Police press release on Mangere incident that NZ Herald has been pimping

Facebook video, Mangere

Counties Manukau

Please attribute to Counties Manukau West Area Commander Inspector Jason Hewett:

Police received multiple calls on Saturday evening around 5pm regarding a group of youths acting in a disorderly manner on both Savill Drive and Alderman Place in Mangere.

There were reports of excessive noise, alleged fighting, and of cyclists weaving in and out of traffic which caused fear for their safety.

Police have concerns around what can be seen in the video posted on Facebook and accordingly have begun a full investigation into the incident.

We appreciate the high level of interest however we cannot comment any further until the investigation is complete.

  • oldmanNZ

    Has the nzherald done some sort of deal with Facebook?

    More and more we seeing news based on Facebook.
    Like John key and son wash car on Facebook.
    Some of the Facebook post are fake or set up, yet they put it on as news.

    Nzherald really has lost it credibility as a news source,

    If you want to know whats hot on Facebook, go to nzherald, they have the editor pick.

    • biscuit barrel

      Thats the future for news …or at least the next 10-15 years. And yes cribbing stuff from other facebook pages is part of the methods. Not really different from blogs getting stories from new sites. Its the way the system works.
      Those in the US who have facebook only ‘news’ sites can make $5k to $10k a month, sometimes more. But you need help to search through upcoming stories. One guy employs a couple in the Philippines to do the searching for him and supply with a list of say 100 interesting pages, you may have to go through 10x that to find those.
      Sure beats the old days when they went to meetings of borough councils to find news.

  • rantykiwi

    Meantime, if the little scrotes arrive in the park near home again I’ll be calling the cops and heading out to film proceedings in an unbiased manner.

  • Mikev

    The Police should not only have pushed him off his bike they should have kicked him up the arse & taken him & the others home & asked their parents why they weren’t controlling their kids behaviour. They should also be investigating where they got the speakers from.

  • Digger

    Where was the speaker on his bike obtained from? There have been dozens stolen from schools all around South Auckland. I’ll bet a doughnut it was one of those.

  • Dave

    Many moons ago, when about 12 or 13, I was riding the push bike along on one wheel, went round a corner like that, next minute. I was pulled over, the cop grabbed my bike and threatened to take it off me, he made me walk home and by the time I got there he had visited and told my mum all about my stupidity. The reaction when I got home, “wait for your father”. He wasn’t so kind, I walked for a month.

    Begs the question. Where were the parents in this case, did they question where the speakers and all manner of other things came from?? They need to be questioned, the police need a search warrant to yarn over all of their homes.

    And, I hope the little “chaps” are happy with their actions as now there will be a really full investigation, and they are done for theft or receiving and more, tough lesson in “the Striesand effect”.