Medicinal Cannabis Benefits – Part 1 of 2

Guest post

If millions of people/voters suffering daily from chronic pain and terminal illness is not enough of a reason to legislate for medicinal cannabis; nor the prospect of delivering a modicum of dignity and self respect to these sufferers in their hour of most need, then maybe these other benefits might persuade legislators…

One law change would have numerous flow-on benefits, including –

  • $450-550Million annual Government spending reprioritised into healthcare & education. Net spending benefit to NZ Inc of between $900Million – $1.1Bn
  • Create an entirely new dairy/pharmaceutical industry – employment, industry, taxes, regulatory requirements.
  • Fix housing demand in high demand locations  & grow Provincial NZ simultaneously
  • Save some of $NZ1.7Billion in Aid… AND reduce unemployment benefits around NZ
  • Increase dairy farmer payouts

…and all by allowing the growing of a herb that ironically grows like a weed… all over NZ.

  • Entirely new industry – anyone, anywhere can participate in – leading to additional specialist niche industries. Such as medicinal cannabis products – edibles, butter, cookies, drinks.
  • Stronger Regional growth and immediate reduction for housing in high demand locations. (Overnight, North-facing land becomes farmable and profitable.)
  • Huge reductions in unemployment / benefit / Aid payments in the Far North and Coromandel …and Cook Islands, Samoa, Tonga etc
  • Similar “Follow my lead” legislation enacted from Pacific Island nations, would reduce the need for over $1.7 Billion NZ Aid from 2015-2018,  also reducing the need for NZ to take so many economic refugees –further reducing housing demand in high need locations.
  • Increased pay-outs for Dairy farmers

Part 1 of 2

Increased Dairy Farmer payouts NZ’s contribution to the entire Global Dairy industry is approx. 2.86% – give or take Seasonal fluctuations and a few million litres here or there…

Global milk production is estimated at approximately 735 billion litres annually.

The largest producers are Europe (EU) at ~156 billion litres annually, India at ~131 billion litres and the United States (US) at ~91B litres. New Zealand is the 8th largest producer at 21 billion litres annually.

2.86% is around the Margin or Error rate in Political polls… Or the level of the Labour leaders popularity with his caucus and the public – so, it’s no wonder NZ’s volumes have such marginal influence with global market prices and why dairy farmer payouts fluctuate so much.

Where we do have Global influence though is in innovation and assured quality – traceable and verifiable, throughout the entire value/supply chain.  Food / Pharmaceutical grade production of medicinal product, with NZ’s quality assurance systems, means any organic medication authenticated by NZ will be in huge demand Globally.

Medicinal Cannabis in the USA is currently a US$6.7Bn annual market and likely to be $21.8 billion in total annual sales by 2020. …and that’s just the USA only. Add the rest of the World to the equation and that’s a lot of growing demand… if you’ll excuse the pun.

Medicinal cannabis demand World-wide for Dairy products would mean all the milk NZ can supply would need to be diverted into the making of organic medicine to the World – dramatically and instantly increasing Dairy farmer pay. Other countries could produce the value-added but relatively low-margin baby food products… NZ could double or triple Dairy payouts to farmers by making quality-assured, organic medical doses for the World instead…

Why not a medicinal cannabis industry the entire country can participate in? It’s already in the black market, it won’t disappear no matter how much police / justice system efforts are consumed. So use it – don’t lose it! Develop it, regulate to control it, then tax it.  Take this cash-crop out of the hands and control of organised crime and let granny grow it in her vege garden for her own use, and/or as a holistic medicine supply contributor to the World.

What a phenomenal sense of purpose that would help give the elderly in their sunset years – being able to contribute to alleviating suffering of people World-wide – whilst also helping make NZInc wealthier.

And yes, there’s likely to be some “down-side” effects, but most of the imagined negatives are easily refuted by Law Enforcement and Judiciary experts as outlined here.


– BlokeInTakapuna

  • biscuit barrel

    So we have entrepreneurs who want quick money pushing legalisation of a harmful drug. remember cocaine, heroin were once legal.
    What could go wrong ?

    • bilgewater

      Has making these drugs illegal reduced the consumption? I don’t think so.

      • biscuit barrel

        has making various forms of homicide a crime means they dont happen ? Its been rising, so does that mean we make murder legal

        • bilgewater

          Murder or homicide is an action that one person inflicts on another. No one holds a gun to your head and shoves drugs down your throat.

    • How many people have died of an overdose of cannabis…ever…anywhere?

      The answer is zero.

      It is hardly a harmful drug. Now let’s talk about alcohol…there’s a harmful drug that is perfectly legal, sponsors sports teams, advertises on television, on shops, in supermarkets…and so on.

  • Jman

    I think the benefits of medicinal cannabis in this article are just a teensy bit overstated.

    • biscuit barrel

      Plus NZ has far too high land and wage costs to compete globally. We would be undercut by any places that currently mass produce cut flowers for example. Kenya for Europe and Cuba for US.
      Most of the reasons given are too silly for words

  • Tom

    It will take me a lot less time to get to my sunset years if I smoked dope. I see some people in their 20s who are “in their sunset years”