that makes women (and men – who knows) who are buying bleaching beauty creams to lighten their skin tone also racist?

  • Vutekno

    I sometimes wonder what SJW’s did before the Internet. Ranty letters to the editor I suppose?

    Perhaps not, it takes too much effort, writing the letter, envelope, stamp , trip to post box. Somewhere on that journey most would have realised that it was not worth the effort. So easy now, type, send. Oops forgot to engage the brain cell!
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  • biscuit barrel

    So the purpose of the school fancy dress was to show your favourite sporting heroes?
    Ah no …it was Book week
    “This year Book Week runs from Saturday 20th August to Friday 26th August. The theme this year is Australia – Story Country.”

    So the AFL player, born in Australia to Fijian parents had written a book about his ‘journey’. Ah no .
    There is no connection to books at all.
    It seems to be a thing in Perth with shops offering customes and ideas
    Pirates are in plenty of books,dx720y432u1r1gg,c–.jpg

    • Old Man, Torbay.

      Whether the award was for book week or sporting heroes is irrelevant.
      The boy was criticized for blackening his face.
      The same social justice warriors would also criticize your photo which depicts children as violent seaborne thieves.
      SJWs are in a perpetual state of taking offense. Personally, I give the boy a thumbs up.

    • MrHippo

      Book week – endured many, little if any relationship to any actual book or author(s). Just a day off for the teaching staff with often an early finish to the day.

    • Mick Ie

      Book week isn’t just about books specifically, it is about encouraging kids to read in general.
      Nic may not have featured in a book yet (if ever), but he will have had articles written about him in newspapers and magazines, and the boy may have read these.

    • Aucky

      They are AFL mad in WA. Do you think that there would be no kids dressed as All Blacks during Book Week here if the theme was ‘New Zealand – Story Country’?

  • Mick Ie

    Before the SJWs get their knickers in a twist on behalf of others, perhaps they should wait for a statement from the person it actually concerns. He may actually be flattered that a young child went all out to emulate him. Wouldn’t it be great if Nic publicly acknolwedged his efforts?

  • Skydog

    I can’t recall the outrage when Robert Downy Junior played his part in tropic thunder. Come on people get a grip. Whats wrong with wanting to be black, Eminem does it everyday.

  • One_step_beyond

    My initial impression was that this was very typical of today’s SJW mentality.

    But then I thought, I can’t ever remember a dark-skinned person emulating their fair-skinned heroes by putting on ‘white-face’ – what do you make of that?

    edit:added one word

    • fred furball

      Michael Jackson got progressively whiter over the years. And there is a demand in Asia for cosmetic surgery to ‘Westernise’ appearances.

  • Dumrse

    Black and White Minstrals, Golliwogs, favourite black sports man, all a thing of the past I’m afraid. Why is it the SJW are all unemployable leftie doll bludgers ? If they were anything else there would be no spare time to vomit bile every day.

  • spanishbride

    Found this today