Labour don’t like parliament’s time being wasted with ridiculous bills


Labour’s Kelvin Davis has a bill in the private members ballot tin.  It’s the non-fatal strangulation amendment.  This is clearly needed, because Assault, or Assault with intent to injure simply don’t cut it.


You’ll love the complexity of the Bill.   It runs on for pages and pages, and it clearly is important enough for Parliament to  spend $400,000 of time and resources debating it.  This is clearly not a “waste”.

Here is the whole bill (minus the title page, the title, the Act name)


So as you can see, it’s a substantial piece of legislation, and none of the following are sufficient to do the job.


Well done Labour, Kelvin specifically, for entering a private members Bill that is substantial, needed, clearly needs to be debated at length in the house, and can be defended against any accusation of being a waste of taxpayers money.

Labour have in fact entered many such important and substantial bills:


Poorly titled, it should really be called Enabling better access to children for pedos Bill.  But let us focus once again on the substance of this bill.  The fact it needs substantial debate in Parliament, and $400,000 of taxpayers funds in salaries and overheads to ensure a good solid law change results.

Brace yourself, this is a huge bill, it runs on and on, but we want to show you all the facts.  Here it is, without the title page, the name of the bill, etc, etc,


That’s self explanatory as to the substantial nature of the bill.  The fact that it doesn’t waste Parliament’s time, etc, etc.

You can see why Labour are so upset about Korako and Doocey’s Bills, can’t you?  They set the standard, and National are clearly clogging up the works with …

… ok, enough of this.

Serious question:  Why isn’t the media mocking Labour?  Why are they using this as an attack vector on the Government?  Where is the balancing comment?  (Other than at Whaleoil, again).

It’s not just Labour, of course:


…the total relevant extent of which is:


and Labour again





Amendment Bill.  Amendment Bill.  Amendment Bill.  Amendment Bill.  Amendment Bill.

Case closed.






  • Wheninrome

    Yes, but the point being is that Kelvin’s friends need the actual sentence and crime spelt out. They need to know where they stand. A general word like “assault” just doesn’t cut it, cause as you know “bro that is just me being nice to the missus”.

    • metalnwood

      What they need is more than a maximum sentence spelt out. They need a minimum sentence stated.

      If you dont do that then the amendment has no greater power than any current law so it’s a complete and utter waste of time that is already catered for.

  • Wayne Hodge

    Labour hypocrites to the core

  • shykiwibloke

    To be fair – all those big words would have taken up a lot of paper in his original draft – in crayon.

  • Spam

    So are they proposing that consensual autoerotic asphixiation is illegal?

    • Won’t be autoerotic if someone’s doing it for you.

    • jimknowsall

      Yes, that’s what I noticed too. (Sorry, I wrote my comment before I saw yours). It seems almost designed to outlaw erotic asphyxiation, focused exclusively as the Bill is on couples in a partnership; a fact which you’d think would matter little if someone was actually strangling you.

  • Sally

    What the opposition what to do with the help with the media party is make (bully) the National MPs who have bills in the ballot box to withdraw them so that they get a free run. That’s is how democracy works in NZ.

    • OneTrack

      That’s how the left want democracy to work in New Zealand.

  • contractor

    So Labour is a waste of space, time and money, more than we ever imagined. They’d never rise to such lofty profiles and salaries in the private sector where real work and results are required.

    • shykiwibloke

      They would get jobs in councils or as Health & Saftey enforcers.

  • jimknowsall

    These are just political slogans written as a Bill. They are pathetic point scoring and virtue signalling writ large. Unfortunately, they all seem “worthy” (at least from a lefty point of view), so the media can’t or won’t criticise them. Tweaking how company annual reports are distributed is something simple that should be done, but is always going to come across as bureaucratic fiddling compared to women being strangled or children being abused.

  • jimknowsall

    What relevance has being in a domestic relationship got to do with the non fatal strangulation Bill? Surely if someone is trying to strangle you, it really doesn’t matter whether you’ve ever had sex with him? This reeks of virtue signalling about being seen to be doing something about domestic violence.

    However, the way it has been written seems specifically designed to capture the variety of strangulation and asphyxiation sex games that couples sometimes play, and should the relationship sour, give the slighted partner a very big legal stick with which to bash the ex partner.