Message in a plastic bottle story attacked by keyboard warriors


Courtney Stevenson’s message in a bottle from 1995 has washed ashore in the Chatham Islands. MOLLY GOMEZ

It was a lovely simple story of a message in a bottle thrown into the ocean at Shelly Beach in Picton by an 8-year old girl,Courtney Stevenson 21 years ago.It turned up about 830 kilometres away in the Chatham Islands.The man who found it managed to make contact with the writer despite portions of the message being damaged. All in all, it was a simple but interesting story because what child hasn’t wanted to send or find a message in a bottle?

It is not the kind of story that you would expect to attract negative comments or nasty keyboard warriors but it turns out that the bottle being plastic was controversial.

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  • Eiselmann

    Nice story…sure a plastic bottle is not the most environmentally friendly option, however there are times to make a stand and times to just enjoy some nice news.

    The people complaining about a (then) 8 year old girl and her message in a bottle , must be ‘fun’ at parties, as they suck all the joy out of life

  • john Doe

    That confirms it. Greenies are weaned on lemons and generally are a sad sack whinging bunch of drop kicks. What a great story about an 8 year old girl and her message in a bottle. Absolutly no need for negative comment at all. Greenies do not know how to celebrate a young girls fun.

  • Sticktotheknitting

    Cor blimey, what a bunch of saddos. I hope the girl has got a thick skin, hate to see her suffer because of these overenthusiastic #It’sourworldtoo global warriors.

  • BigNose

    Every time you think there might be a future for humanity you see comments like this and realise its not the case.

  • Quinton Hogg

    What sad unhappy creatures these SJWs are.
    They need to add sugar, alcohol and meat to their lives.

  • oldmanNZ

    Glass is made of silica, like the sand on the beach but melted.
    Plastic made from oil, like the oil leaking into the ocean by the millions.

    Hardly going to make a difference in grand scheme of things.

    Who knows, she may have volunteered to clean up a beach, or done so on community service..

    It all balance out.

  • Boondecker

    What an unhappy miserable bunch of people. And they call themselves New Zealanders? Pfft!

    Anyway, as I have now read these wannabe SJWs comments, I feel compelled to purchase a fish-mouth-size PET plastic bottle (a 250ml fizzy drink bottle should be perfect) from the dairy up the road and then write a message of my fatuous choosing to put in it which will be addressed to these same the SJWs and then cast it adrift into Auckland Harbour right next to the seals, penguins, snapper, stingray and orca currently swimming close in shore at Okahu Bay. Then I’m going to call the MSM to tell my story, then sit back and a chomp a big bowl of popcorn.

  • Sally

    What is stopping the man who found from putting it in the recycle bin, like we all do including the greenies. It has served its purpose.

    • OneTrack

      Any greeny worth his salt would never use plastic for anything. Because of global warming. Just like they refuse to drive in cars or to fly from Dunedin to Wellington or to fly from Wellington to Marrakesh. Because that would be blatantly hypocritical, wouldn’t it?

  • BR

    All the negative comments are typical of the political left. No one can hold a candle to them when it comes to miserable, mean-spirited sniveling.


  • Rick H

    The Loonie Greenies wanted her to throw in a glass bottle instead.

    Bottle hits rock
    Swimmer/Bather cuts achilles tendon on the glass.

    Way to go Loonie Greenies.