No one wants a sex offender for a neighbour

No one wants a sex offender for a neighbour  but the cold hard truth is that if the court does not issue a public protection order,  the only option Corrections  have left is to house the offender in the community.

Understandably the communities where these offenders are being housed are very unhappy and lobby hard to have them removed. Without a public protection order when a sex offender is removed from one community he has to be put into another.  Only with a public protection order can he be housed in a secure community outside a prison well away from families and children after he has finished serving his sentence. Currently, one community assisted by the media party are trying to spin  the story that sex offenders are being put  into communities that vote labour by a heartless National government.


Speaking to Jessica Mutch on Q+A, Mrs. Collins said that in cases such as one publicised today, where a young mother of three has a sex offender living behind her house in Mangere, Corrections tried to get a Public Protection Order for him, but the High Court felt he did not meet the criteria.

“He does have 24-hour, seven-day-a-week monitors and minders with him. He does have GPS monitoring on him. He is allowed out once a week with his minders and GPS to do shopping and to go back into the house, but unfortunately, he’s served his sentence, he’s on the most intensive form of monitoring that Corrections can get, and they’ve been turned down for a public protection order,” she said.

“So Corrections, I believe, are very much the meat in the sandwich, although I very much feel for families who feel that they’ve got this child-sex offender next door to them.”

-Q+A Facebook

Corrections are in a lose-lose situation.  If the High Court refuses their application for a public protection order  they have to house the sex offender in a community somewhere. No community is going to want a sex offender for a neighbour. If every community lobbies for the sex offender to be removed they can remove them but that just takes the problem to another community. It is an impossible situation. No one wants them yet they have to live somewhere.

I wonder if it is possible to offer the sex offenders housing in the secure community outside the prison by choice? They must get sick of being up rooted time after time when the community finds out about them. Perhaps instead of needing a protection order to force them to live in a secure community it can be presented as a safe place for them where they can voluntarily choose to go?  It certainly would be a cheaper option for the taxpayer  as well as an arguably safer situation for the sex offender.

  • rantykiwi

    I’d rather they be in a known place with minders than running around willy-nilly and getting close to kids like this scumbag has.

  • Cadwallader

    About 20 years ago a person I knew to be a recently released paedophile purchased a property around the corner from me. (I knew he who he was from seeing him at the Courthouse a year or so earlier when he’d been convicted.) He lived around the corner for about 7 years and then moved away to a house with a larger garden as that was his passion. During his time in my neighbourhood there were no incidents to my knowledge and he assisted with Neighbourhood Watch. I believe I was the only neighbour who recognised him so there was no need for hysteria or added precautions regarding the children who resided thereabouts. I believe that had his presence been made known to the general public we’d have had all sorts of media attention etc.. Despite having my children at home I had zero qualms about this man’s presence in my neighbourhood. He offered me some good gardening advice from time to time which I have often since quoted. Is publicising the proximity of a paedophile in the best interests of us all if it is going to generate nimbyism promoted by the msm? The only downside from not publicising could be the chance of an innocent person being labelled a paedophile when moving to a new town. I heard of a retired Judge, a single man all of his life, being labelled a child molester when he retired alone to a small town in rural NSW. He had enormous difficulty quelling the small town scuttlebutt which was of course entirely unfounded.