Medicinal Cannabis Benefits – Part 2 of 2

Guest post

If millions of people/voters suffering daily from chronic pain and terminal illness is not enough of a reason to legislate for medicinal cannabis; nor the prospect of delivering a modicum of dignity and self respect to these sufferers in their hour of most need, then maybe these other benefits might persuade legislators…

One law change would have numerous flow-on benefits, including –

  • $450-550Million annual Government spending reprioritised into healthcare & education. Net spending benefit to NZ Inc of between $900Million – $1.1Bn
  • Create an entirely new dairy/pharmaceutical industry – employment, industry, taxes, regulatory requirements.
  • Fix housing demand in high demand locations  & grow Provincial NZ simultaneously
  • Save some of $NZ1.7Billion in Aid… AND reduce unemployment benefits around NZ
  • Increase dairy farmer payouts

…and all by allowing the growing of a herb that ironically grows like a weed… all over NZ. 

  • Entirely new industry – anyone, anywhere can participate in – leading to additional specialist niche industries. Such as medicinal cannabis products – edibles, butter, cookies, drinks.
  • Stronger Regional growth and immediate reduction for housing in high demand locations. (Overnight, North-facing land becomes farmable and profitable.)
  • Huge reductions in unemployment / benefit / Aid payments in the Far North and Coromandel …and Cook Islands, Samoa, Tonga etc
  • Similar “Follow my lead” legislation enacted from Pacific Island nations, would reduce the need for over $1.7 Billion NZ Aid from 2015-2018,  also reducing the need for NZ to take so many economic refugees –further reducing housing demand in high need locations.
  • Increased pay-outs for Dairy farmers

Part 2 of 2

Strong Regional Growth Once Cannabis is legalised, suppliers to patients will need supplies from growers …and an entirely new industry to support, develop, maintain and regulate it all. Think of the self-employment all over NZ that becomes immediately possible!  A government on the Left would love the additional bureaucracy required to regulate and monitor and tax it and to staff it.

Once legal, all North-facing land becomes farmable… and legally profitable to do so. Provincial towns will see a boom in lifestyle block sales as families relocate from cities for less hectic, provincial lifestyles, with smaller mortgages and their own flourishing self employment – becoming crop farmers of herbal medicine. Firstly to be on-sold to  Fonterra…. and from there, to the World in numerous, value-added, medicinal products.

Reductions in NZ welfare benefits and overseas aid money

The need for “Unemployment benefits” dramatically reduces also as they will be self-employment and jobs all over NZ – not just centred around main cities.

Over $1.7 Billion NZ Aid from 2015-2018 is New Zealand’s commitment to our Pacific and ASEAN neighbours. Largely it seems because of economic deprivation as a result of limited natural resources to create employment/trade opportunities. When NZ and Australia legalise Cannabis usages, our Pacific neighbours will quickly follow our legislation, so their country and peoples can also contribute and profit from cannabis supplies to Fonterra for Value-Adding to medicinal food products, making organic medicines for the World.

Pharmaceutical / food grade manufacturing industries around NZ and in those small Pacific nations would deliver all kinds of economic benefits to those countries -least of all being able to afford Welfare for all their people, reducing, perhaps eliminating their reliance for NZ and Australian Aid. Maybe even creating surpluses so they can pay back Aid monies…

Those opportunities would mean Pacific Islanders who are in Aotearoa because there’s not much opportunity back home, would have numerous employment / business prospects to choose from back home, (or here in NZ). Increased economic activity for those Island Nations would include Tax revenue, employment, and new industries to support/develop/regulate and tax.

The flow-on benefits would also mean reduced housing demand in the cities – especially Welfare housing, increasing Provincial town attractiveness and rateable worth, reducing the $1.7Bn in Aid NZ hands out off shore… and helping to start Pacific Island nations becoming financially independent and self sustaining… as they also legislate to develop and grow a food grade medicine industry, creating employment, taxes and new industries… and all from an organic product that just happens to grow like a weed.


– BlokeInTakapuna

  • Kiwi As

    I have a lifelong friend who is in his last days. Up to this point in time he has been able to alleviate his pain (physically and emotionally) with a cannabis oil baking recipe. The latter being encouraged by his oncologist, GP and palliative care nurses.
    From the onset of his terminal diagnosis, it has been a blessing to witness his quality of life due to the “home remedy” that has allowed such quality of life.
    I have wondered often through this chapter in our lives, had a Poli eg, Peter Dunnce been exposed to such an experience with a family member, or loved one, would the change wheels now be in motion ?
    You know……….The walk in anothers moccasins scenario ???

  • Brian Dingwall

    Quote picked up on Cafe Hayek yesterday:

    “It is completely absurd for government officials and functionaries to
    tell the American public that marijuana has no health benefits when
    millions — maybe tens of millions — of Americans know from personal
    experience that it does have such benefits. These tyrants look you
    straight in the eye and tell you that up is down and night is day. In
    the shadows, Kafka smiles knowingly.”
    Bob Higgs