Media Party still want Key to take a hit over the radio station rape stunt


Key has washed his hands of the “joke” saying it was down to the radio station, not him.

He was not aware they were going to do it, nor was he aware of the connotations and he had “just walked in to it”, he said.

Neither would he apologise.

The media keep wanting him to apologise for something he got trapped into doing.   Clearly, it was in bad taste, and it might mean the PM tells the station that there better not be a repeat if they enjoy his face time.  But the constant need to pin this on the Prime Minister is juvenile. 

But if he is not to blame he does have to take some share of responsibility, He has repeatedly putting himself in that position, trading prime ministerial dignity for a populist hit – something he has used to his advantage to build his backing among those who are not always tuned in to the more serious (or is that boring?) ebb and flow of politics.

He has in the past sung, goofed it up, opening himself to questions about whether he peed in the showed and made “gay pink shirt” jokes on various shock-jock slots.

But they have been markedly fewer this year, suggesting Key has accepted they had over stepped the mark. He himself noted he had not done anything with the station since then, though it was usually a Christmas thing anyway.

Key and his advisers will not want to give up completely such a useful medium for him to connect with voters.

He has mastered it better than any leader before him.

But there comes a time when the former merchant banker and currency trader will inevitably run a hard-nosed “cost benefit” ruler over such appearances.

If he hasn’t already, he should now.

What the Media party can’t stand is that Key goes on radio and connects to real people in a real way.  Their ability to filter the message and put their spin on it has been taken away.

You can bet your bottom dollar Key already ran the ‘cost benefit’ over those appearances. The cost is a grumpy media and leftie social justice warriors, the benefit is lots and lots and lots of votes.

He’s not going to stop appearing on radio.

In the wise words of Helen Clark:  Diddums.


– Vernon Small, Stuff

  • 1dafool

    It must be tough being constantly blamed for other peoples errors/issues but I’m just thankful he puts up with it with relative equanimity. I can only assume if Mr Key walked past the homeless farting $100 bills for them the focus would be on the smell.

    • Mick Ie

      Then, in good investigative fashion they would find out what he had eaten that might have caused the flatulance. Then hit him over the head with his diet condemning him for the food he is eating while the homeless are on the street, starving.
      On a serious note, at what point do these relentless attacks get classed as bullying and victimisation? I thought there had been a law introduced – or are these journalistic examples of ‘in the publics best interest’ and therefore don’t apply?

  • Seriously?

    Okay, this may not be very PC be here goes…

    Key was the butt of the joke, not the purveyor of it, so he plainly has nothing to apologise for. If anyone needs to be, Key should be the recipient of any apology from the radio station people (a part of the media). But none is needed for the joke because, unlike the MSM, Key actually has a normal sense of humour. He knows it was a joke.

    But further, dropping the soap jokes are, on the whole, pretty funny. If you don’t find them funny there is a good remedy, don’t laugh and in this case don’t listen to the radio station.

    The only apology I see as actually warranted is by the people in the MSM attacking Key over this. They should apologise to Key.

    • Goldie

      Yes, soap jokes are generally funny. The fact that they put those with an overly PC disposition into a frothy frenzy, makes them even funnier.

      • Seriously?

        And to the extent that they have a ring of truth to them (and I’m not sure if they do or don’t but that seems to be the core of the offence taken – that it makes light of a real problem), it is yet another good reason not to commit a crime that might see you sent to prison.

  • Mick Ie

    I enjoy seeing John Key’s warmth and approachability with the people he comes into contact with. He has an outstanding sense of humour and I appreciate the way he can laugh at himself.
    Just one example from ealier in the week when Paul Henry was ripping into the shabby little tabloid and posed a question to JK and he had to remind him that the radio listeners couldn’t see him nodding. The cameraman moved around to record his reaction and his grin just got wider.
    A great deal of his appeal is his personality and this has him streaks in the popularity polls against other party leader. I can’t think of any of them that show even a small level of humanness. They appear to be such negative, uptight, angry people.

  • Murray Pratt

    Well I think John Key should apologise. He should apologise for being normal and not fitting in with the abnormal MSM way of thinking and behaving.

  • shykiwibloke

    Long may the MSM attacks continue. They serve two valuable purposes:
    1) JK is a decent normal bloke, not corrupted by the elite fear of MSM
    2) Reminds everyone of the quality of our MSM when it comes to something important.

    • Keeping Stock

      Ought that not be “lack of quality of our MSM”?

  • Hard1

    The Media Party are subconsciously adhering to NZ Basic Law 101, where the nail that sticks up must be hammered down. In their infantile way, they largely seem to think that Key is showing off, by being level headed, more than capable and content to be doing quite a good job, and this leads to envy, the prime mover in identity politics.
    The Media Party creates envy with their stories of rich peoples success, then throws in poverty caused by National and Corporations as the the reason you are being blocked having access to more money to buy even more material goods.
    The gloating celebration of the first episode of The Real Housewives of Richville is a case in point, with the emphasis being that the show is somehow aspirational for NZ women.
    Surely these show off contestants should be hammered down too. Unless the people staffing the Media Party believe the show is a reflection of their own hopes and dreams.
    For a bunch of Socialists, the Media Party, The Greens and Labour are totally exposed as an extremely materialistic, envious bunch of malicious Pirates.

  • Don’t go there often now but thought this would be a good one to look at from perspective of the dark side, I’m sure more than a few of their keyboards would have shorted from the spittle.

  • kayaker

    And the constant need to refer to the PM as “the former merchant banker and currency trader” is equally juvenile.

  • In Vino Veritas

    Vernon Small should apologise to every New Zealander for breathing the same air as them. After all, no-one wants to catch stupid.

    • Aucky

      I refuse to swallow any of Small’s clickbait. His articles remain unread.

  • oldmanNZ

    So the media has added soap, among ponytail as things he cannot be seen with.

    The way the media goes on and on about this, is like someone telling the same joke over and over, it no longer funny, but boring and irritating.

    How Vernon manage to write a column on this is surprising, like getting some of her same old article and cut and paste to make it look new.

    Meanwhile, the dropped soap joke is still being use around the world.

    • Sailor Sam

      But as dropping soap means that the dropper is a potential rapee, rather than a rapist, I fail to see why the media and its SJW think he is a rapist.
      Maybe I am wrong in my interprentation of the stunt.

  • axeman

    John Key’s message to the media should be simple, “get stuffed”. It was the media that that got him into this mess. Come on The Rock, own up and apologise and take the hit that is trying to be pinned on the PM.

    • OneTrack

      What exactly would the Rock apologise for – running a joke that wasn’t “approved” by far-left SJWs who only want to bring Key down? Tell them to get stuffed and join the real world.

  • Personally found that quite amusing. And as someone who has listened to the morning rumble for years – it wasn’t even close to being the most offensive thing I have heard on the station.
    When are people going to get that it’s ok to be offended at a joke, but build yourself a bridge and get over it.