Little Watch: he’s half way there

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It seems he’s found his confidence again and he’s out and about a little more: 


The first one is a real thigh slapper.  Little goes and see what is being done to create affordable homes.  Oh, Andy says, that’s what we’ll do when we’re in power.  TOTALLY MISSES THAT IT’S HAPPENING UNDER NATIONAL.

Oh that Andy, he’s so funny.

Next, Andy wants immigration down.  Been going on about that a bit.  But not refugees.


So fewer immigrants but more refugees.

Once again, Andrew sticks to the safety of visits to non-controversial locations and isn’t trailed by any media.

He made it to seven days.

  • Boondecker

    Never thought I’d see that. A Labour opposition leader supporting a National government housing project. Wow! How the worm turns (or spins)…

    Perhaps we need another board that shows when Andrew is on board with reality.

    • Wayne Hodge

      Totally agree

  • R&BAvenger

    The man is an idiot. He is tweeting @AklCouncil for ‘doing great work in building affordable housing in Avondale’ Comments here on WOBH would tell me that they are in fact a significant contributer to unaffordable housing, the housiing crisis and housing state of emergency in Auckland. What Koolaid is he drinking?

    Just becuase they open up council owned land for development (thanks to pressure from the government) doesn’t make them heroes, quite the opposite.

  • cows4me

    To think the taxpayer forks out near $300,000 a year for that, can we return him, I’ll bet his warranty has expired..

  • Sailor Sam

    Matt McCarten has left the building, Andrew Little has nothing to say.
    Proof that Matt did the work and Andrew talked about it.

  • WBC

    If he’s wanting the Auckland vote then praising the present council is about as stupid as praising the Maritime union for striking over Christmas in order to provide maximum hurt to those they want support from.